Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Numerous hours a week are spent cleaning the kitchen disinfecting bathroom surfaces, vacuuming the carpets and wiping the hard surfaces in the house, all in a bid to set a clean and healthy living space. The attention is usually on these obvious areas in the houses. What of those that are missed? The curtains, mattresses, and furniture? The upholstery loads up dirt and allergens that usually a threat to the household members. Take the sofa for instance. It is used every day, with family members spending a great deal of time on it. However, chances that it’s only cleaned once a year- with some even confessing to never having their cleaned at all. Left unattended, the dirty upholstery could be making you sick. There could be colonies of dust mites in the soft furnishings, from the sofa to the cushions, beds and draperies. Their faecal pellets, together with the dead mites, are one of the leading causes of allergic reactions that occur indoors. For the homes in the humid and warm climates, chances of having mould within the furnishings increases. Then soft and absorbent upholstery collects moisture from the airspace, and there are also those cases of spills that seep deep into the material. These provide suitable conditions for mould to grow. The fungal spores cause allergic reactions, and trigger immunologic responses.  With the heavy usage that units like the couch handle, they’ll be laden with germs. These simply lay around waiting for a host. You don’t want diseases spreading throughout your home or workplace. Ensuring that the upholstery is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised is vital.

Advantages Of Specialists Upholstery Care



  • Freshen up your airspace


Our professional cleaning crew use industrial grade equipment to remove all the dirt and grime that is in your upholstery. The allergens, toxins and pollutants that have been absorbed by the material are washed off, allowing you to breathe easy without erupting into a bout of coughs and sneezing, or putting your health at risk. The odours that are fouling up the place are neutralized, and the sources got rid of. That decaying organic matter that is in the fibres of your upholstery, pet urine stains that create pungent stenches- they are all removed, and a pleasant fragrance left in their wake. You also won’t have to worry about toxic fumes being generated as a result of the cleaning process. The products themselves are eco-friendly. They have met EU laws on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. This means you get to have your upholstery cleaned and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. The solutions themselves are safe to use around kids and pets, and there is also no chemical residue left behind.  Our services are licenced and insured, and the numerous testimonials from our satisfied clients are proof that you’re dealing with a professional team.


  • Protect your upholstery


By getting rid of dirt and grime, which is a leading threat to your sofa and other furnishings, you get to enjoy your units for longer. Deep cleaning is involved, where even the gunk buried within the material is flushed out, and additional treatment measures carried out to restore the protective elements of your installations. What’s more, our crew are highly trained and come with lots of experience under their belt. The will use the proper tools and solutions for your particular upholstery that are tough on the dirt and stains, but gentle on the material. Industrial grade equipment ensures that the task is thorough, and carried out fast. This is to minimise the amount of disruption in your home or business premises. The extraction processes, carried out with top-of-the-range vacuum systems, also remove the bulk of the moisture from the material. This dramatically cuts down the drying time, allowing normalcy you to resume in your establishment. After all, you don’t want your sofa being rendered unusable for days, or to force your customers to keep standing because the furniture in the building is wet.


  • Maintain the beauty of your set


Since the state of the upholstery reflects on the decor, you want it to be at its optimal. The dirt dulling your furnishings, those stains that have formed spots which contrast the colouration of the fabrics and leather upholstery- they are effectively dealt with. There are even cases where the home and business owners are shocked by the newly cleaned upholstery, since they had even forgotten how it had originally looked like due to the gradual dilapidation by the dirt. The process carried out enable you to enhance the ambience of your interior space, which comes with additional comfort and peace of mind. That way you can be able to walk into your home without getting into a fit because of the state of things, and take a nap without your mind nagging you about chores that are pending. In your business premises, you get to portray yourself to your customers in positive light. This is key, given that the state of affairs has a huge impact on the image they form about your brand, which will determine whether or not they will proceed to engage you and purchase your products or services.

Loveseat sofas that usually come as a matching piece for other types of furniture, and are also popular for those with limited spaces where the larger sofas wouldn’t fit; sectional sofas that are a combination of smaller units which can be combined in different configurations; sofa beds and futons plus the inflatable air mattresses that are becoming a more comfortable choice today;  the classic round arm sofa where the modern designs come in upholstery that give them a contemporary look; the retro square arm sofa which can be a vintage piece that you brought home and reupholstered, or a new piece that works to give you a relaxed vibe in your living room or a more formal look; to even the hard wedge armed sofa where the seating side of the arm has a padded surface- we work on the different kinds of upholstery.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

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