Local Sofa Cleaning Company

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Local Sofa Cleaning Company

Local Sofa Cleaning Company

Just how dirty is your sofa? A simple pat test will tell you. Clap the top of the sofa arm or a cushion in light. If you see particles rise up, it’s in need of a cleaning.  You can also sniff it. Is there a musty smell? Then you’ve may have mould in the furniture. This can also be evidenced by water damage marks. An ammonia scent will be hard to miss. In fact, if there is a pet urine stain of your furniture, that stench will hit you the moment you walk into the room. Cigarette smoke, food smells, sweat – their odours are detectable even when you lay back to relax on the sofa.  The dirt and grime that is accumulating in the upholstery and foam core of your set is a threat to the persons using it. Take for instance dust mites. They are nourished by the loads of skin flakes being shed onto the cushions. In turn, they deposit faecal residue, which is an allergen. Add to this issues like dust and even pollen grains, and cases of coughing, sneezing and watery eyes for people using the furniture become common. You are barely able to kick up your feet and rest when your skin begins itching the moment it comes into contact with the cushions. Pet dander is also an issues for those households with dogs and cats around. These have the tendency of picking a spot on the sofa to spend the afternoons napping. These sections have such high concentration of the dander that they cause more severe reactions than if you pick up the animal and bury your face in its fur. Pathogens are also a concern, from listeria and staph, to the common cold and Norovirus. A thorough sofa cleaning and sanitization will enable you to enhance the hygiene standards of your set.

Flexible services

Our sofa cleaning services are available to the various types of sets. Whether you have a loveseat, which is basically the umbrella term for the sofas that have been designed for use by two people; sectional sofa where different pieces are put together in various combinations depending on the preferred living room sitting arrangement; sofa beds whose dual-function make them ideal for homes having guests over and sleeping space is limited; the classic round arm sofa that originally used to come with patterned or floral upholstery, but nowadays typically has a neutral fabric or white linen; the alternative retro square arm sofa with its timeless appeal and you can even include a skirted slipcover; hard wedge arm sofa whose signature is -no surprise here- the longer wedge; the Belgian and English roll arm sofas that are reminiscent of the restoration hardware pieces; the luxurious armchairs designed for use by a single person- and some even have in-built massage functionality; or an ottoman which can be used as a coffee table and where the smaller versions come as contemporary pieces for larger furniture, even acting as footstools; tuxedo sofas where the backrest and armrests have been levelled; the round back and camelback sofas which are named so for obvious reasons; the classic wingback sofa that feels like a king’s throne when you sit on it; plus the barrelback sofa where the curvature of the back seamlessly extends to the arms- you can rely on us to deliver a thorough wash each time.

State-of-the-art sofa cleaning systems

The quality of the job done depends on the machinery used. We acknowledge this, and have thus invested in the latest in sofa cleaning technology. From deep-cleaning equipment that gets to the grime buried within the upholstery and foam core, to industrial-grade vacuuming systems that extract the mixture of cleaning solutions and gunk from the material, they ensure that your sofa is given a true clean. Moreover, our crew are highly trained and experienced, having served both residential and commercial clients over the years. They will apply tough acting cleaning agents which will break down the grime build-ups, emulsify the grease spots and dissolve the stubborn stains, without posing any risk to the structural integrity of the material itself. The gunk that has been making your sofa appear dull and forlorn is removed, restoring the vibrance to your set. The effective systems further cut down the amount of time spent on the process. This reduces the disruption in your home and workplace. Even the drying time is reduced, that way you can get back to using your sofa in moments. This has the welcome benefit of preventing fungi from getting a chance to grow in your sofa.  The thorough cleaning enhances the durability of your set. By getting rid of the dirt and grime that causes abrasion, you get to preserve its structural integrity. Those food crumbs that attract rodents are also done away with, preventing the mice from coming over and tearing through the upholstery with their sharp claws and teeth.

Eco-friendly process

We each have a responsibility to the environment, to use products and systems in our daily lives that do not destroy it for our sake and that of future generations. Our sofa cleaning services are structured with Mother Nature in mind. The solutions used for the process have been certified to be safe, being taken through stringent tests on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. The meet the EU regulations on the same too. There are no toxic fumes released into the indoor air space, and you won’t have to worry about run-off that harms surrounding water bodies. The products are also safe to use around children and pets.


Our pricing has been structured to enable you take care of your sofa without straining your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance program. The quotation provided caters to your particular situation. Factors like the number and size of the sofas being worked on, the kind of stains being dealt with and the material involved come into play when setting the price. You won’t have to worry about hidden costs popping up in the middle of the operations.

Local Sofa Cleaning Company

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