Setting a Clean And Fresh Space With Quality Upholstery Cleaning Services

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Setting a Clean And Fresh Space With Quality Upholstery Cleaning Services

Setting a Clean And Fresh Space With Quality Upholstery Cleaning Services

What does your home say about you? What image do the guests coming over form about your personality? It can be anything from your friends and relatives dropping by, to that dashing date who you’ve been keen on impressing. Certainly, you want them to find you in a clean and hygienic space, where they can relax in. 

Regardless of the make-up of the furniture, from the fibre and weave construction, to the fabric protectors that have been applied onto it, there will inevitably be soiling accumulating on the unit. Certainly, the fabric protectors ward off the grime that would have penetrated much deeper into the upholstery, but it simply postpones the inevitable. As the grime continues piling up, a deep cleaning will be required to protect the unit. 

The soiling particles are gritty, abrading the upholstery and causing it to wear down. Spills from the occasional drink spills seep into the absorbent foam and padding, forming stains that can be problematic to remove. The bacteria that feed on the decaying organic matter, substances like sweat and body oils that gradually discolour the sofa fabric – they all contribute to ruining the elegance of furniture set. The longer that the spot is allowed to remain unattended to, the greater the scope of the deterioration, which is certainly not a fate that you want for your furniture. Flipping the cushions to hide the stains does not solve the problem. In fact, it increases the chances of the stain setting more permanently into the fabric, and being more problematic to remove. Routine vacuuming does remove the loose soiling particles, and is actually recommended. However, the occasional deep clean will still be required. 

How often do you have your sofa cleaned? Understandably, we live in a busy world. You are already preoccupied with your work life, and looking for time to have your usual activities with friends and family. Then there are those everyday chores in your household. Where do you squeeze in a monstrous cleaning job like working on the sofa? It is a laborious process, typically requiring high capacity scrubbing machinery to be used for the cleaning to be effective. After all, you don’t want a case of dirt simply being pushed deeper into the cushions. You want it to be flushed out and those stubborn stains to be removed. Without powerful cleaning equipment, you can end up spending an entire day scrubbing one unit, and still wind up with low quality results. Avoid the hassle and strain involved by outsourcing the task to professional sofa cleaners. 

Call In The Pros To Give Your Furniture A Deep Clean 

Flushing out the grime from your furniture

The very thought of what you’re sitting on when you relax on the sofa can make your skin crawl – from the sweat rubbed off people’s skin onto the upholstery, the faecal waste of dust mites feeding on the skin flakes, pet fur and dander, to spills that accelerate the microbial activity within the nooks and crannies’ of the furniture, you want them all to be got rid of. Different sofa cleaning methods are used based on the upholstery being worked on, from dry solvent cleaning, shampooing, to hot water extraction. When hiring a company to carry out the cleaning task, ensure that you have had a complete conversation about the specific types of products and processes that will be used for the cleaning, and that you get a written quotation in order for you to be certain about the specific services that you’re paying for. 

Removing tough stains

There are particularly troublesome stains that may wind up on the sofa, courtesy of the occasional drink spills. These are the likes of coffee and red wine. These create unsightly spots on the furniture, and gradually set into the material the longer that they are allowed to dwell on the sofa. Issues like ink stains can also be witnessed, or the kids spilling milk and yoghurt on the furniture, then forgetting to tell you about it until when you stumble on the spot hours later. Flipping the cushions doesn’t help either, since it just buys time for the stain to set deeper into the fabric, and become more difficult to deal with. The professionals already have the resources and expertise needed to deal with these stains, restoring the fresh look and feel to your sofa. 

What of pet stains? For those with cats and dogs, there are those unfortunate scenarios when your furry pet makes a mess. It may be a behavioural issue, the pet may not have firmly grasped its potty training, or it may even be a case of an illness or old age. After getting to the root cause of why your pet is peeing all over the property and addressing, there will still be the cleaning task that will be required. Even small urine accidents on the sofa can have pungent odours spreading through the entire living room. What’s more, urine stains actually end up smelling worse as time progresses. The urine penetrating the fibres of the upholstery also becomes more difficult to remove, requiring more than the conventional detergents. Specialised urine stain removers come into focus, but there’s more involved. Here, you want formulations that will be effective in removing the stains without damaging the upholstery itself. The professional sofa cleaners have the skills and experience needed to determine the right approach when dealing with your particular type of fabric or leather sofa, ensuring that the stain is removed without damaging the set. 

As the cleaning processes remove the grime itself, odour neutralisers come in to tackle those pungent smells. These formulations react with the odours themselves at a molecular level. This is preferable to masking agents, where you would have had cases of the smells recurring. Fragranced agents can be utilised as well, that way you get a freshly cleaned sofa with an invigorating scent for you and your family members to enjoy. 

Are you looking to hire local sofa cleaners? We’re here for you. Get in touch with us, to book an appointment that will be at a time that’s convenient for you. 

Setting a Clean And Fresh Space With Quality Upholstery Cleaning Services

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