Sofa Cleaning Killiney

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Sofa Cleaning Killiney

Sofa Cleaning Killiney

Your sofa needs to be washed once per year. If you have pets or small kids, you should have your sofa deep cleaned at least twice per year. Our sofa cleaning prices are pretty affordable and our service is hassle free. Here is our sofa cleaning price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Looking For Professional Sofa Cleaning Services?

Protect your health and that of your family members by hiring professional sofa cleaning services. For business owners, you’ll want to create a healthy environment for the employees and customers in your business premises. The grime in the furniture can make them sick. Some, like dust and waste matter from dust mites, causes coughing and sneezing, while particles like pollen can lead to full blown asthma attacks. Cleaning mistakes like over wetting during DIY sofa cleaning, lead to mistakes such as over wetting, which increases the drying time and causes mould and mildew to grow. Not only do the fungi cause unsightly green, brown and black stains, but they also release spores into the atmosphere, which worsen the respiratory conditions. Some go further to release mycotoxins, which affect the immune system, and damage organs like the liver. Go for professional sofa cleaning services, whose thorough processes eliminate the problem from the source, and enable you to avoid the health complications. Sofa Cleaning Killiney

You also want your sofa to survive for long. The soiling that it builds up over time prevents that from happening. It reduces the life of the sofa by wearing down the material, making it lose its beauty and lustre. Then there’s the organic matter left behind by insects and pests visiting the sofa to nourish themselves on those left over food crumbs in the crevices. The waste matter is acidic, corroding the material of the sofa. Pests like mice come with sharp laws and teeth, which they use to shred apart the fabric and leather sofas, in an attempt to get to the food residue in the nooks and crannies. Protect your furniture from degradation and enhance its life by bringing in the professional sofa cleaning team. Sofa Cleaning Killiney

What You Get From Our Sofa Cleaning Professionals

1. The power to get a thorough job done

You want a clean, elegant sofa. We’ll make it happen. Our team is equipped with the latest in sofa cleaning technology, to ensure you get exceptional results. All the dirt is eliminated, from the dust, food and drink spills, pet fur and dander, skin flakes, insect body fragments, organic matter like cast skin and faecal residue from dust mites, and even ink blots and urine stains. The tough solutions break down the grime, and strip away grease particles from body sweat and airborne oil splatters that stuck to the sofa as result of home cooking activities. Odours are neutralised, and your sofa is revitalised. The sofa cleaning team will leave it looking and feeling fresh and invigorating. Sofa Cleaning Killiney

2. Cleaning processes that are safe for your particular type of sofa

The fabric sofa cleaning personnel have the appropriate products and processes to handle your particular type of furniture, from the natural ones like wool and silk, to the synthetic nylon and rayon sofas. Each of them has its unique requirements and solutions, and you want to eliminate the soiling without any damage to the fibres of the material. When you hire our fabric sofa cleaning services, you can rest assured that your furniture is in safe hands. Sofa Cleaning Killiney

Leather sofas bring a touch of style and class to your establishment, and you need to ensure that they are well looked after by regularly investing in professional leather sofa cleaning services. This will enable your set to retain its luxurious feel, by getting rid of the dirt and grime, and additionally conditioning it, to restore the protective coating. This will prevent it from becoming brittle and cracking, and protect it from accelerated ageing. Sofa Cleaning Killiney

3. Green sofa cleaning services

It’s a global responsibility. No matter where anyone is in the world, we should all go green to preserve the environment. We have employed this principle in our sofa cleaning processes. The equipment and solutions that our personnel use are safe for your household members at home, the employees and customers in your business premises, and the environment itself.Sofa Cleaning Killiney

4. High quality services at affordable costs

The sofa cleaning services are conveniently priced. They take in factors that are unique to your situation, such as the number of seaters in your set, and the material that your furniture is made of. Sofa Cleaning Killiney

Get in touch with our sofa cleaning team today. Give us a call on our phone line-we’d like to hear from you. Book through our online platform and get your sofa cleaned professionally. Sofa Cleaning Killiney

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Sofa Cleaning Killiney

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