Sofa Cleaning Dalkey

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Sofa Cleaning Dalkey

Sofa Cleaning Dalkey

Eco friendly sofa cleaning services available for much less than you think. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning – 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning – 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning – 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning – 75€


Protect Your Investment With Expert Sofa Cleaning Services

Dirty sofas are exasperating. They ruin your mood, and embarrass you in front of your guests. It’s awkward when your in-laws come over into your home, and the first thing they ask is if the sofa is safe to sit on. No, they are not provoking you- they are legitimately worried about the stains or pet fur on the furniture getting transferred to their clothes. The cleaning process is also long and tedious and there’s the risk of using the wrong chemicals, which can corrode the material of the sofa. You don’t want to spend an entire afternoon on your day-off working on the sofa, and getting unsatisfactory results. Avoid the trouble by hiring our professional sofa cleaning personnel. Sofa Cleaning Dalkey


The dirty sofa even puts your health on the line. Contaminants and allergens on its surface can get onto your skin and cause rashes, or get into your respiratory system causing throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, and even triggering asthma attacks. Pathogens can be quickly spread to different people using the sofa, especially after they’ve been coughed or sneezed onto the surface. You need the right products and processes to restore the health and hygiene of your furniture. Call in our sofa cleaning experts. Sofa Cleaning Dalkey


Benefits Of Turning To Our Sofa Cleaning Team

1. Quality services for a worry-free sofa

We employ high standard sofa equipment and products, to remove the dirt and grime from your furniture, and bring back the look and feel you desire. Our experienced team gets rid of everything, from the ordinary dust, to the insect body fragments embedded in the crevices of the furniture. Skin flakes, pet fur and dander, wine, tea, coffee, juice and even urine stains caused by your furry friend are all eliminated. You’ll no longer be frustrated by coming home to a smelly and dingy sofa, or worried about how you’ll hide the stains and ink blots on the cushions each time you’re hosting guests. Sofa Cleaning Dalkey


2. Get more out of your sofa

It will be with you for the long haul, and you want to ensure you enjoy it throughout its lifespan. The sofa cleaning services enable you to enhance the elegance of the furniture, which reflects onto the rest of the premises. You will impress your guests at home, and give customers on your business establishment a positive perception about your enterprise. It will also lengthen the life of the sofa, giving you more value for your investment. Sofa Cleaning Dalkey


3. Fabric and leather professional cleaning

Our professional sofa cleaning staff will inspect the material of your furniture, plus the soiling involved, and determine how best to remove the dirt and stains, while protecting the underlying fibres of the material. The fabric sofa cleaning team will get the soiling and stains out of your cotton, wool, silk, rayon, polyester, acrylic, acetate and even nylon sofas. The absorbent nature of the fabric sofas makes the stains and odours to get embedded to the fibres, but our personnel will use products specially formulated for your particular type of furniture, to eliminate the grime without affecting the material itself. Sofa Cleaning Dalkey


You want to restore your leather furniture to its original showroom condition. Leather reacts like skin to pH variations, and you’ll want only the right products to be used for your set. There are different kinds of leather sofas, such as nubuck, pigmented and aniline, and they require specific cleaning agents. Our leather sofa cleaning personnel will apply the appropriate treatment, and also condition the leather to restore its soft and supple feel. Sofa Cleaning Dalkey


4. Environmentally friendly sofa cleaning

We believe that embracing a green lifestyle today reduces your carbon footprint, and creates a better world for tomorrow’s generation. Hence, our sofa cleaning personnel comes on site with eco-friendly products and equipment, which provide thorough results without harming Mother Nature. In addition, your home’s or business’ indoor air quality is preserved. Sofa Cleaning Dalkey


5. Affordable solutions

Our sofa cleaning services are budget friendly. They are also tailored to your particular situation, which covers the seater-number of your specific set, and if you have a couple of sets in your establishment. There are no hidden charges, and you’ll know the exact cost beforehand. Sofa Cleaning Dalkey


Let us take care of your sofa cleaning needs. Book your appointment today online, from your home or office. Give us a call on our phone line and let us address your concerns and queries. Sofa Cleaning Dalkey

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