Why Professionally Maintenance Your Upholstery Is Important

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Why Professionally Maintenance Your Upholstery Is Important

Why Professionally Maintenance Your Upholstery Is Important

How often do you get your sofas cleaned? Despite being some of the most used furniture items in the household, they tend to get neglected as other surfaces are worked on. Just think about it – how much time gets spent sitting on that cosy sofa, watching TV? When your friends and relatives come over to visit, where do they hang out? Those lazy afternoons spent napping on the sofa, the quiet evenings when you curl up on it with a book in hand, to those steamy nights with your significant other as you rock each other’s worlds on the sofa – it witnesses lots of use. As the skin rubs against the sofa, body oils and sweat get transferred to it. People also deposit skin flakes – mounds of dead skin cells that are in turn fodder for dust mites. Do you have kids or pets? With the little ones around, there is a higher rate of dirt build-up. From the spills of milk and yoghurt since the kids are barely able to take a drink without making a spill, to the pets leaving fur and dander strewn all over the sofa – these all make a mess. Routine deep cleaning is needed, and it is recommended that you hire professionals for the task. Here are some of the reasons why:


  • The appearance of the sofa


After all, the first thing to strike you will be the looks of the furniture. What sight greets you when you walk into the living room? What state do your guests find the sofa in? When you look back to the first time when you brought the sofa home from the store, do you recall those colours that were all bright and clearly defined? The patterns that accentuated the decor of the space, and had you gleaming with pride whenever you walked through the front doors? The sofa was perfect for the space, bringing out your style and showcasing your personality. No one likes the sofa being all dull and drabby. Given that this is a huge set of furniture – the “elephant in the room”, its state has a huge impact on the overall ambience of the space.

With a deep clean, the dirt and grime that have accumulated on the upholstery are got rid of. Powerful formulations break down those stubborn stains, making your furniture vibrant once more. This spruces up the decor, allowing you to enjoy those precious moments on the cosy sofa. 




It’s not just about looks. You want a healthy space for your loved ones to thrive in. While areas like bathrooms and kitchen counters are cleaned frequently since the grime is easy to spot and skipping it can quickly become a health hazard, the upholstery tends to be overlooked. Just because one does not see the grime building up within the upholstery and padding, it doesn’t mean it’s there. Take the dust mites for instance. These microscopic creates are too small for the eyes to see, yet they produce such a copious amount of faecal pellets that are spread all over the furniture, triggering allergic reactions once inhaled. The allergens also include everyday dust that is accumulating on the cushions of your sofa, all through to spores and pollen grains that are carried into the house by gusts of air. As the allergens accumulate, they make it uncomfortable to use the sofa. After all, not one likes keeping on sneezing whenever they lounge back on those cosy cushions. The stuffy nose, watery eyes, and even all-out asthma attacks are all pointers to the increasing concentration of allergens in the sofa. 

Pathogens are also an issue given the increased microbial activity on soiled sofas. These ranges from bacteria that is feeding on the decaying matter, the pathogens that were brought over by insects and rodents that are looking for food crumbs, all through to viruses coughed and sneezed onto the upholstery by persons who are ill. Speaking of which, when a person is sick, such a loved one down with the flu, the likely place where they rest is the sofa. In the middle of al the symptoms – a runny rose, incessant coughs and sneezes, there’s bound to be viruses that get into the immediate environment, of which the sofa is part of. Pets are not spared either. With Fluffy enjoying resting on the sofa, when sick there will be pathogens strewn all over. For instance, in case you have a dog that has recently had a Parvo case, the furnishings of the household will need to be thoroughly cleaned in order to prevent reinfection. 

Pests also factor in. There the likes of fleas and mites that hide in the sofa, and get onto the people and pets using it. They get onto the skin and begin to feed on the blood of the host, with some bringing on more infections. The risk of all this is heightened the longer that the sofa remains without being attended to, thus the need for a routine upholstery cleaning program that will ensure that your loved ones are safe. 



You want to enjoy using the sofa – and this will be difficult when it is cluttered, abrasive, itchy and stiff. As the spills get absorbed into the material and dry, they affect the quality of the upholstery. Some of the dirt hardens, clumping up and making the cushions uncomfortable. For the loose and gritty particles, these abrade the upholstery, causing it to wear down over time. The degradation of the fibre quality over time reduces the lifespan of your sofa. Speaking of which, when it comes to the cleaning processes, you want the appropriate products to be used. Harsh chemicals will corrode the material, making it weaker. Cases of chemicals causing the stains to become more permanently set in the material are also commonly reported during the DIY cleaning jobs. These are not outcomes you want for your set. Call in the professionals to ensure that your furniture receives proper care. 

Why Professionally Maintenance Your Upholstery Is Important

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