Reduce Allergens In Your Home With These Tips

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Reduce Allergens In Your Home With These Tips

Reduce Allergens In Your Home With These Tips

Allergens can be frustrating, especially when your home seems to have a massive concentration of them. When you keep coughing and sneezing, your guests keep getting uncomfortable with watery eyes and nasal congestion, or those with respiratory distress having their conditions worsened – this can all take a toll on the persons in the residence. You want to be able to relax in your own home, not have your quality of life reduced because of the allergens that are choking up the space. This does not have to be the case. 

Here are some handy tips to deal with the allergen problem in your residence:


  • Start out with a vacuum and get an effective unit


Here, you want a vacuum that has sufficient suction power, and one with a filtering mechanism that will not release the allergens back into the airspace as you work on the different surfaces and furnishings in the home. For instance, you can get a unit that comes with a HEPA filtering system. The vacuuming should also be regular, depending on the amount of traffic that is witnessed in the home. Households with kids and pets will need to have much more frequent vacuuming carried out. 


  • Wipe surfaces with damp cloths


When wiping with a dry cloth, it has a reduced absorbency, and you’ll usually be simply moving around the dust. On the other hand, with a damp cloth the moisture captures the dust and mites. However, there are units like microfibre cloths that come with increased absorbency, and whose mechanical forces of attraction have the capacity to pull up the dust and allergens from the surface without you having to first moisten the cloth. 


  • Have the mattress cleaned


When was the last time your mattress was cleaned? People tend to go for years without having this crucial aspect handled, increasing the health risks over time. The mattress keeps on accumulating grime with each night of use. From the dust mites that get transferred onto the material from the bedding, all through to cases of spills that soak through to the padding and not dry properly, encouraging mould or mildew to develop, these all need to be dealt with. The mattresses should be cleaned regularly, and booking professional services for the task will ensure that a thorough job is carried out, flushing the grime out of your unit. 



One of the main areas where there is a high concentration of dust mites in the house is the sofa. That favourite set of furniture that is used by everyone in the household buildings up loads of skin flakes, which are, in turn, fodder for dust mites. the mites produce faecal pellets, which are actually the allergen that get people sneezing and having nasal congestion. It also exacerbates eczema for the sensitive persons. Then there’s the fur and dander for the households with pets, all through to pollen that winds up on the sofa. Even the curtains are affected, accumulating dust, pollen and other allergens on the material. These contribute to ruining the indoor air quality of the residence, which is not how you want things playing out. With professional upholstery cleaning the units in your home will be worked on, enabling you to breathe much easier.



When carrying out the occasional household chores, it is recommended that you use eco-friendly products. Not only do they enable you to reduce your carbon footprint, but you get to avoid the harsh chemicals that come with conventional formulations. Here, emphasis is on working with products that are safe for use in the household, especially around kids and pets. 


  • Declutter


That chaotic ssetting is more than just an eyesore. The clutter that is strewn all over the house becomes a collection point for dust. Clearing things up and arranging them neatly goes a long way in decreasing the concentration of the dust, and also enables you to have a calmer space that’s more conducive to carry out your activities in. 

Benefits Of Professional Cleaning Services

Sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to carry out an in-depth clean. It’s understandable, given the busy schedule that you have in your day-to-day life. While this is the case, items like the sofa still need to be thoroughly washed. The dirt and grime that is building up in them puts their structural integrity at risk, from the abrasive effects of the soiling, to organic gunk that attracts pests and rodents to the upholstery items, which accelerates the damage to the units. Cases of spills getting deeper into the material can result in permanent stains that ruin the appeal of your units. This, coupled with the gradual soiling of the units, causes them to get dull and dilapidated, forcing you to spend more funds in repairing them or having them replaced. Given the amount of expenses that went into purchasing the furnishings in the first place, certainly you don’t want to watch your funds going down the drain. The professional cleaning comes in to protect your units, prolonging their life and enabling you to ensure them all through. 

The health of the persons on the premises is not just at risk because of the allergens. There could be a horde of pathogens crawling all over the furnishings. From the infamous E. coli, salmonella, to drug resistance strains like MRSA, the infections can spread amongst the household members drastically reducing the quality of life and leading to higher medical bills being incurred. Pests are an issue as well, especially for the households with cats and dogs. As the pets go playing around and exploring the great outdoors, they may bring home some pesky little bugs on their fur, like fleas and mites. These will be able to hide out in the upholstery, affecting other pets and even family members in the household. A deep upholstery cleaning that flushes out the pests and restore the health standards to your abode is needed, and the professionals have the machinery required to ensure that the process is thorough. 

Reduce Allergens In Your Home With These Tips

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