Local Sofa Cleaners You Can Trust

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Local Sofa Cleaners You Can Trust

Local Sofa Cleaners You Can Trust

To maintain an elegant indoor decor the furniture needs to be regularly cleaned. All that grime that accumulates in the upholstery, the stains that cover the cushions and sofa arms, and the gritty soiling that gradually dulls the furniture – these will negatively affect the décor that you have worked so hard to set up. Add odours to this, where the musky smells make using the furniture uncomfortable, and allergens that actually affect the health of the household members. To give your sofas a deep clean, it is recommended that you hire professionals for the task. It’s a large chore, one that requires powerful cleaning machinery that will extract the soiling that is buried deep within the furniture. The occasional vacuuming, while important, does not remove the ingrained soiling, and this should not be allowed to accumulate for years, given that it will put the structural integrity of the sofa, and the health of those using it, at risk. You also don’t want to be in a situation where you’re forced to dig deeper into your wallet to settle hefty repair bills that come due to neglecting the sofa, or having to buy a whole new set sooner than had been anticipated. 

Getting The Grime Out Of Your Fabric Upholstery 

With fabric upholsteries, there are different types of materials. These include natural fabrics like cotton– which is widely used due to its comfort, stability and lower costs, and though it is durable it is susceptible to staining, and easily accumulates dust; silk that is on the other end of the price spectrum, being an expensive fabric that is mainly used in formal rooms where traffic is minimal; all through to wool that is both durable and sturdy, a top choice for areas with high traffic – though is more prone to odours especially when it gets wet. For the synthetic fabrics, there are materials like polyester, which has enhanced durability and comes in different dye colours; olefin which is actually one of the most common synthetic fibres; nylon that is usually combined with other natural or synthetic fabrics – such as to eliminate crushing and napping in chenille and velvet fabrics; to acrylic which has been developed to imitate wool. 

Dealing with all these types of fabrics requires high skill level, especially when there are stains involved, in order to ensure that the formulations that are used to remove the spots will be effective, without putting the underlying material at risk. With our professional sofa cleaners, you can rest assured that your furniture is in safe hands.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

The process starts with inspecting and identifying the type of leather, the kinds of stain to be removed, and the level of soiling involved. We clean the different types of leather sofas, from the pigmented leather, aniline units, nubuck upholsteries, to those with suede leather. An analysis is key in order to identify the proper cleaning method for the set.

This is followed by the actual cleaning. While the leather has lower absorbency compared to the fabric upholsteries, it still builds up quite a chuck of soiling, contaminants and pollutants. What’s more, the moisture in the unit evaporates over time. This drying out causes the leather to lose its softness – especially with the larger sets that witness heavy usage. The cleaning products selected for this process will be specific to the particular type of leather. After the cleaning, moderate heat is applied to the leather, opening up its pores. This is in preparation for the conditioner to be applied, in order to maximise absorption. The conditioner is spread all over the leather, replenishing the natural oils that had been lost, which also enables the leather to retain its pliability, for that soft and cosy feel. Additional protectors can be applied upon request. Note that the goal of this is not to prevent soiling, which is bound to happen either way. However, what the protectors do is minimise the effect that the soiling has on the upholstery, such as by preventing spells from being quickly absorbed by the leather sofa, which buys you more time to remove them and avoid stains from forming. 

How long should you get your leather sofa cleaned? Well, for normal levels of soiling, it is recommended that you schedule a cleaning every 6-12 months. However, for the high traffic environments, like homes with kids and pets, you should have the furniture cleaned at least once every 3 months. 

Cleaning microfiber sofas

These are usually made with polyester, and is a highly durable material. The oleophilic nature of the material means that it readily attracts oil – be it body oils from the people’s skin rubbing onto the cushions or from the pet’s body. The microfibre also tends to get “rings” from cases where there was moisture on the unit, which can have even from a previous spot cleaning, spills that wound up on the sofa, or simply sweat from people using the furniture. 

The personnel carrying out the cleaning begin with an inspection, assessing the condition of the sofa and being keen on those particularly problematic areas, including stubborn stians on the unit. An array of formulations can be used, based on the type of soiling. Pre-spotting treatments come in handy here to break down the grime, making it easier to remove. The methods used for working on microfibre sofas range from shampoo treatments to hot water extraction, each with their varying levels of efficacy. For instance, the hot water extraction enables the grime buried within the unit to be flushed out, leaving the sofa truly clean. 

Just as is with the other upholsteries, protectors can also be applied on the microfibre sofa, in order to repel future soiling and spills that occur on the unit. Treating the fabrics with the protector will keep the dirt from bonding to the microfibre, extending the life of your sofa and allowing you to enjoy it all through. Deodorisers can also be used for the process. These neutralise the smell and leave behind a pleasant fragrance. Since the source of the odours will also have to be removed, you get to enjoy a fresh and comfortable sofa. 

Local Sofa Cleaners You Can Trust

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