Sofa Cleaning Costs: What Determines The Price

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Sofa Cleaning Costs: What Determines The Price

Sofa Cleaning Costs: What Determines The Price

We have all had those moments when it feels like our couches are out to embarrass us. It could be anything from a weird smell to a stain than just won’t go away. Investing in sofa cleaning then becomes something you cannot afford to ignore. 

After all is said and done, the small investment you have to make in order to get your couch back in pristine shape is more than worth it. You just have to pick the right crew to work with. 

There are also many ways to save money on a sofa cleaning company as a home owner. To do this, you have to understand exactly what determines the amount of money you will end up paying. Here are 7 of these factors. 

What determines the price of sofa cleaning?


  • In house vs. take away


A lot of sofa cleaning businesses base their quotes on the location where the cleaning will be done. It is often cheaper to have it cleaned on-site whether it is your home or office space. However, this will mean you have to holt traffic to the room or facilitate having it moved outdoors. 

The other option is getting the sofa collected, cleaned by the crew at their site, then delivered back to you. This works with businesses where you cannot afford to have a space non-functional. However, it will cost you more for the additional pick up and drop off services. 


  • The type of material


Every sofa material is different and needs different levels of care when cleaning. It also determines the methods that could be used by the crew to clean it properly. In this case, any material like leather or wool that requires extra special care or unique cleaning materials and techniques may end up costing you more. However, it is safe to say that the investment is worth it because improper handling of these upholstery materials could leave your sofa permanently damaged. 

On the other hand, regular materials like polyester and other synthetic options are often easier to clean. As a result, cleaning companies that factor in material type are more likely to charge less to work on them.


  • How much do you want it cleaned?


Is it a simple surface wiping to remove dust? Is it vacuuming to get rid of the little particles who call your couch home? Or is it a proper deep cleaning with steam cleaning, soap soaking, and the whole works?

The type of services you want will definitely determine the final price tag. It goes without saying that the deeper the cleaning, the more the services will cost. However, you can take comfort in the fact that though deep cleaning is expensive, it is one of those things you do not have to do very often. In fact, you can get away with a once or twice a year cleaning. 


  • Size and/or number of units


If you are planning on getting a single sofa cleaned, the main determining factor here will be the size. These usually fall within the standard price level with most businesses offering a narrow price range for the same cleaning services given the size. 

However, when it comes to sofa sets, there are major differences with all the other factors mentioned coming in. The size and the number are the most important with larger sets inevitably costing significantly more. 


  • Cleaning equipment and materials used


If you choose to work with a high end sofa cleaning company, you are pretty much guaranteed that you will be getting great quality services. This is mainly because they use very good quality cleaning products and state of the art machinery. 

The amount of water required in the cleaning process may also indirectly determine how much you have to pay. Methods like foam cleaning and dry cleaning that use very little water often end up being cheaper than other methods like hot water extraction that uses a lot of water. 

In addition to ensuring your couch is left completely spotless, these methods used are designed to be safe for the couch. This minimizes wear and tear from frequent deep cleaning leaving you with a good looking couch for a very long time.



Whether you choose to have your couch cleaned in your home or at a different location, your distance from the cleaning crew may play a role in determining how much you end up paying. However, this is very rarely the case as most upholstery cleaning companies limit their operations to a specific distance radius.


  • Inhouse policies from the cleaning company


Sometimes, you can never really place a finger on exactly what drives the price up or down when working with carpet cleaning businesses. This is because they have their own in-house ways of determining the value of their services. 

However, it is important to keep an eye out for scams. This will require active market research to determine the average prices in your area. If a business is either charging too much or too little without any logical explanation, then you might want to avoid them as this is often a sign of sofa cleaning scams.

How to save money when getting your sofa professionally cleaned

It seems like a paradox to imagine the thought of saving money while spending it. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just do the sofa cleaning yourself? The answer is no. DIY upholstery cleaning often ends up costing you more with the almost inevitable damage caused in the process. 

Therefore, if you want to save money, the best thing to do is find the best sofa cleaning company near you. This is not only about convenient proximity but also finding a crew that knows what they are doing and have both the skills and professionalism to get the job done right. 

That way, you will not only get value for your money but you will also save on unnecessary spending including repairs and repeat cleaning.

Bottom line

Getting your sofa professionally cleaned is the best way to ensure high quality and lasting results. Now that you know what determines most of the charges, you will be in a better position to find bargains without compromising on quality. 

Sofa Cleaning Costs: What Determines The Price

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