Maintaining A Clean Workspace For Your Business

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Maintaining A Clean Workspace For Your Business

Maintaining A Clean Workspace For Your Business

We spend a lot of time at work. It’s basically our second home, with the average adult spending 35% of their life at their jobs. How is the environment? Is it nurturing and conducive, or does it make you dread every morning as you head to the office, and count the minutes to the close of the business day where you will “escape” it? What do your staff say about the premises, and what sight greets the customers accessing the establishment?


  • Creating a conducive workspace


A cluttered office and soiled furnishings dampen morale. When you have stains all over the different surfaces and upholstery, it creates a chaotic scene, preventing your staff from focusing on their tasks. They are even worried about their health, given that it is widely recognised that a dirty environment is a haven for germs and allergens. These are not the conditions you want your staff to operate in. 

The employees are the engine of the business. You rely on them to tend to your customers and grow your brand. Even in their own private circles, they are your ambassadors, telling their friends and family members about the different products and services that you have on offer, and they can in turn buy into it. You don’t want them to feel unappreciated at work, simply because of grime that is accumulating all over the premises, from their desks to the employee lounge and breakrooms. Scheduling a routine cleaning service that takes care of these is key. For instance, at the breakroom, where they take a breather and unwind in the middle of a busy day, soiled furniture can be uncomfortable. Yet, it’s in such areas where the risks of spills are higher, staining the upholstery. The sofa cleaners come in to give these units a thorough scrub, enabling the persons using them to be comfortable.


  • Getting A Specialist For The Job


Pulling your staff from their desks to work on the sofa doesn’t bode well for your enterprise. For starters, it distracts them from their actual jobs, slowing down operations. Who will they tend to the customers when they are busy scrubbing out stains on the couches in the reception area, or battling odours from the furniture sets in the employee lounge? Your customers will also notice this, getting exasperated that the personnel who are meant to be serving them are busy dealing with cleaning duties as they wait. 

Then there are the risks posed to your furniture. Granted, the employees in your business are well-trained on their jobs – from the secretaries and managers to the clerks, marketing crew, IT and finance teams. They are well adept with their tasks. However, when it comes to the sofa cleaning, it is unchartered waters, especially given the wide assortment of products and processes that are involved. The market is awash with numerous cleaning agents, each targeting different types of upholsteries, stains and dirt problems. Applying the wrong product on the furniture can ruin it, corroding the upholstery fabric and causing the stain to get set deeper in the maternal, becoming tougher to remove. Cases of overwetting, where the upholstery and padding end up being drenched with too much water, are also problematic, given that they cause the sofa to take ages to dry, creating an inconvenience to those on the facility, and it encourages mould and mildew to grow. There are also cases where too much shampoo or is used, or the rinsing is not properly done, in which case the residue that remains causes the sofas to get soiled much faster. These are not issues that you want to encounter in your business premises. Simply leave the task to the professional upholstery cleaning team who are well trained and fully equipped to handle the task. 



Lost manhours due to numerous sick days cause businesses millions annually. The cases of sickness increase in poorly maintained environments, where an infection can spread like wildfire – especially on shared items and surfaces, which includes the office furniture. With all the people accessing the facility on a daily basis, there are bound to be increased concentrations of allergens and pathogens that wind up all over the facility. Being confined in a space with a large number of people for most of the day, coupled with the microbes crawling around, one of the ways that cause infections to spread rapidly amongst the workforce and customers. Keeping the workspace neat and clean, on the other hand, goes a long way in reducing infections and protecting the persons on the premises. Moreover, with the staff noticing the effort that you are putting into ensuring that they have a healthy working environment, it causes their morale to increase, which boosts your business productivity. 

Their mental health also gets a boost. Clients need to be served, reports prepared, deadlines met, and other duties carried out in the workplace. Everything is abuzz, and people’s stress levels can spike. This is worsened when the environment is soiled and chaotic, and the staff end up feeling like they need to keep putting in more energy to get their tasks accomplished. On the other hand, a clean space makes them feel relaxed, and more able to focus on the tasks at hand – all to the benefit of your business. 



A clean space gives your customers a positive image about your business. On the other hand, with stains and dirt all over the surfaces of the building, it will chase them off due to the red flag it creates. How will a business claim to deliver professional products and services, yet the environment in which they are offered is in a dilapidated condition? The customers begin questioning your professionalism, and this can chase them off right into your competitors’ arms. After all that effort and money that has gone into providing and marketing your products, you don’t want it to go down the drain simply because of a poorly maintained interior. Calling in the professionals to give it a deep clean, and routinely scheduling the services to ensure that things are maintained in their optimal standard, will take you a step further in winning the trust of your customers. 

Maintaining A Clean Workspace For Your Business

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