Sofa Cleaning Celbridge

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Sofa Cleaning Celbridge

Sofa Cleaning Celbridge

Book our sofa cleaning services online or just give us a call. We are fully insured and highly recommended. Our prices for sofa cleaning start from only 20€ for armchairs, 40€ for 2 seat sofas, 60€ for 3 seat sofas & 75€ for L shape sofas.

Our commercial sofa cleaning services are highly popular with the pubs, restaurants, schools, hair saloons, etc. We also deal with a huge number of regular domestic sofa cleaning customers. Sofa Cleaning Celbridge


Expert Sofa Cleaning Services That You Can Rely On

Your sofa can make you sick. It contains all kinds of dirt and gunk, from dust to smoke particles floating in the air that settle on it. Skin flakes being shed by people using the sofa nourish the millions of dust mites in its fibres. The organisms leave behind faecal residue that can get onto the sin and cause irritation. Food crumbs in the sofa attract insects, which leave waste and body fragments in the furniture. The loose particles get raised into the air when the sofa is agitated- like when you sit on it, your kids play, or as your furry friend rubs its head against the cushions. When the particles are inhaled, they cause numerous problems like coughing, sneezing, irritating the throat or eyes, and causing nasal stuffiness. They trigger allergic reactions and exacerbate conditions like asthma. In case there’s mould and mildew growing in the sofa, the spores they release can cause irritation, while the mycotoxins lead to damage of the nervous system. Avoid these health problems by calling in the sofa cleaning professionals. Our personnel disinfect the sofa, getting rid of the microorganisms, and also remove the organic matter attracting them, thus enhancing the health of your furniture.


You also want to enjoy your sofa for longer. After all, you invested a lot in getting a great looking sofa that blends with the décor of the interior space. The dirt and grime wear down the fibres of the material, damaging the structural integrity of the furniture and reducing its lifespan. The fibres of fabric sofa and the protective coating of the leather sofa are worn down. This makes them less resistant to soiling and degradation from elements like the sun’s radiation. Your sofa dulls and ages faster. Since its one of the most used furniture sets in domestic and commercial properties, the soiling can cause it to lose its beauty and value rapidly, affecting the rest of the décor. Hire professional sofa cleaning services to protect your investment. Sofa Cleaning Celbridge


Advantages Of Expert Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Effective cleaning

Our sofa cleaning personnel comes with top-of-the-range equipment and solutions for professional results. They remove all kinds of dirt from your sofa, from the heavy soiling brought by your kids and pets playing on the sofa, to the set-in stains from wine, coffee, juice or soda spills. The deep cleaning gets rid of the skin flakes, pet fur and dander, and organisms like dust mites thriving in the furniture. This brings a clean and fresh look and feel your sofa. The sofa impacts the rest of the ambience, hence having it cleaned enables you to spruce up the décor of your premises. You’ll be able to host guests in your come confidently without worrying about dirtied and stained furniture, and the customers and employees in your business establishment will be able to use the sofas comfortably. Sofa Cleaning Celbridge


2. Time convenience

Sofa cleaning is an involving process. You don’t want to spend your day-off or Saturday afternoon shifting around furniture in your home, or dealing with heavy machinery. There’s the additional risk of using harmful cleaning products. The sofa material is delicate, and the wrong agents can corrode and damage the fibres, or cause it to lose its colour. Let us take the load off your back. Our sofa cleaning personnel come with experience and optimal tools for the job. We handle both fabric and leather sofa cleaning, and know the right treatments for all kinds of material. You can rest assured that your sofa is in safe hands. The cleaning process in also carried out in a timely fashion, to allow you to resume your normal daily activities. Powerful suction is used to remove the water content from the sofa, to enable it to dry in just 1 hour. Sofa Cleaning Celbridge


3. Environmentally-friendly processes

We use processes and solutions that are safe for Mother Nature, from the cleaning all through to the waste disposal. They are also safe to be used around children and pets. This reduces your carbon footprint, and contributes towards global efforts of preserving the environment. Sofa Cleaning Celbridge


4. Competitive prices

We want to ensure you’re satisfied, and part of that involves offering you affordable services. You get to have a clean sofa without breaking the bank. The pricing factors in your particular situation, such as the type of sofa you have, and the size of the set. Sofa Cleaning Celbridge


Give us a call and we’ll restore your sofa to the beauty and sheen you desire.

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