Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh

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Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh

Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh


Sofa cleaning was never so affordable like now. Our minimum order is 50€ per job and our sofa cleaning prices start from 20€ for 1 seat sofa, 40€ for 2 seat sofa, 60€ for 3 seat sofa & 75€ for 4 seat sofa.

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Domestic And Commercial Sofa Cleaning Services You Can Trust

The look and feel of the sofa affects the ambience of the rest of the establishment. If it’s dull, the house looks and feels dingy. If the sofa is stained, your business premises will be taken to be unkempt. You want to have a relaxing ambience at home. You don’t want to come from work to start battling odours from the sofa. You want your guests to be able to sit back and relax, without worrying about stains getting transferred to their clothes. Your customers on your business premises will have a negative perception of the services you have to offer if they find dirty and stained sofas in the reception area. Your employees also want a conducive environment to work in and relax during their coffee breaks, and that won’t be possible if there are odours coming from the sofa in the employee lounge. Fix all this by getting professional sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh


A dirty sofa racks up your medical costs. From the allergens in the fibres to the pathogens it holds, the sofa is a bacteria hotspot. Some strains of bacteria such as C-diff can live on your sofa for months, A sick household member or person on your premises using the sofa, can have coughed onto the furniture, leaving behind the microbes. There’s also substances such as dust and pollen on the sofa that irritate the airways and can trigger asthma attacks. Not to mention cigarette smoke particles that get into the sofa, especially when there’s a smoker in the building. Protect your household members and persons in your business premises by scheduling regular sofa cleaning appointments. Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh


Advantages Of Turning To Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Power tools for a quality clean

The equipment that our sofa cleaning team uses is highly effective, getting rid of even the deeply emedded soiling, plus the crumbs stuck in the crevices and per fur adhered to the surface; and also efficiecnt, reducing the total amount of time taken to complete the cleaning task. Even the dry time of the sofa is fast- under 1 hour. In addition to the convenience that this holds, it also prevents fungi like mould and mildew from growing on the sofa. The fast acting solutions break down the stains in your sofa, from the wine, juice and coffee stains to ink blots and urine stains caused by your pet. This brings back the beauty and lustre of your sofa. The solutions will get rid of the odours, and enable you to be able to relax comfortably in your sofa. Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh


2. Safe sofa cleaning

Our fabric sofa cleaning team is well-versed with the different kinds of material out there. They come with the experience and equipment necessary to handle your particular kind of sofa, whether it is wool, silk, cotton, vinyl, nylon, rayon or even polyester. The appropriate treatment regimen will be applied, eliminating the dirt and stains wile simultaneously preserving the fibres of the material. Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh


When it comes to leather sofas, there are over 300 types of tanneries. The material is sensitive, and reacts to the cleaning agents used. You want the appropriate treatments to be given to your particular type of leather, whether it’s aniline, semi-aniline, suede, top coat, an oil-wax pull up, nubuck, two tone, or even a mottled and antique-finished sofa. Our leather sofa cleaning team will apply the right procedure and products on your furniture, and also condition it, to enhance its life and protect it from damage. Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh


3. Set the scene with green sofa cleaning products

We are active in our role in conserving the environment. After all, future generations are depending on all of our joint efforts to protect Mother Nature. We want to keep the environment serene by going green as we get your sofa clean. The products and equipment used are safe for the biodiversity around your establishment. In addition, the sofa cleaning systems don’t affect the indoor air quality in your home or office space. Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh


4. Budget friendly services

Our sofa cleaning services are affordable. You get high quality results without straining your budget. There are no hidden costs, and you’ll know beforehand the exact costs of the entire process. Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh

Get professional sofa cleaning tailored to your needs. Book your appointment online, or get in touch with us on our phone line. We’re waiting for your call. Sofa Cleaning Clonskeagh


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