Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

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Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

Dublin Sofa Cleaning is a well established sofa cleaning company with over 12 years experience. Our prices are very affordable and our work quality is outstanding. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

We specialise in leather sofa cleaning and fabric sofa cleaning services.

Sofa Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust

The state of your sofa reflects on you as an individual or business. There have been countless stories of dates walking out of an intricately planned dinner simply because of the state of the furniture in the home. Numerous business have lost potential clients and missed out on lucrative deals with investors because of the image that the soiled furnishing portrayed. You won’t want neighbours and relatives coming into your home and questioning your hygiene standards. You also want to have a comfortable environment in your home that you can relax in. Dirt spots and stains on the sofa prevent all these from being possible. They are a constant visual and mental distraction, preventing you from concentrating on your activities. You can barely keep up with what’s happening on TV when your mind is being gnawed by the thought of the glaring food spill on the cushions. Even at the workplace, employees are prevented from carrying out their activities with peace of mind. Sometimes it gets to the extent of the employees themselves being forced to try and freshen up the seats, which causes loss of precious man-hours, plus there’s the risk involved in using the wrong procedures to clean the furniture. Call in our sofa cleaning personnel to restore your domestic or commercial establishment to the state you desire. Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

How healthy is your favourite sofa? Did you know that you can catch a disease from it? On just the sofa arm, there are over 12 times more bacteria that the average toilet seat. Some of the microbes on the sofa are feeding on the organic matter from the food and beverage spills, others were directly coughed or sneezed onto the couch. You don’t want an infection spreading through your home or business establishment. Get specialist sofa cleaning services to restore the health and hygiene of your furniture. Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

Advantages Of Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Quality services for a sparkling sofa

Cleaning your sofa by yourself can be a hassle- from determining the products to use, the application procedure to follow, getting to the actual scrubbing, all through to removing the dirt and extracting the moisture. You can spend hours cleaning the furniture in your home. That eats into your free time. You’ve already had a busy week at the workplace, and you don’t want sofa cleaning to chomp off a huge chunk from your day-off or weekend. You get to save loads of time by calling in our sofa cleaning experts. They’ll get the job done right the first time round. The furniture will also dry quickly, in just an hour. Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

2. All-inclusive leather and fabric sofa cleaning services

We have the skills, experience and equipment necessary to clean your particular type fabric sofa, whether it’s made of the delicate silk or the resilient nylon. You want the soiling to be eliminated, whilst protecting the underlying fabric. The cleaning products used get rid of the dirt particles and spills embedded deep within the fibres of the fabric, without posing any risk to the material itself. Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

When it comes to leather sofas, the material behaves just like a person’s skin. It is sensitive to the cleaning agents used, and lack of proper treatment causes it to lose its moisture, dry, and start cracking up. The leather sofas come from the showroom with protective oils, which get degraded with time due to the soiling. All this has to be reversed. That’s a job for our professional leather sofa cleaning team. They use the products designed for the specific type of furniture in your establishment, and also proceed to nourish and moisturise it with conditioner. This revitalises it, and brings back that famous leather aroma. Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

3. Saving through green cleaning

With each passing day, there is greater emphasis in using eco-friendly products and processes. We should all care about the earth. After all, it’s what we’ll hand down to future generations. You want your children and their children to have a planet that can sustain them, and that they can enjoy. That’s why our sofa cleaning team employs systems that are safe for Mother Nature. From the cleaning all through to the waste disposal, the systems used pose no risk to your family members, and the biodiversity around your home or commercial property. Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

4. Quality sofa cleaning services at affordable costs

You get professional sofa cleaning services at budget-friendly prices. They have been structured to enable you to make savings on the maintenance costs of your establishment. The pricing accounts for your particular needs, by factoring in issues such as the seater number of the set, and the material that your sofa is made of. Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

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Sofa Cleaning Knocklyon

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