Making Décor Statements With Your Sofa

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Making Décor Statements With Your Sofa

 Making Décor Statements With Your Sofa

It is the anchor piece of the room. From home libraries, the den, or the living room, the sofa has a huge impact on the ambience. Its sheer size makes it the most dominant furnishing item, and as such you want to ensure that it is in top condition, properly cared for. A vital part of this is the vacuuming and the routine sofa cleaning, in order to get rid of the dirt and grime that are a threat to your set. Additional styling up of the sofa can be achieved with teaks and alterations around the room. These include:


  • The allure of group art


Do you have an expansive wall? Then putting together a group of art pieces symmetrically arranged, will set the theme of the space. For instance, you can hang up portraits in a grid pattern. Don’t overdo it though, since you’re not aiming for an all-out gallery wall, and you don’t want the art to appear crowded. From landscapes to nude drawings- the choice here really depends on the personality and taste of the homeowner. 

For those in smaller spaces, having a large framed art piece set up above the room feels more crowded. As such, it is recommended that you use multiple smaller paintings. One needs to simply ensure that there is adequate space between the different pieces so that they would look cluttered. Besides, this way you will be able to change the artwork whenever you need.


  • Set up sculptural accents


This is especially for those cases where the furnishings in the room have a wide range of colours. Having an additional arrangement of small sculptural pieces set up around the room will be sure to catch the eye of anyone walking in- and make for good conversation starters. 


  • Hang textiles on the walls


Textile art is diverse. You can have anything from weavings to stylish vintage fabrics, adding colour and texture to the space. Having them behind the sofa on the bare wall will be sure to impress. You can have tapestries that have floral patterns, nature scenes, or combining a wild colour mash-up that brings out one’s curiosity. These tapestries can also be worked on during the upholstery cleaning process. 


  • The beauty of china


How broad is your creativity? Interior decor trends are seeing homeowners creating a display of plates, artfully arranged on the wall, setting a backdrop for the sofa. The dishes of choice here are usually china with fancy details, impressive colours and painted imagery. Arranging the plates tapering off vertically creates the illusion of having a higher ceiling. 

Remember that regardless of the accents and decorations that are added, it will all go down the drain unless there is a proper maintenance program that is in place. This is because the sofa will continue accumulating dirt and grime, from the food crumbs and drink spills that wind up on it, the sweat and body oils that are rubbed against the upholstery by the persons using the furniture, hair oil, issues like deminwear leaving behind dyes, pet fur and dander – they all contribute to the gunk that the furniture is harbouring. A deep sofa cleaning is needed to get rid of these agents. When left unattended, the abrasive particles wear down the upholstery, and they also dull the sofa. This makes it look dull and dilapidated over time. With the stains, they are unsightly patches that are a stark contrast with the rest of the colour and patterns of the set, which doesn’t bode well for your décor statement. Make your efforts of sprucing up the ambience in your home worth it by ensuring that the sofa cleaning is routinely carried out.  

We’re Here For Your Sofa Cleaning Needs

Giving the sofa a thorough wash entails more than just vacuuming the dust and wiping away the grease residue. A deep cleaning is needed, to get rid of the soiling that is ingrained in the material. Stain removers also come in to deal with both the water-based and oil-based stains that are ruining the appeal of your set. Pre-treatment agents increase the efficiency of the process by loosening up the stubborn grime, then scrubbing and extraction process follows to yank out the gunk that is in the sofa. Our personnel use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, that gets the task done to quality results in moments. Whether it’s routine care, the sofa hasn’t been cleaned for months or years, or even those cases where emergency sofa cleaning services are required our team will be up to the task. They will arrive at your home in time, ready to deliver on their mandate. 

With us, you get a qualified crew. Our sofa cleaning personnel have been trained in the different aspects of the job, and also have years of experience to boot. They have been offering the services to both residential and commercial clients, taking care of the wide range of sofas, with the different constructions and upholstery materials. They also keep up to date with the developments within the industry, that way you can rest assured that your set will get the most appropriate treatment, to get rid of the dirt and stains while preserving the structural integrity of the underlying material. The sofa cleaning crew will assess the condition of your unit and then work up a customised approach that will suit your unique situation. They are friendly, and are ready to answer any questions that you may have about the task at hand. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the entire spectrum of our sofa cleaning services, and that includes customer support and the experience while our personnel are on your property. Speaking of which, they will treat it with care as though it were their own, and respect the privacy of your home. The appropriate safety measures will be put in place throughout the processes, to protect the sofa and your family members. Drying systems are also incorporated into the process, that remove the bulk of the moisture from the cleaned unit. This cuts down the drying time from days to mere hours, enabling you to resume using the sofa faster, and reducing the disruption to your day-to-day life. 

 Making Décor Statements With Your Sofa

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