Sofa Cleaning Malahide

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Sofa Cleaning Malahide

Sofa Cleaning Malahide

Are you looking for domestic sofa cleaning services? Are you looking for commercial sofa cleaning services? No problem. Dublin Sofa Cleaning is a professional sofa cleaning specialist with over 12 years experience. We are experts in leather sofa cleaning services and fabric sofa cleaning services. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Same prices apply for commercial sofa cleaning and domestic sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Malahide

Expert Sofa Cleaning To Take Care Of Your Investment

You wanted a great looking sofa. That’s why you opted for one that accentuated your decor. However, dirt and grime are an undeniable part of life, and they will eventually build up on the couch. There’s everything from the everyday soiling like dust and pollen particles that wind up on the sofa, to the occasional food and drink pills caused by persons snacking while relaxing on the furniture. Even as you sit back, you rub body sweat onto the cushions, which adds to the level of soiling. Persons with pets have to also contend with the fur and dander that’s left on the furniture. The organic matter gradually starts to decompose. These leads to the development of odours. They end up ruining the rest of the ambience. Fix things by getting regular sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Malahide

There are plenty of allergens in your sofa. They range from dust, pollen, organic waste from dust mites, to pet fur and dander. Some parts of your sofa can be so concentrated in dander, that you could end up with a more severe reaction when you rest on them that when you bury your face in your pet’s fur. There are also contaminants like cigarette smoke particles, which bring with them a plethora of health risks. Add to that the bacteria that’s chomping down on the organic waste, to those pathogens that are coughed onto the surface of the sofa, or dropped off from items like handbags and remotes left on the furniture. This increases the danger to your health, and that of anyone else using the sofa. Professional sofa cleaning services will enable you to protect your loved ones at home, and the personnel plus customers in your office building. Sofa Cleaning Malahide

Reasons To Turn To The Sofa Cleaning Specialists

1. High-performance systems and processes

For effective sofa cleaning, you need the right products and machines for the task. That’s exactly what we come with. We have made heavy investments in modern state-of-the-art equipment that ensures all the dirt and soiling is eliminated from your sofa. The processes used get deep within the sofa’s fibres, removing the ingrained dirt and grime. The sofa cleaning gets rid of everything, from the layers of dust and pollen, cigarette smoke absorbed into the material, rodent residue, pet fur and dander, dust mites and their body waste, shed skin, plus the stains from food and drink spills. The 1 hour drying time enables you to resume using your sofa quickly. Sofa Cleaning Malahide

2. Specialised fabric and leather sofa cleaning services

Each types of furniture material has its particular method of cleaning. Our personnel employ the appropriate fabric sofa cleaning processes and products for your set, whether its cotton, vinyl, wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon or acetate. This is to ensure that the soiling has been eliminated, while simultaneously protecting the fibres of the furniture from damage. Sofa Cleaning Malahide

Leather is a delicate material. Just like your skin, it loses moisture after time, and reacts negatively to the harsh cleaning agents. Since it’s porous, the chemicals used can quickly seep into the material, causing extensive and irrevocable damage. Moisture loss causes the leather to get brittle, and start to crack. You don’t want that to happen to your elegant leather set. Hiring regular leather sofa cleaning professionals will enable you to protect your investment. Sofa Cleaning Malahide

3. Embrace the green side

You’ve heard it being said that we’ve not been given the world by our ancestors. Instead, we’ve borrowed it from our children. As such, protecting the earth is a role that each one of us has to take up, for the sake of future generations. We help you to do so by reducing your carbon footprint. Our personnel use environmentally friendly sofa cleaning processes when getting rid of the gunk and grime on your furniture. That way, you get to join global concerted efforts aimed at protecting the planet we live on. The indoor air quality of the building will be preserved, thus protecting the health of your loved ones at home, plus the staff and clients in your office building. Sofa Cleaning Malahide

4. Great sofa cleaning services at great prices

Part of the reason our customers are satisfied with our services is the affordable costs, without compromising on the quality of the results. The final price factors in your particular needs, including the size of the set, plus its specific material. Sofa Cleaning Malahide

If you are looking for professional sofa cleaning specialists in Malahide, you should give us a call!

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Sofa Cleaning Malahide

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