Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

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Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

If you are looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Kimage area you should give us a call. We are fully insured and highly recommended. We use top of the range natural sofa cleaning shampoos and stain removers. Here is our price list for our attention:

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Same prices apply for leather sofa cleaning and fabric sofa cleaning services. Free estimates guaranteed. Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

Sofa Cleaning Professionals You Can Rely On

Dirt and grime erodes the beauty of your sofa. Your once elegant set begins to dull with time. The sofa gets covered in dust, absorbs cigarette smoke particles, plus the accidental food and drink spills, and if you have a pet there’ll be fur and dander on the cushions. Stains ruin the decor, and the odours that develop make it unbearable to use the sofa. They permeate through the rest of the indoor air space, making your own home uncomfortable. Regular domestic sofa cleaning services will prevent this from happening. For your business, you want to impress your clients, and create a conducive environment for your employees to be able to focus on their duties. Soiled furnishings are both visual and mental distraction, and also have the potential of turning away customers from your enterprise. Prevent this from happening by hiring professional commercial sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

Your pet loves your sofa. You’ll find it sleeping on it, playing and even grooming itself. It’s cute and all, but leaves behind fur and dander. These are allergens. There may be so much dander in the fibres of your sofa that it’s more risky to rest your head on the cushions than to burry your face in fur of your pet. Those are not the only allergens to worry about. Dust and faecal residue from dust mites build up on the furniture, causing coughs, sneezes, and worsening respiratory conditions. There are also the bacteria and other pathogens that get transferred onto the sofa from items like handbags and remote controls, which have been on contaminated surfaces, and handled by numerous people respectively. Some microbes like the flu virus get coughed directly onto the sofa surface, causing the infection to spread to other persons using the couch. Call in the sofa cleaning specialists to eliminate the microbes and allergens, and make your furniture safe to use. Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

Professional Sofa Cleaning Services That Deliver

1. Deep sofa cleaning

Our team comes with high quality equipment that enables your sofa to be cleaned thoroughly, and in the shortest time possible. All the soiling is removed, from the dust on the cushions and the sweat and body oil that has been rubbed against the furniture, to the stains caused by food and beverage spills. The fast dry time of 1 hour allows you to resume your day-to-day activities quickly. Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

2. We handle a wide range of sofas

Sofa soiling is universal, but the mode of cleaning is not. The furniture gets soiling from body oils and grease that are rubbed onto its surface, plus the pet fur and dander that easily attaches to both leather and fabric sofas. Then there’s the soiling tracked in under the paws of the pets, plus the feet of the kids, which end up being deposited on the furniture as they hop around and play on it. The microscopic particles are easily absorbed into the fibres of the fabric sofas, and get attached to the pores of the leather sofas. Dyes from denim clothes, ink from leaky pens all stain the furnishings and cause it to lose its beauty. There are different kinds of material such as linen, polyester, acetate, cotton and wool for the fabric sofas, and aniline, pigmented or suede for the leather sofas. Each has its specialised treatment methods, to get rid of the soiling without damaging the underlying material. The fabric sofa cleaning team comes with the appropriate products that have been specially designed for your type of material, and the leather cleaning personnel go as far as even conditioning the sofa, to restore its soft and supple feel. Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

3. Environmentally- conscious sofa cleaning services

Everyone is pushing for the use of eco-friendly products and sustainable practices- governments, regulatory institutions, charitable organisations and environmental watchdogs. The goal is to reverse the downward trajectory that the planet has been on, and provide a greener future for our children and their children. We take part in these efforts, which is why our sofa cleaning personnel only use products that have been certified to be safe for the environment, and also the people in your residential or commercial establishment. Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

4. Easy on your finances

The affordable sofa cleaning services have been structured to enable you make savings in the maintenance programs for your sofa. They cater to individual situations, such as the seater number of the set, plus the type of the material of the sofa. Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

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Sofa Cleaning Kimmage

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