Local Upholstery Cleaning Service

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Local Upholstery Cleaning Service

Local Upholstery Cleaning Service

Different threats lurk in the soiled upholstery. Take oils and grease for instance.  From the spills to the oils from the body that get transferred onto the soft furnishings, these attract dirt, and form sections where germs accumulate in increased concentrations. Then there is mould. This is especially a concern for the establishments that are in warm and humid climates. The soft fibres of the upholstery soak up the excess moisture, allowing the fungi to grow. Not only does this result in stains of all sorts of colours forming, but it also poses health risks. Mould releases spores into the indoor air space, which are allergens. There are also species which produce mycotoxins, which cause adverse effects to organs like the liver once they get into the body system. Speaking of soaking up things, the upholstery will also trap particles floating about, ranging from aerosols to cigarette smoke. Different chemicals cause varying issues, and you don’t want to increase your exposure to toxins and carcinogens. Everyday dust settling onto the material, pollen grains that are caught in the curtains or even blown into the bedroom and wind up on the mattress, the dust mites that are everywhere from the bed to your favourite sofa- they lower the quality of life. After all, you won’t be comfortable on your sofa if you keep coughing, sneezing and having watery eyes each time you use it. The dust mite waste is actually one of the leading causes of allergic rhinitis. Add to this colonies of bacteria and viruses calling your upholstery their home. Restore the health standard to your establishment by scheduling routine upholstery cleaning sessions.

Why You Should Turn To The Experts To Clean Your Upholstery


  • Powerful machinery


With us, you get to give your upholstery a deep clean. We use state-of-the-art systems that get to the gunk buried within the material and ingrained in the fibres. Dislodging it and flushing it out to the surface for extraction. From the soft furnishings to the draperies on the windows, the gunk that has stuck to the material is removed with ease. Tough acting solutions dissolve those stubborn stains that are ruining that appeal of your sets. Coffee stains, tea that had formed an unsightly spot, juice and red wine, watermarks, pet urine stains, blood perhaps from nicks and cuts, that nail polish that accidentally got spilled as you were rushing to apply it in the morning as you prepared for work, beer that winded up on the sofa be it at home while you were having a party or on those luxurious sets in clubs and entertainment joints- we clean them all. The products get rid of the oil-based and water-based stains, restoring the elegance to your set.

Our services are available to both residential and commercial establishments. From homes to office buildings, medical facilities and government institutions, churches and libraries, art galleries all through to public venues- we will attend to the upholstery cleaning needs, delivering quality results each time. What kind of furniture do you have? Chesterfield sofas with their deep button tufting and usually has leather upholstery, going in living rooms all through to sophisticated libraries; a daybed which, like the name suggests, functions as a sofa during the day and a bed at night especially in residences where the extra sleeping space is needed; English roll arm sofas with their loose bottom cushions – like famous couch in Central Perk on the TV show “Friends”; Lawson sofas where the back cushions are also loose which, like the recliner sets, are popular for the media room; settees for minimalist living; tuxedo sofas that have classic geometric shape and often come with fabric upholstery; mid-century modern sofas where the back and seat cushions are tufted; sectional sofas where the different modules can be attached to each other in different configurations to give you the desired look for your interior space; and even Bridgewater sofas where the loose back and cushions allow adjustable firmness- our upholstery cleaning team will attend to each of them, carrying out a thorough wash.


  • Cut down the drying time


You don’t want your upholstery to remain wet for too long. Cordoning off your living room at home, or having limited sitting space for your clients in your business premises, can be frustrating. This is in addition to the increased risks of mould and mildew growth. With us, this won’t be a cause for concern. Drying equipment is incorporated into the process. High-powered suction is used to extract the moisture content after the cleaning, leaving the upholstery just slightly damp to the touch. The little amount of moisture that remains will dry off quickly, allowing you to resume using the cleaned units within the same day.


  • No more odours


Whether mildly irritating and musky, or so pungent that they choke up the room, no doubt you want those odours gone. Upholstery absorbs the smells from the surrounding air space, and there are those caused by the gunk that is accumulated within the material. From decomposing organic matter, the sweat and body soils rubbed onto the soft furnishings, to issues like pet urine stains, they cause stenches to be generated, making the affected units uncomfortable to use. These are also dealt with within the course of the cleaning. Odour neutralisers are incorporated into the process, and there are those that even leave behind an accentuating fragrance that enhances the ambience of the premises.


  • Preserve the structural integrity of your units


Items like the sofa are expensive and ideally not meant to be changed regularly like clothes. In fact, your sofa can be a loyal companion, moving with you from house to house, sticking around through the years as you raise your kids. To protect it and prolong life, getting rid of the gunk that puts it at risk is vital. Those abrasive particles that wear down the fibres, gunk that breaks down the protective treatments applied onto the upholstery- they are all got rid of during the cleaning. Keeping your sets looking their optimal through their years of service also enhances their resale value, such as when you conduct a yard sale later on.

Local Upholstery Cleaning Service

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