Sofa Cleaning Dublin - Your Questions Answered

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Sofa Cleaning Dublin - Your Questions Answered
Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Your Questions Answered

How Do You Clean A Fabric Sofa?

How Do You Clean A Leather Sofa?

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned Professionally?

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Sofa?

How Long Does It Take For The Sofa To Dry After A Deep Clean?

What Is Extraction Sofa Cleaning?

What Is The Difference Between A Dry Or Wet Sofa Cleaning Service?

How Often Should I Wash My Sofa?

Do Fabric Protectors Work?

How Do You Get Rid Of Bad Odours?

Do I Bring The Sofa To You Or You Will Come To My House?

What Sofa Cleaning Products Do You Use?

Can You Steam Clean A Couch?

Do You Clean Kitchen Chairs?

What Areas Do You Cover?

How Do I Book A Professional Sofa Cleaner?

  1. How Do You Clean A Fabric Sofa?

There are many ways to deep clean a fabric sofa but Dublin Sofa Cleaning uses the most efficient one, a hot water extraction system. We use a combination of eco sofa cleaning shampoos, a softener, a deodoriser & odour neutraliser and a booster. The hot water in combination with the softener and the sofa cleaning shampoo, will soften up all types of food stains, grime, impregnated saliva, blood, urine, etc. The odour neutraliser will get rid of all the bacteria causing bad odours and then the powerful extraction motors will extract all the moisture, dirt and waste. Outstanding results guaranteed. We will use different sofa cleaning shampoos depending on the type of material your sofa is made from. We can use standard sofa cleaning shampoos, wool sofa cleaning shampoos, advanced formula fabric cleaners or fine fabric cleaners. Our sofa cleaning shampoos are safe and efficient.

Step 1 : prespray of the whole sofa with a pre-spray

Step 2: scrub the surface well

Step 3: spray warm water with shampoo & extract it with the upholstery wand

Step 4: odour neutralising treatment

Step 5: air blower to dry it fast

  1. How Do You Clean A Leather Sofa?

Leather sofa cleaning is a bit different than fabric sofa cleaning. No machines are required to deep clean leather and no water is used in the process. The leather is a natural material impregnated with waxes and oils to be water repellent and stain repellent. But after a lot of use and abuse, the leather will dry up and it will lose its elasticity. By doing so, it will open its pores and it will start absorbing dirt. The leather surface will look patchy and grubby. We will reverse the process and we will re-wax the leather to make it soft and elastic again.

Step 1 : the sofa will be vacuumed thoroughly

Step 2 : the leather will be sprayed with a professional leather cleaner from Craftex

Step 3 : we will use soft brushes and microfiber pads to clean the leather

Step 4 : we will dry the leather with very absorbent microfiber cloths

Step 5 : we will apply a professional leather wax/polish

Step 6 : we will buff the leather with soft microfiber cloths

Amazing results guaranteed. The leather will feel natural and it will not absorb dirt for a period of time. It is highly recommended that you use premium quality leather cleaners & maintainers for daily cleaning

  1. How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned Professionally?

Most sofa cleaning companies, including Dublin Sofa Cleaning have fixed prices for basic sofa cleaning services. 1 seat sofa will cost 20 euro, 2 seat sofa will cost 40 euro, 3 seat sofa will cost 60 euro, 5 seat sofa will cost 75 euro and 5 seat sofa will cost 90 euro. These sofa cleaning prices apply to fabric sofa cleaning and leather sofa cleaning projects in good shape and average size. If your sofa is a 2 seat sofa but it can fit 5 people, it will be classified as a 5 seat sofa. If your sofa requires a lot of stain removing operations and a few cleans to make it look decent, it will cost you a bit extra.

Fabric protectors are not included in the price but can be quoted separately.Our minimum charge for any type of sofa cleaning project is 50 euro. The minimum charge applies so we can cover our basic costs. Even if you only book 1 chair to be cleaned, we will charge you 50 euro.

Commercial sofa cleaning projects are priced differently. First of all it is important where the job is located, the condition of the fabric, the size of the project and if it has to be done overnight. Commercial sofas are usually in a very poor state and require a lot of extra work. We are happy to provide all our customers with a free no obligation estimate and a detailed cost breakdown.

  1. How Long Does It Take To Wash A Sofa?

This is a very important factor for many people who have limited time available due to busy schedules and work commitments. But this is a hard question to be answered by the sofa cleaning contractor. If there is no major issues or stains to be removed, a standard 2 seat sofa should be fully deep cleaned, stain removed & deodorised in about 40 minutes. The same sofa can take up to 2 hours if an odour neutralising treatment or fabric protector is required. We can guarantee you that no sofa cleaning contractor wishes to spend more time than needed to clean your sofa.

We recommend that our customers allow 2 full hours per project even if the project looks small. It is very likely that the job will be completed sooner but at least they won’t be under pressure to leave. Commercial sofa cleaning projects can take up to 10 hours. Many pre-treatments and stain removing operations are required before noticeable results will be achieved.

  1. How Long Does It Take For A Sofa To Dry After It Gets Cleaned?

Again, this is a tricky question. Dublin Sofa Cleaning uses top of the range extraction sofa cleaning technology from Prochem. We can remove over 90% of the water used in the process of cleaning. But some sofas that require multiple cleaning sessions to be fully restored, might take up to 12 hours to fully dry. On average, most of our sofas will fully dry within 2 hours after cleaning but some can take a bit longer. Some sofas are manufactured from very thick and compact materials that can absorb a lot of water and extracting it in full can be very hard. But there are things that you can do to speed up the process of drying:

Open the window and create ventilation

Put the heater on for 1-2 hours

Keep the cushions away from sofa while wet

Do not use the sofa until fully dry

Most sofa cleaning contractors can estimate the drying period but it can take longer sometimes. A deep sofa cleaning process will take a full day, including the washing and the drying process.

  1. What Is The Extraction Sofa Cleaning System?

The extraction sofa cleaning system is the most popular sofa cleaning system in Ireland. In America they do a lot of dry sofa cleaning, but dry sofa cleaning is not as popular in Ireland. An extraction sofa cleaning machine will spray a warm foam or a shampoo all over your sofa and after a good scrub with a brush or a sofa cleaning wand, the waste will be extracted. The upholstery tool can spray and extract the waste. Sofa cleaning shampoos are pretty active and can soften up dirt on impact. One nozzle will spray warm water mixed up with a fast acting sofa cleaning shampoo while the top of the upholstery tool will vacuum up the waste. Nice and easy.

The extraction system is the best and most cost effective way of cleaning a sofa. Dirt impregnated very deep inside the sofa will be extracted with the waste. The upholstery tool will extract hair, skin flakes, food residue, bacteria, saliva, body fluids, etc. The fabric will be cleaned and disinfected in one quick go. It is basically the same process as washing clothes but the sofa cannot fit in the washer.

  1. What Is The Difference Between Dry & Wet Sofa Cleaning Systems?

Both systems are pretty efficient but there are a few big differences. A dry sofa cleaning system will use a crystallization foam that will penetrate the sofa and then it will be extracted with special pads or bonnets. A wet sofa cleaning system is the process of shampooing the sofa with warm water which will then be extracted. So one will use a semi wet foam while the other system will use a sofa cleaning shampoo and warm water. Both systems will leave the sofa semi wet, with the dry sofa cleaning system drying much faster.

  1. How Often Should I Wash My Sofa?

A sofa is a beloved item. Many people just love their sofas. A quick nap, a fast meal or a beer with a friend is likely to happen on your sofa. These are the main reasons why your sofa will get very dirty over the course of the year. Even if you do not eat or drink on your sofa, you will create damage without even knowing it. While you read a newspaper some skin flakes will fall on your sofa, some hair from your head will fall as well and body fats and sweat will also stain the sofa bit by bit.

Some sofas with high traffic could get very dirty within a few months while other sofas with little or no use will get dirty over a longer period of time. In either case, the sofa has to be refreshed. We recommend that you clean your sofa at least once per year if possible to keep it fresh and bacteria free. Commercial premises and bars/pubs should be cleaning and disinfecting their sofas a few times per year to prevent build up of dirt and harmful bacteria.

  1. Do Fabric Protectors Work?

Well, they do but not as you think. There are many brands of fabric protectors manufacturing scotchgard, fabric seal, fabric protectors, stain guards, etc. More or less the same product but with a different name. Some are liquid, some are sprays and some are foams. They all have only one purpose, to save your sofa from staining.

Now, a fabric protector will not 100% protect your sofa from staining but it will give you more time to react and remove a spillage when it happens. If you spill some red wine on a white/cream sofa, you are in trouble. The stain will be a nightmare to remove. But if you spill a red wine on a white/cream sofa that was sealed with one of those protectors, the liquid will not penetrate as fast. The sealer will hold it at the top for a short period of time allowing you to get some paper or something absorbent to remove the stain. A protector will also prevent dirt from penetrating your sofa/chair as fast as a sofa without a protector. Many people think that having a protector applied on your sofa is the guarantee to a stain free life. You are in for a big disappointment.

The protector is there to give you more time to remove the stain. If you leave the red wine stain on the sofa for too long it will stain even if you had your sofa sealed with the best protector ever. Dublin Sofa Cleaning uses Craftex Fabric Protector to seal all fabric sofas & upholstery.

  1. How Do You Get Rid Of Bad Odours From Sofa?

Bad odours on your sofa can have a number of sources. Your sofa is like a sponge, absorbs anything. Over time the whole surface gets impregnated with different types of food residue, body fluids, hair, skin flakes, urine etc. All this stuff mixed up together will create bad odours. Some sofas that don`t get a lot of use can become very smelly because of little or no ventilation in the room or because it absorbs odours from the kitchen.

The worst type of odour is urine odour, especially pet urine. It penetrates very deep inside the sofa and it creates an unbearable odour. Removing cat urine odour from a thick sofa is not that easy. The sofa will have to be washed with antibacterial deodorisers, highly active enzyme removers and then treated with urine neutralisers and heavy duty odour neutralisers. First, the whole sofa has to be cleaned. Then we need to cancel the bacteria that generates the odour and get rid of all other odours as well. In some cases we need to apply a few treatments over a long period of time to fully remove the odour.

  1. Do I Bring My Sofa To You Or You Will Come To My House?

Imagine having to carry a 5 seater sofa to a warehouse every time you need it cleaned. It would be a logistical nightmare and it will cost you more to bring it to the shop than the sofa itself. So no, we will come to your house and in a matter of minutes will remove years of accumulated dirt. Our sofa cleaning machines are fitted with 20 m (60 feet hoses) so in many cases we will only bring in a hose not the whole machine. All we need from you is to have running water and electricity. Other than that we do the rest.

  1. What Sofa Cleaning Products Do You Use?

Dublin Sofa Cleaning uses Cleanfast Shampoos and the whole Craftex range of powders, stain removers, odour neutralisers and leather cleaners. All our sofa cleaning products are “eco” and 100% safe. We even have organic sofa cleaning shampoos that are manufactured from plant extracts.

Every sofa cleaning contractor has there own preference and a particular brand or type of sofa cleaning product that they use. We find Craftex stain removers outstanding and Craftex odour neutralisers unequalled.

But one thing is for sure, all products used by our company are premium quality and safe for all our customers, their pets and their kids.

  1. Can You Steam Clean A Couch?

Steam cleaning is misunderstood. Using very hot steam (boiling water) on a fine fabric, can create a lot of damage. The new types of sofa cleaning machines use warm water (around 40C) and pressure pumps. When the water is injected at high speed by the pressure pump, it creates a fine mist around the sofa. It gives the impression that the sofa is being steam washed. But no local companies use 100C hot water to wash fabrics. It can change colour, it can shrink and it can open stitches.

Warm water mixed up with a proper sofa cleaning shampoo is the way to go. Safe, fast acting and amazing results. Top quality commercial and domestic sofa cleaning services.

  1. Do You Clean Kitchen Chairs?

Yes, as long as the seat of the chair is manufactured from fabric or leather. Kitchen chairs are used a lot so are likely to get very dirty. We recommend deep cleaning and sealing it. Food and drink spillages are very likely in the kitchen area so you need to give yourself some time to remove the spillage. Bacteria can also thrive inside your kitchen chairs because food waste and high humidity creates the perfect habitat for it.

Have your kitchen chairs disinfected at least once per year. It is a simple process that should not take longer than 1 hour.

  1. What Areas Do You Cover For Sofa Cleaning? 

Dublin Sofa Cleaning covers pretty much the whole County Dublin area, some parts of Wicklow, some parts of Kildare and some parts of Meath. Some areas located in very busy intersections with very complicated access and no parking, will accrue additional charges. We are happy to travel nationwide for larger commercial sofa cleaning projects.

  1. How Do I Book A Sofa Cleaning Company? 

Sometimes we are very busy and we cannot answer all the calls. However, we have an online booking form and an email listed for online contact. Just email us your details and a bit of information about your sofa to include the type of sofa, how many seats and location. A free no obligation estimate will be sent within a few minutes. You can also use our free phone number.

Whatever way you decide to contact us, we are there. We are happy to work with you and to accommodate any specific requirements. We will let you know in good time if a project cannot be completed or if there are any additional costs. Our prices are clear and very detailed. If a sofa looks hopeless and we cannot guarantee you results, we will not touch it. You are dealing with a highly regarded and highly recommended sofa cleaning company

Sofa Cleaning Dublin

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