Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7

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Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7

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  1. Innovative eco sofa cleaning shampoos
  2. Hot water extraction system from Prochem
  3. Residential & commercial sofa cleaning 
  4. Powerful stain removers and quality protectors
  5. Over 17 years experience within the trade
  6. Highly skilled specialists with years of experience
  7. Low prices and top quality results guaranteed

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7 | Why Us

Not all sofas are the same so not all sofas are deep cleaned the same way. To understand the difference between hundreds of types of material, you need experience. So to be sure your sofa is in good hands, when your next sofa cleaning project is due, you call Sofa Cleaning Dublin. A team of highly skilled sofa cleaning specialists happy to contract any size and any type of commercial sofa cleaning and residential sofa cleaning projects. We are flexible, easy to deal with and highly rated by all our clients. Our online booking system enables our customers to book sofa cleaning online without having to call anyone. We are very customer oriented and we will do our best to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7 | Sofa Cleaning Shampoos & Waxes

Sofa Cleaning Dublin specializes in deep sofa cleaning services, fabric sofa cleaning, leather sofa cleaning services & protectors. We are one of the very few 100% eco-friendly sofa cleaning companies in Ireland. When deep cleaning fabric sofas, we are likely to use Craftex or Cleanfast sofa cleaning shampoos. When cleaning leather sofas, we are likely to use Prochem leather cleaners and conditioners. Either way, we will be using some of the most efficient and greenest sofa cleaning products available.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7 | Prices

The prices for sofa cleaning can vary from job to job and month to month. Due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the prices of fuel went up 50% and the prices of the cleaning shampoos increased also. These price rises will affect the final cost. Right now, we charge 30 euro per seat. We have a minimum charge of 60 euro per project. Book a number of items to include carpet cleaning + sofa cleaning + mattress cleaning and save over 30% as a package deal. Sofa Cleaning Dublin is one of the busiest sofa cleaning companies in Ireland. Our customers recommend us because of our easy booking system, quick response and premium quality work and results.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7 | Commercial & Domestic Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Dublin is a well established sofa cleaning company with over 17 years experience. Like any other professional sofa cleaning contractor, we do offer residential sofa cleaning services and commercial sofa cleaning services. We are happy to deal with small sofa cleaning projects or large theaters and pubs. We can deal with any special requirements and we are very competitive in pricing. We use some of the most advanced Prochem sofa cleaning machines capable of extracting over 98% of the water used to shampoo the sofa. A sofa deep cleaned by Sofa Cleaning Dublin will dry faster, will look cleaner & will feel softer. 

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7 | Stain Removing

Removing a deep impregnated stain from a sofa is not an easy task. You want the stain removed in full, but you also want it done without damaging the sensitive fiber. With Sofa Cleaning Dublin you are in good hands. We use Craftex spot & stain removers. We have at least one stain remover for any type of project. While some stains can be removed in full, others cannot and will only be made less visible. But we will inform you in good time what is or is not possible.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7 | Insurance

Dealing with chemicals of any type and sensitive fibers can be risky. Reactions can sometimes happen and regardless of how many years of experience you have, accidents can happen. But if you are dealing with Sofa Cleaning Dublin you are guaranteed to be covered by our fully comprehensive insurance. If the worst ever happens, we will replace your sofa with a new one in no time.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7 | Drying Times

While we estimate that most of the sofas cleaned by us will fully dry within 2-4 hours, some sofas can take longer and some could dry faster. There are a number of factors that will affect the drying time:

Ventilation : homes or commercial units with little or no ventilation are likely to have to wait a bit longer for their sofas to dry. A humid environment won`t help with the drying periods. But if the room is well ventilated and over 15C, your sofa will be ready for use within 2-4 hours. 

Material : a sofa that will require a lot of washes and the use of more water than usual will also take a bit longer to dry. 

Temperature : if the outside temperature is below 15C, then your sofa will take much longer to dry. But if the temperature is over 15C your sofa will dry up in no time

Drying times are estimates only. 

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7 | Covered Area

Sofa Cleaning Dublin covers all areas in Dublin. We also cover some areas in Co Kildare, Co Meath and Co Wicklow. Please inform us about your location before booking a job with us.

Book Sofa Cleaning Dublin today. Deal with a team of highly skilled professionals able to contract and deal with any type of sofa cleaning project. Check out our amazing online reviews. 

Sofa Cleaning Dublin 7

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