Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

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Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

Sofa cleaning was never as affordable like now! The quality of sofa cleaning was never as high as now! The range of sofa cleaning shampoos was never as good as now! Here is a list of our sofa cleaning services:

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Free estimates for commercial sofa cleaning & domestic sofa cleaning services!

Protect Your Investment With Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

How clean is your sofa? Considering that it is the most frequently used furniture item in the home, it’s bound to build up dirt and grime. You relax on it every day after work and during the weekends. You host guests on it, and curl up with your favourite novel during those quiet hours of the day. As you snack while watching a late night movie or hanging out with your date in the evening, some crumbs will fall to the sofa. In business areas, the scenario is similar, and the rate of soiling is higher. The numerous people using your sofa in the waiting area, reception, or even the employee lounge, all contribute to the grime in the sofa. People naturally shed skin flakes, with a single individual producing enough to in a day to feed a million dust mites. Add hair treatments that get rubbed onto the sofa, dirt from items like hand bags that are laid on the furniture, and you have a cocktail of all kinds of gunk. Hire expert sofa cleaning services to get the filth out of your sofa. Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

A dirty sofa is uncomfortable to use. It’s an eyesore, and the odours make it unbearable. Coming home to stains on your favourite sofa can be frustrating. Your employees won’t be able to concentrate on their activities in a dirty environment. You don’t want customers in your business premises standing because they are pensive about using the sofa. Restore the comfort and elegance in your premises by hiring professional sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

Why Sofa Cleaning Is Important To Your Health

With the amount of time you spend on the sofa you can end up inhaling the dust and loose debris. They get raised into the air each time you sit on it, or the kids and pets play around on the cushions. These particles irritate the airways and trigger allergic reactions. People can start coughing, sneezing, or having watery eyes. Pollen in the sofa plus cigarette smoke particles can also get into your system, and lead to health complications. The deep sofa cleaning carried out removes all this particulate matter, hence enhancing the health of the sofa. Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

The organic content in your sofa provides nourishment for bacteria and microorganisms like dust mites. The bacteria feed on the decaying food crumbs and insect droppings, while the mites are particularly fond of the skin flakes people using the sofa are constantly shedding. These increase the risk of contamination. In addition, the faecal residue left behind by the dust mites causes skin irritation. It may be why you keep scratching yourself each time you’re on the sofa. The professional sofa cleaning team removes both the organisms and the organic matter sustaining them on your furniture. Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

Extra Benefits Of Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Fast results

Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to deliver quality results in the shortest time possible. They get to the deeply embedded soiling and the hard-to-reach areas in your sofa, and the cleaning solutions easily break down the stubborn stains and heavy soiling. The drying time is also reduced to 1 hour. This cuts down the amount of interruption to your daily activities, and enables you to resume using the sofa quickly. Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

2. Prolong the life of the sofa

The gritty soiling wears down the fibres of the sofa. Abrasion occurs whenever there is friction, like when people sit on it, or when your kids or pets play and roll over the sofa. Our personnel remove all the dirt and grime, eliminating the problem from the source. Leather sofas are additionally conditioned, which increases their durability and water resistance. You get to enjoy your sofa for longer, and it also protects its warranty. Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

3. Eco-friendly processes

Our fabric and leather sofa cleaning services use products and systems that pose no risk to Mother Nature. You get to have a clean and fresh sofa without harming the ecosystem around you. Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

4. Cost effective

Our pricing is structured competitively to enable you to make savings and get the most out of our services. They are affordable and tailored to suit your particular situation such as the type and set size of the sofa. Sofa Cleaning Churchtown

Get in touch with us. Protect your investment by letting our professional sofa cleaning team take care of it for you.

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