Sofa Cleaning Cost Breakdown: Know What You Are Paying For

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Sofa Cleaning Cost Breakdown: Know What You Are Paying For

Sofa Cleaning Cost Breakdown: Know What You Are Paying For

Different sofa cleaning companies have different prices for their services. How much you pay for the cleaning depends on a number of things like the size of the couch and the type of cleaning services. And while the results and value speak for themselves, a lot of home owners consider doing DIY sofa and upholstery cleaning in order to save an extra buck or two. 

Now we will not go into the many reasons why cleaning your sofa yourself over getting a professional is such a bad idea. However, we will discuss exactly what it is you are paying for with each quote when working with professional sofa cleaning businesses. That way, you will see just how much investing in getting the job professionally done is worth it. 

Let’s dive right into it and see what exactly it is that you are paying your sofa cleaning crew for.

Where is your money going?


  • Manpower


This applies mainly when it comes to labor intensive couch cleaning jobs. Maybe you want an entire set of sofas clean. It could also be that you need them moved off-site for the job. In such cases, it will take a larger crew who must all be compensated for the work. 

The good news is that with a larger team, the work gets done faster and you can have your couch back home and ready to lounge on in no time. 


  • Expertise


There is so much more to couch cleaning than simply wetting, scrubbing, rinsing, and drying. Every single couch is different and therefore requires specialized care. It could be anything from delicate materials and unique stains to the sofa’s age that determine how it should be handled. 

Their experience and knowledge makes professional cleaning companies best suited for the job as they know how to treat each couch as an individual project. 


  • High quality equipment


Decent sofa cleaning crews use very high tech equipment for the many different cleaning methods. These are machines that would either be too expensive or generally unwise to purchase for a do it yourself sofa cleaning project. 

By working with professionals, you get access to the machines for high quality results. 


  • Water and electricity


This is something cleaning crews factor in based on the type of cleaning method required for the specific couch. Some methods including encapsulating and hot water extraction use a lot of water as compared to methods like dry cleaning. Others like steam cleaning need power to run the machines used which also factors into the final price you will have to pay. 


  • Exhaustible cleaning materials


This includes things like fabric shampoos and conditioners, bleaching agents, and whatever other products are required to give your couch a new lease on life. As with the equipment, it would not be the wisest idea to purchase these items on your own. 

First off, they are very expensive and it is easier for the companies to get them in bulk. Second of all, you will hardly ever use them as you only deep clean a couch about once to three times a year. It is therefore best to just work with a professional crew and enjoy the convenience of access to the products. 


  • Professionalism


When working with a sofa cleaning service, you are also paying for professionalism and ethics. This is why it is best to go with average priced crews you can trust than unusually cheap cleaners with shady records. 

Remember that you are going to be trusting strangers with your personal space. The last thing you want is that kind of power in the wrong hands. With all this in mind, it is best to just work with actual professionals you can count on. 


  • Guaranteed results


Finally, you pay for sofa cleaning because the results are more or less guaranteed to be awesome as long as you work with a trustworthy crew. This is unlike going the do it yourself route where you never really know what you will end up with.

So if you want fast, high quality results then you will have to pay for it. 

How to ensure you get full value for your investment

Now that you know what you are paying for, you are probably wondering how you can get the most out of the investment. Well, here are 3 super simple tips that should help you get great returns from going with a professional crew.


  • Go with a reputable cleaning crew


As with any other investment, you deserve full value for your money. That is where working with a crew who knows what they are doing becomes so important. They will offer you the best expertise as well as cleaning equipment to ensure that your couch gets the very best treatment. 



  • Understand your couch


Every couch is different. The needs of an old one are not those of a brand new set. The material also matters a lot. Understanding your sofa’s needs puts you in the best position to find specialized services with guaranteed good results. You can use this information to narrow it down to businesses that specialize in whatever specific needs you have whether it is restoration of old pieces or cleaning delicate materials. 


  • Don’t wait too long between cleaning sessions


It may seem unusual but you save money by spending it when it comes to services like sofa cleaning. If you put off getting the sofa cleaned for a very long time, it will only cost you more when it is time to actually get it done. This is because at this time it needs a lot more care and effort to restore it to its former glory. however, if you stick to a routine with regular cleaning, you may not even have to invest in expensive services and could get away with simple cleaning on a regular basis. 

Bottom line

Now that you know what you are paying for, it should be easier for you to get on board with the idea of going professional with your sofa cleaning needs. It is truly the best way to do your couch justice. 

Sofa Cleaning Cost Breakdown: Know What You Are Paying For

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