Professional Upholstery Cleaners In Dublin

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Professional Upholstery Cleaners In Dublin

Professional Upholstery Cleaners In Dublin

Most areas in the house are cleaned regularly. From wiping countertops in the kitchen scrubbing the soap scum off bathroom walls, and vacuuming up the floor- these are part of the routine cleaning program. However, there are those items that are used even more often, yet barely ever get cleaned- these are the likes of sofas and mattresses. It’s easy to ignore them until they become visibly dirt or something spills on them and forms a stain. However, in the process, one ends up posing increased health risks to anyone who uses the items. The soft furnishings and upholstery fibres are breeding grounds for dust mites and pathogens. The mites feed on the dead skin shed by the persons using the furniture, and leave behind their faecal pellets in the material. This in turn gets inhaled and irritates the respiratory tract, or onto the skin and causes incessant scratching for sensitive people. The allergens trigger asthma attacks, worsen conditions like bronchitis, and generally cause personal discomfort. After all, no one wants their relaxing grime interrupted by coughs, sneezes and breathing difficulties simply because of the allergens raised into the air the moment they sat on the sofa or fluffed the pillows. Then there are the pathogens. Bacteria and virus come in hordes, especially when there is a person who is ill in the household, and for those cases where there are kids and pets running around. These increase the risks of infection, with the soft upholstery fibres providing a suitable habitat for the microbes to survive. As such, upholstery cleaning and sanitation is key to keep illnesses from spreading in your residence.

Benefits Of Using Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services


  • Quality cleaning systems


We use modernised systems to tackle the dirt problems in your furniture and draperies, getting rid of the grime that has adhered to the upholstery and eliminating those stubborn stains. From the grime that piled up over months and even years, the ingrained dirt within the material that’s defying conventional cleaning methods to remove, those commons stains like coffee and tea spills, to the particularly stubborn ones like red wine and pet urine stains- we get rid of them all. Tough acting products are used, that break down those build ups of grime, emulsify the greasy spots, and dissolve both water-based and oil-based stains. Organic and inorganic gunk in your sets is done away with, freshening it up and breathing new life into it. Speaking of breath, even the odours are dealt with. Those musky smells that are a mild irritant each time you sit back to relax on your favourite, to the urine odours that reek up the entire household, hitting you the moment you walk through the front door- they are neutralised. Since the source of the smell will have also been removed in the course of the cleaning, you won’t have to worry about the odours making a comeback.  


  • Protecting your installation


When done regularly, the upholstery cleaning enables you to keep your items in top condition. After all, you want to enjoy your furniture for long, seeing that it was quite the pricy purchase. The grime is a threat to their beauty and structural integrity, and can cause the protective treatments that were applied by the manufacturer to break down, and the fibres themselves to get worn out. This is in addition to those scenarios where you have food material within the cushions and on the pillows, and mattresses, which is attracting insects and rodents like mice. These will accelerate the damage to your units. You don’t want mice chewing through those soft furnishings. In addition to the cleaning, additional protective measures are carried out, applying treatment products to prolong the life of your units.

The sectional sofa that allows you to customise your preferred sofa configuration due to its different module; the classic and simple Bridgewater sofa that typically feature a rolled back and a skirt; track arm sofas that are growing in popularity in the modern-style homes especially for those in apartments due to their compact construction; loveseats that are designed to be used by two people and which, like settees, come as individual pieces of furniture and you can use them to complement, the récamier  which is basically a daybed without a back and has two scrolled ends; the Knole sofa that traces its origins to the 17th century and nowadays features a deep seat and adjustable arms; the upholstered divan with its tufted mattress-like seat sitting on a low frame; the cabriole sofa that was already popular in the early 1700s; chaise lounges that set a relaxing vide and can be installed anywhere from the bedroom at home to the psychiatrist’s office- our upholstery cleaning crew will take care of them all.


  • Safe for the environment


With each passing day, there is great emphasis on the need to utilise systems that pose no risk to the environment. This is the various aspects of our lives, from the modes of transport that we choose, how industries run their operations, all through to how you get you’re cleaning done at home. Our processes have been designed to get the task done without putting Mother Nature at risk. The products used have been taken through stringent tests to ensure that they adhere to EU legislation on the same. The indoor air quality of your residence or business premises is preserved, and there won’t be chemical residue left on the material. The solutions themselves can even be safely used around the children and pets. With the biodiversity around you being protected, you get to restore the beauty to your upholstery without increasing your carbon footprint.


  • Save on costs


The highly effective machinery used, plus the tough acting products and the experienced crew handling them, reduce the amount of time and resources needed for the task. This translates into an affordable quote, which will also account for factors that are particular to your situation, including the type of upholstery being worked on, the level of soiling and staining, all through to the frequency of the schedules being booked.

Professional Upholstery Cleaners In Dublin

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