Sofa Cleaning Ballymun

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Sofa Cleaning Ballymun

Sofa Cleaning Ballymun


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We can help! We are one of the most established sofa cleaning companies in Dublin. We have over 12 years experience in the sofa cleaning industry and we have done it all and seen it all! Sofa Cleaning Ballymun


Hire Professional Sofa Cleaners

It’s the most used furniture set, and it gathers plenty of dirt. When you return home from work, you head straight to the sofa. You entertain guests on it, and spend quality time with your family relaxing on the sofa. It is the focal point of the interior space, and where you catch the weekend league game, or curl up to read a novel. Each time people use the sofa, they leave behind skin flakes and rub body oil onto the material. The skin flakes provide nourishment to dust mites that could be residing the the sofa’s fibres in the millions. Then there are those countless times that you enjoy snacking on the sofa, as you’re watching a new movie release, or getting through an entire TV series. Food and beverage spills are inevitable, and they pile on to the gunk already building up on the sofa. Add the dust from the atmosphere, pet fur and dander, plus contaminants like cigarette smoke particles, and your sofa can be filthy. You don’t want it to lose its beauty and sheen, and become dull and forlorn. Turn to the sofa cleaning professionals to protect your investment. Sofa Cleaning Ballymun


In business premises, a similar scenario is witnessed. The sofas in the reception area, employee lounges and even in the office rooms are used often. From customers waiting to be served, to people relaxing during their lunch break, the sofa picks up dirt and grime. The rate of soiling is higher because of the numerous people using the establishment. You don’t want your employees complaining of the poor conditions of the workplace furniture. Your customers will turn away from your enterprise once they find the sofas are dirty and stained. It portrays a negative image about your business. Enhance the ambience of the workplace by hiring the sofa cleaning experts. Sofa Cleaning Ballymun


The Value Of Using Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Proficiency and expertise

Sofa cleaning is a delicate job. Most DIY tasks end up over-wetting the sofa. This causes a wide range of problems, from leaving residue on the sofa, causing the material to shrink or colour bleed, and increasing the drying time. This increases the chances of mould and mildew growth. Then there’s the risk of using the wrong cleaning agents, which can break down the fibres, and cause the sofa to lose its structural integrity. Avoid all the trouble by getting the professionals to take the load off your back. They have years of experience and a wide knowledge pool on handling the different types of sofas. Our sofa cleaning personnel work on all kinds of material, from fabric sofas like wool and chenille, to the leather sofas. They know the appropriate amount of cleaning solution to use, and the precise processes to follow to get rid of the dirt and stains, while protecting the sofa itself. Sofa Cleaning Ballymun


2. High quality equipment

Our sofa cleaning personnel come with superior equipment that gets even the deeply ingrained dirt from the sofa. The cleaning solutions used break down the stubborn set-in stains and leave the sofa clean and fresh. The personnel eliminate everything from the dust coatings, food crumbs in crevices, and insects’ body fragments, to coffee, tea, wine and juice spills, and even urine stains from your pet. The sofa cleaning solutions eliminate the odour by getting rid of the source, enabling your household members at home, plus employees and customers at the workplace, to enjoy the furniture. Powerful suction removes most of the moisture from the sofa, with the remainder drying in 1 hour. Proper ventilation, fans or air conditioning can further speed up the drying process. Sofa Cleaning Ballymun


3. Creates a healthy space

The loose dirt particles in the sofa can get inhaled, causing coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and triggering allergic reactions in people using the sofa. The body waste from insects and organisms like dust mites can exacerbate respiratory problems, and cause skin irritation. Enhance the health and hygiene of your establishment by getting rid of the contaminants and pathogens in the sofa. The cleaning solutions and machinery used extract them all together with the soiling, making the sofa safe for anyone relaxing on it. Sofa Cleaning Ballymun


4. Eco-friendly sofa cleaning

Everything is connected to the environment, and all our practices are designed to join global concerted efforts in protecting Mother Nature. The cleaning solutions used are safe for the ecosystems around your residential and commercial property, and can be safely used around your kids and pets. Sofa Cleaning Ballymun


Book Your Sofa Cleaning

Give us a call today. We’d love to hear from you. Let us take care of your fabric and leather sofa cleaning needs. Our services are affordable, and the pricing is particular to every unique situation, taking in factors such as sofa type and set size. Sofa Cleaning Ballymun

Sofa Cleaning Ballymun – Professional sofa cleaning services for less!

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