Pointers To Picking A Sofa Cleaning Company

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Pointers To Picking A Sofa Cleaning Company

Pointers To Picking A Sofa Cleaning Company

Are you looking for a local sofa cleaning company? You may find plenty of them while searching online, from business listings to social media platforms, with each cleaning to be the best – but how will you settle on the right one for your needs? Here are tips to weed out the rookies, and ensure that you end up dealing with a company that you can rely on:


  • Is it a licensed business?


As a basic standard, you want to deal with a company that is legally recognised. One whose offices and addresses can be tracked down, as opposed to a random cleaner simply moving around in a van. You’ll be letting the personnel into our home or business premises, and for your own safety and security, you want to ensure that you’re dealing with established firms, not fly-by-night types who are simply looking for a quick buck, or even burglars scouting out residences and businesses to raid and make away with their goods. 


  • How long has it been in service?


While longer histories are not always a guarantee for better services, it is undeniable that a company that has been around for long will have sufficient track record for you to analyse, as opposed to one that was recently launched. With more information to crunch down on, you will be in a position to determine the level of quality of services to expect from the business. 

A company that has been around for years, will have also spent more on acquiring resources, and the team involved for the sofa cleaning will come with more experience. This gives you more assurance that your property will be in safe hands. This does not take away from the importance of startups – after all, each large company started from somewhere, right? It’s simply one of the factors that need to be considered before settling on a particular sofa cleaning company to take care of your needs. 


  • Which cleaning methods are used?


Different companies use various methods of cleaning. These include shampooing the upholstery, dry solvent and foam cleaning, all through to processes like hot water extraction. You need to have a detailed discussion with the cleaners about the approach they intend to take when working on your sofa. This also has a bearing on the equipment that is used. Dealing with particularly stubborn stains like spilled wine on the cushions, coffee and tea stains, blood spots, and pet urine tians needs the appropriate combination of cleaning products and scrubbing machinery to get rid of them, and you want to ensure that the company will work with a process that will be effective in removing the stains while protecting the underlying material. 


  • Does the business have insurance coverage?


This is for your protection as well as the cleaning company itself. Accidents may happen, though professional companies put in place safety measures to minimise the risk. However, since no job is ever 100% secure, you want to ensure that you’ll be safe from liabilities in case one does occur. Industry best practise stipulates that cleaning companies should acquire insurance coverage that caters to the clients whose properties, are being tended to, and the cleaners themselves. This is further testament to the level of professionalism with which the company in question provides its services.

Preparing For The Sofa Cleaning Sessions

There are some issues that will need to be taken care of to ensure that the sofa cleaning will go on smoothly. These include:


  • Clearing the clutter


Clothing items, paperwork, and other similar material left all over the furniture should be removed and sorted, to speed things along when the sofa cleaning crew arrive. This is also key to ensure that the important documents are recovered, instead of extra time being taken during the cleaning task to sort out the material, to determine which should be kept, and which should be disposed of.


  • Making plans for the pets


For those with cats and dogs, it’s advisable to make alternative arrangements of them, instead of having them in the household when the cleaning is being done. This is especially for those pets that are not amenable to the presence of strangers on the property, or who will get worked up by the machinery that will be used for the cleaning. You can let Fluffy stay with the neighbour, or allow your pet to roam around outside while the cleaning crew go about their tasks. 

Taking Care of Your Sofa In Between Cleaning Sessions

After the professionals have given your furniture a thorough scrub, certainly you want it to remain that fresh look and feel for longer. In this regard, these are some pointers that you should take note of:

  • Vacuuming should be done regularly

This is to minimise the rate at which soiling builds up in the furniture since the vacuum will suction out the loose debris from the upholstery. These particles are abrasive, and if left to accumulate within the sofa, they increase the wearing down of the unit. 

  • Dealing with spills immediately they are formed

You don’t want to allow them to settle on the sofas. The absorbent material will soak up the spills, causing them to seep deeper into the padding. This ends up making the stains much more difficult to remove. Blot up the spills. Wiping may seem like a good idea, but it risks spreading the spill to other sections of the sofa. Instead, you should blot it up using an absorbent cloth. The sooner you get this done, the better the chances of completely getting rid of the stain. 

Those sharp claws can do great harm to the upholstery. As Fluffy hops up and down the seats, the claws can rip up the fabric, ruining your set. Routinely clipping the nails protects your furnishings. 

  • Avoiding placing the furniture in direct sunlight

This is especially for the leather upholstered sofas. Increased exposure to the sun’s UV and IR radiation accelerates the deterioration of the material. For instance, the heat will cause the leather to lose its moisture, and it ends up cracking, becoming brittle and uncomfortable to use. 

Pointers To Picking A Sofa Cleaning Company

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