Low Cost Sofa Cleaning Services In Dublin

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Low Cost Sofa Cleaning Services In Dublin

Low Cost Sofa Cleaning Services In Dublin

The sofa is a substantial expense when it comes to the furnishing budget. A cosy set, it’s used by everyone in the family, it’s where you host guests, and have the occasional catnap. When someone is ill, lots of time get spent resting on the sofa. With the coughing and sneezing, the upholstery is bound to accumulate some of the pathogens. The remote controller, which has one of the highest germ concentrations in the household as a result of being handled by everyone, coughed and sneezed on, occasionally gets lost in the cushions. Add to this the items that are tossed onto it- files, clothing, handbags, game consoles- the soft material picks up allergens and microbes from these items. Take the handbag for instance. It’s been in numerous locations from the bus, office, club, restrooms at the workplace, to the parks and entertainment centres. Consequently, dirt from the surfaces that it was placed on latches onto the material. When you get home, it’s natural to toss it onto the sofa without a second thought. In the process, some of the grime winds up on the cushions. What of food particles? As you enjoy those tantalizing snacks while sitting back on the sofa, some crumbs eventually land on it. These in turn attract bugs. It’s not just the sight of cockroaches roaming about that you should worry about. The creepy crawlers bring with them a horde of pathogens, increasing the health risks involved. The average sofa has more bacteria than a toilet seat. This basically means you will be safer taking a nap in your bathroom than on those warm and fuzzy cushions. Scheduling regular sofa cleaning services will enable you to maintain proper health standards in your household.

We clean all kinds of sofas

Which set do you have in your establishment? Is it a mid-century modern sofa that brings a traditional relaxed feel to the interior space, and got its name from Cara Greenberg’s book ‘Mid-century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s‘; the Lawson-style sofa where the first one ever designed was back in the early 1900s for Thomas W. Lawson, who was looking for a modern, yet comfortable, design; the Chesterfield sofa whose design is older, going back to the 18th century where it was designed for the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Philip Stanhope;  or a sectional sofa drawing its inspiration from the Victorian era? Are you looking to get your pallet furniture cleaned? Do you have a tuxedo sofa where the designs date back to the 1920s; a low-seated sofa that is ideal for lounging, and goes anywhere from the family room to the bedroom; recliner sofas that are great for the family room and even work well in media rooms since they are cosy for watching TV;  the settee which is wide and brings an old-world vibe to the room; loveseats that range from the small 52″ options to the loveseats sofas that can extend to 71″ from arm to arm; the divan that is restricted to the walls since it doesn’t have a back, but where you can arrange the pillows in any fashion; or even a sleeper sofa such as the pull-out, convertible sofa, futon which can trace its roots to Japan in the 17th century- and the word itself is Japanese for ‘bedding’, bunk-bed sleeper or daybed? Whichever the case, our sofa cleaning services have got you covered.

Protect your image

What does the state of your sofa say about you? What sight greets the customers coming to your business premises? Does it inspire confidence or will it make them jittery about purchasing your products and services? Cleanliness is key, with your business being on the line. The impression you make on your customers will make or break your brand. This caters to presentation and how your employees and executives carry themselves while at work, to how the surfaces are maintained, and even the indoor air quality. Hence they should find you in a clean and sanitary environment. After all, who will believe you when you assure them that your products are of high quality, but there is a pungent smell hanging in the air? Workstations, walls, floors, to the restrooms- they all need to be attended to. The sofa is part of this cleaning regimen. Since it is where your customers relax as they wait to be served, you want to ensure that they are comfortable, and not worrying about the stains on the upholstery getting transferred to their clothes. Even at home, perception is key. When you’re hosting guests, they may not say anything about the sofa being smelly or drabby, but they will be sure to notice. When they point it out, one gets into a flurry of explanations, in an attempt to justify the state of things. There are cases where people decide to cancel visits altogether, in a bid to avoid the embarrassing situations that ensue. Even for those new relationships, you don’t want to invite your date over and have them finding your place in a mess. Our sofa cleaning crew will enable you to ensure that your furniture is in a top-notch condition.

Equipped to deliver

We have invested in state-of-the-art systems that are geared to give your sofa a thorough clean each time. They get to the deeply ingrained soiling, removing it from the material. The products employed by our personnel tackle those heavy build-ups of grime, dissolve the dirt spots and neutralise the odours. Spilled coffee, pet urine, those wine spots that were formed when the glass tipped over as you were making merry with your friends, the ketchup smudges on the upholstery, drawings made by the kids on the sofa- they are all got rid of. You can choose to have fragranced products being used on your set, which leave behind a pleasant scent that accentuates the ambience. You get to see, feel and smell the difference in your newly cleaned sofa. Efficient systems, coupled with the experience of our crew, ensures that the process is done fast and effectively. Our personnel are well-trained and keep up to date with the latest developments in the sofa cleaning industry, that way you can be sure that your sofa receives the most appropriate care each time.

Low Cost Sofa Cleaning Services In Dublin

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