Restoring The Glamour To Your Sofa

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Restoring The Glamour To Your Sofa

Restoring The Glamour To Your Sofa

The sofa is the focal point of the living room. It gives guests walking into the house the first impression, showcasing your taste and highlighting your style. Quality sofa cleaning preserves the effect. From those looking for neutral colours to those going for bold patterns and styles, there are options for everyone. You want your friends and family coming over to be impressed by your decor. From the dinners where you’re hoping to woo your date, to the situations where the in-laws are coming over for a get-together and the last thing you want to worry about is comments on the stains on the furniture- a sofa cleaning will ensure you are portrayed in a positive light. Your own personal comfort factors in. After all, no doubt you already have your favourite sofa, where you spend most of the time indoors on. It should be comfortable and relaxing, not riddled with stains and having odours coming from it. Even in business premises, the sofa has an impact on the perception that the customers walking in will form about your brand. You want them to be confident to continue and engage you to purchase the product or service, not lose them out to your competition due to the soiled state of things.  Since the sofa takes up so much visual space- and will be expensive to make repairs to replace the set, in case of damage, you want to ensure that the maintenance is done right. This can be achieved by hiring professional sofa cleaning services.

Routine sofa cleaning is vital- but where is the time? You already have your hands full with your busy work and social life. Squeezing in hours for an arduous chore can strain you.  You don’t want to spend your weekend struggling with stubborn stains and dirt spots, and manoeuvring around with heavy sofa cleaning equipment, labouring through the process. You should be able to relax, and partake in your heart’s desire, rejuvenating in readiness for the week that is to come. In business premises, your employees should be focused on serving the clients and growing the enterprise, not taking time of their workday to deal with the gunk that is on the furniture. Don’t fret- we’re here for you. Our sofa cleaning crew will take care of the task, ensuring that it is done to quality standards each time.

We Clean Them All

Sofas come in various shapes and forms. There are sectional sofas which come with modular elements, letting you have a configuration that adapts to the room; Knole sofas that were originally like a throne where kings and queens relaxed as they hosted guests, and gets its name from Knole House, an English country estate; divans that originated from the Middle East, and don’t usually have a back, instead being propped up against a wall, though modern designs may come with a low backrest support; barrelback sofas with their round shape which increases the comfort when it comes to posture; reclining sofas that are used primarily for relaxation, and are usually large due to the mechanics of the folding system within their structure- the sofa cleaning services cater to them all. From futons where it’s a mattress that is rolled up and stored within the sofa frame, and makes a convenient bed for visitors especially when there is limited space; the pull-out couch where also converts into a bed; the humped camelback sofa that derives its name from the animal its design resembles, our sofa cleaning crew will be up to the task. Do you have a cabriole sofa that became popular during the first half of the 18th century during the era of King Louis XV, and whose design includes legs with an outwards curvature and an exposed wooden frame, setting a refined look in the interior space? You may even have a chaise lounge, where you kick back to relax with a novel. Chaise lounges are particularly popular for the master bedroom, and are also set up on poolsides.  The different kinds of sets each have their sofa cleaning requirements, and you can rest assured that our personnel will give yours quality care.

Getting it done right

Hiring rookie companies for the sofa cleaning job winds up being more trouble than its worth. By cutting corners and taking shortcuts, they may get through all the furniture faster than you can even vacuum- but at what price? The sofa is left too wet, such that it takes days to dry. The stains barely budge, and the dirt that had been pushed deeper into the cushions simply resurfaces, and more builds up on it. That’s just on the quality of the rookie sofa cleaning results. Issues like harsh chemicals that are used, plus outrightly incompatible formulations, can end up ruining the upholstery. Discolouration, corrosion, and weakening of the fibres can result. In a bid to offer rock-bottom prices, aspects like insurance are looked over. Basically, in case of any damage to your property during the sofa cleaning, you are left with a huge repair bill, and no legal recourse for compensation. You don’t want things to turn out this way. With professional sofa cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about this. We have invested in a highly trained crew and state-of-the-art sofa cleaning equipment. Our personnel also have years of experience in the industry, applying this expertise to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken for your particular furniture. A lot of detail goes into the sofa cleaning, from ensuring the right products that are safe for your set are used, to the treatments that will get rid of those stubborn dirt spots and stains without ruining the upholstery, all through to the rinsing and extraction, where the bulk of the moisture content gets removed in order to cut down the amount of time that the sofa takes to dry from days to mere hours. In fact you can get to use the sofa within the same afternoon it has been worked on. 

Our sofa cleaning services are fully insured. The coverage takes into account our personnel, the equipment that is used for the process, and your property as well. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re covered in case of any eventuality.

Restoring The Glamour To Your Sofa

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