Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

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Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Leather has been a valuable material for centuries. Today. It remains a top choice for premier furniture products. Simply walking into an office with leather sofas strikes an impression due to its classy look. Homes with the sets have an ambience that exudes luxury. The modern tanning processes result in leather units that are more resistant to cracking, sagging and peeling, and enhance that rich look and feel. What’s more, as the leather sofas age, they develop more character. Due to the unique nature of its natural fibres, the leather upholstery actually gets softer and more supple- as long as it has been properly taken care of- hence the need for regular sofa cleaning. In addition, unlike the fabric alternatives and synthetic imitations, leather upholstery breathes. This basically means that it quickly gains and dissipates heat, making it comfortable to sit on regardless of the weather. Since it also tends to absorb and release moisture, the sofas being come sticky and clammy to sit on, compared to the plastic-based alternatives. 

What of the durability? Leather is tough, and is naturally resistant to puncturing and tears. It even remains strong around the seams. Its resistance to spills and dirt also reduces the workload during the upholstery cleaning process. In matters decor, the dye that the leather is treated with is absorbed into the material, reducing the risks of fading. This makes the colour last for long, and blend with the different changes in interior design. Whether you have rich and dark colours for the wall backdrop, or the interior space has been painted with a lighter look, the leather units will blend into the colour scheme. Since the material is sourced from animal hides, each piece comes with its unique grain patterns and natural markings. There are even those who chose to have the rustic upholstery where the natural blemishes of the hide are retained. With all this, it comes as no surprise that leather sofas retail at higher costs compared to the alternative upholsteries. It’s a pricy investment- but worth every penny. Certainly, you want to protect it, and enjoy it throughout its life in your residential or commercial establishment. Scheduling routine leather sofa cleaning services will make this a reality. 

Costly Blunders During DIY Leather Upholstery Care

While the material is durable, mistakes made can ruin your unit. Take heat for instance. A simple oversight like placing the sofa close to heat sources – be it in direct sunlight or close to the fireplaces and radiators, will cause the leather to dry out. Cracking may result. When you place your hand on the sofa, how does it feel? If it’s hot to the touch, then it should be moved immediately to a different location in the interior space. Alternatively, a throw can be put over it. If it simply feels warm, then the key focus will be in maintaining moisture levels of the unit, which is where conditioning after the leather cleaning comes in. 

It’s common for DIYers to use the wrong detergents during the upholstery cleaning. Just because particular solutions are effective in getting rid of stains on other surfaces around the premises, it doesn’t mean that they will be suitable for removing the same type of stains on the leather sofa. Harsh chemicals that are too acidic or alkaline, the formulations containing silicones, waxes, oils and saddle soaps- these can do more harm than good. You can end up permanently ruining your elegant sofa. 

Sometimes it’s the method of approach that is improper. For instance, when wiping stains, the DIYer can end up spreading it further into the material, making the mess worse. Soaking the stain with water will also exacerbate the situation, as in addition to the spreading the spot, water stains can also form on the leather. Moreover, water can even break the bonds contained in the essential oils that are in the leather, which will cause the material to weaken over time. 

Aspects of day-to-day life, such as the occasional heavily dyed item being placed on the sofa, can cause the dye to be absorbed by the upholstery, which will form an unsightly stain. While the material is more resistant to scratches, one needs to be careful about the sharp objects be used on and around it. 

Bring in the professionals

You want to come home to an inviting interior, one that you can comfortably relax in. An environment where you can raise your family in without worrying about constantly being exposed to allergens, pollutants and contaminants. What of the guests coming over? No one likes cancelling visits because of dreading how the state of the furniture will reflect on their personality. Those awkward questions from the hawk-eyed in-laws about the stains on the sofa can be unnerving. Your peace of mind is affected, and hosting skills even take a hit. With routine upholstery cleaning, you get to avoid such scenarios, keeping your set elegant through the seasons. Even at the workplace, from the furniture out in the lobby, in offices, within the heart of the club, or at the employee lounges, keeping it clean is vital for normal day-to-day operations. You wouldn’t want to turn off the customers coming over to your premises due to them finding it in a soiled state. Scheduling regular upholstery cleaning services will ensure that your unit remains in optimal condition.  

Our leather sofa cleaning crew have been providing the services for years, taking care of the needs of both residential and commercial clients. They have the skills needed to determine the appropriate products and approach to use for your particular leather unit. The formulations used will be safe, getting rid of the dirt and stubborn stains, without putting the upholstery at risk. A deep clean is provided, and additional measures such as conditioning the leather also carried out which enhance the protection of the unit, keeping it elegant for longer. The conditioning is vital as it prevents the drying out and cracking of the leather, restoring the lost moisture and oils- basically nourishing the upholstery.


Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

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