Sofa Cleaning Company In Dublin

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Sofa Cleaning Company In Dublin

Sofa Cleaning Company In Dublin

The surfaces in your home may be spotlessly clean, but your sofa still hoards dirt, mould and allergens that could make you sick. Have you thought about what is lurking in those cushions? This is not about the loose coins or remote control that occasionally get lost in the sofa. The really gross gunk that gets into the nooks and crannies of the set, adhering to the upholstery and the foam core. Skin flakes, dust mites and their droppings, pet dander, faecal waste of the insects and rodents coming to feed on the food crumbs getting deposited into the material, and even cases of spider webs being spun by the arachnid- the sofa can hold them all. What’s worse is that it stays for long without being cleaned. Many just deal with spills when they form, but fail to give the sofa a thorough wash. Indoor allergens resulting in symptoms like coughing, sneezing and eye irritation pile up in the material. When you pat the sofa and a big could of dust rises, there’s still plenty more in the upholstery. One may end up assuming they have hay fever, yet it’s simply reacting to the dust mite waste and pet dander that is accumulating in the soft furnishings. That section of the sofa where your cat or dog likes to lie down can be so concentrated with the dander, that you will have a more severe reaction resting on it than if you directly buried your face in the animal’s fur. Moreover, just because you don’t have a pet doesn’t mean that there won’t be dander. Visitors coming in can have brought it stuck onto their clothes. Mould issues, skin irritation- these are not the living conditions you want. Call in the sofa cleaning experts to give your installation a thorough wash.

Catering to all sofas

Chaise lounges that are decorative addition to the room, and whose history can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians with their primitive palm stalk lounges held together with cord and rawhide, the Greeks who refined their day beds into the lounges, and the Romans who had a ‘lectus’ where they could recline during their banquets, and modern chaise lounges are usually in the bedroom or other areas where the main goal is relaxation; camelback sofas that have their roots in the 18th century Great Britain and are named so for their back which has arches resembling a camel’s humps; the birch-arm sofa with its casual and subtle feel and its design enables it to blend with any decor; English roll-arm sofas that have their distinctive rounded arms and a tight back, plus the plush and loose cushions- and first become popular in the early 1900s, being set up in country manors around Britain; the Mid-century moderns sofa that features sleek lines, plus a wide range of colours from bold that makes an impression on one the moment they walk into the room, to neutral that blends in with the rest of the furnishings; the Lawson sofa that is more cushioned for enhanced comfort; the chesterfield which was originally designed to enable people to sit upright- yet comfortable- without their clothes wrinkling; to the sectional sofa that usually comes in U-shape or L-shape – we clean them all. Our crew will be sure to give your set an in-depth wash, removing the dirt and grime buried within the material.

Protect your sofa

The dirt and grime is a threat to your set. Those particles are abrasive, and wear down the fibres of the upholstery. Since the sofa experiences heavy usage, the rate of soiling increases, together with the wearing down effects. Getting rid of the grime, which is the source of the problem, enables you to maintain the structural integrity of the material. Sometimes the gunk attracts agents that can do more damage to the upholstery. For instance, those food crumbs piling up in the cushions can be a magnet for mice. The rodents chew on the material as they try to pry out the crumbs, and not to forget that they have sharp claws too. As a result, the upholstery gets ruined, and you end up having to spend heavily on the repairs. This is avoided by carrying out routine sofa cleaning.

Bring back the beauty to your set

You want to have an elegant and appealing interior. One that you can be proud of sand confidently host guests in. You don’t want to come home to a soiled sofa, that fouls your mood the moment your eyes land on it. It takes away your peace of mind, especially with the constant nagging thought of the chores that need to be attended to. What of the guests coming over? What will your friends and family- or that dashing date whom you’ve been trying to impress, think of you when they find the place in a dilapidated state? What of the ever-critical in-laws? You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you have to explain embarrassing situations. Sometimes the sofa gets so soiled that their original appearance cannot be remembered- the owners becoming shocked with the transformation after a professional cleaning has been carried out. The dirt and grime dulling the set, those stains that are riddling the upholstery and ruining the colourations and patterns- they are all got rid of. Done regularly, this extends the durability of your furniture, allowing you to enjoy it all through its life in your establishment.

Improve your indoor air quality

The odours that are making your sofa unusable are got rid of using powerful neutralisers, which make them inert at a molecular level. This is different from using masking agents, which just hide the smell but upon dissipation the odour still lingers. With our processes, you won’t have to worry about that. What’s more, the actual source of the odours, be it the organic residue decomposing within the upholstery all through to issues like pet urine stains, are got rid of. Thus, the odour is completely removed. In addition, our crew can use fragranced products upon request. These leave an invigorating scent behind, accentuating the interior space. You also won’t have to worry about toxic agents being used for the processes. Ours is eco-friendly sofa cleaning, with the products and systems that are employed being safe for the persons on the premises, and Mother Nature as a whole. There is also no chemical residue left on the sofa after it has been worked on, which prevents rapid resoiling, keeping it cleaner for longer.

Sofa Cleaning Company In Dublin

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