Sofa Cleaning Foxrock

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Sofa Cleaning Foxrock

Sofa Cleaning Foxrock

Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Foxrock? We are here for you!

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Fabric Sofa Cleaning

We are not just another sofa cleaning company out there. We are “the sofa cleaning company” you were always looking for. We use top of the range sofa cleaning equipment, eco friendly sofa cleaning shampoos and our prices won`t break the bank! Sofa Cleaning Foxrock


Sofa Cleaning Services For You

You invested a lot in getting an elegant sofa that will enhance the décor of your home. With the constant usage it sees, it eventually gets dirty. Everything from dust, skin flakes, food crumbs, and even particles like cigarette smoke residue and lead compounds get attached to the fibres. Aerosols used in the house stick to the sofa material. In case you have pets, then there’ll be fur and dander in the sofa. All the soiling is gritty and will degrade the furniture. You don’t want it to look dull and unkempt. You want to come home to a relaxing and inviting décor. The condition of your furniture at your business impacts how your customers view you, thus directly affecting your business image. Get professional fabric and leather sofa cleaning services to restore the elegance of your set. Sofa Cleaning Foxrock


Food and beverage spills stain the sofa and make it unsightly. Hair treatments and body oil get rubbed into the cushions. The fatty acids in sweat makes it stick to the sofa, and creates odours. Clothes such as your new denim coat have dyes that gets left on the sofa material. Food residue attracts insects and pests. They leave faecal material that corrodes the material of the sofa. Some pests like rodents come with sharp claws, which shred up the sofa as they try to get to the food particles in the crevices. This destroys the sofa and reduces its lifespan. Protect it using professional and affordable sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Foxrock


Benefits Of Getting Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Thorough cleaning action

Our sofa cleaning personnel come with high quality equipment that gets even the deeply embedded soiling out of your furniture. They’ll remove the dust, dried-on food particles, insect body fragments, and even the get rid of the smoke particles that got embedded into the sofa. This will restore its beauty and sheen, and get rid of the odours that had made the sofa unbearable. The sofa cleaning agents cut through the grime, and break down the stubborn stains, from tea and coffee stains to wine and juice spills. They’ll get rid of the ink blots and the crayon marks made by your kids. Urine stains, pet dander, and fur will all be eliminated. After the cleaning, powerful suction is employed to remove the moisture, enabling the sofa to dry in just 1 hour. The fast drying time enables you to resume your activities as soon as possible, and prevents the growth of mould and mildew. Sofa Cleaning Foxrock


2. Protects the sofa

Your sofa will be with you for long, as you move from house to house, relationship to relationship, and from one stage of life to the next. You want to keep it looking good all through the process. The look and feel of the sofa directly affects the ambience of the interior space. Dirt and grime wear down the fibres, and are more abrasive with increased frequency of sofa use. By getting rid of the gunk in the sofa, you’ll protect the fibres, and maintain the beauty and appeal of the sofa. Sofa Cleaning Foxrock


3. All-round sofa cleaning

We handle both fabric and leather sofa cleaning. From fabrics made of artificial rayon to natural fibres such as cotton, linen, or wool, each of them has their unique method of approach. Our personnel have years of experience and the equipment necessary to ensure a thorough clean, while preserving the quality of the material. In addition to getting rid of the grime, the personnel will condition the sofa, such as moisturising the leather. This will restore the vitality of the material and enhance its resistance against the elements. You’ll be able to enjoy your sofa for longer. Sofa Cleaning Foxrock


4. Safe cleaning

We use eco-friendly products that are safe for Mother Nature. No toxic fumes are released, and the agents can be safely used around children and pets. Sofa Cleaning Foxrock


5. Health benefits

The loose particles in the sofa can easily be inhaled by the persons relaxing on it. You don’t want to keep sneezing throughout the Prime Time News or as you read your favourite novel. You don’t want to expose customers in your building to contaminants and allergens. The dust mites’ faecal material causes skin irritation, and you end up scratching yourself all over. The deep sofa cleaning gets rid of all the pollutants in the sofa, creating a healthier environment in your residential or commercial premises. Sofa Cleaning Foxrock


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Sofa Cleaning Foxrock

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