Sofa Cleaning Milltown

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Sofa Cleaning Milltown

Sofa Cleaning Milltown

Deep cleaning your sofa at least once per year is not luxury. Your sofa will absorb a lot of sweat, food, drinks, urine, etc, and over the years and it will create a great habitat for bad bacteria. Give us a call now and let us take care of your sofa. We will have your sofa disinfected and refreshed in less than 1 hour. We are experts in fabric sofa cleaning and leather sofa cleaning. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Our minimum order is 50€. We are interested in commercial sofa cleaning jobs and domestic sofa cleaning jobs. Free estimates guaranteed. Sofa Cleaning Milltown

Proficient Sofa Cleaning Services You Can Count On

Coming home to an elegant and inviting ambience is every homeowner’s desire. After all, your home is that one place where you expect to sit back, relax, and unwind from the pressures of the outside world. You don’t want to walk into your house and find food and drink spills on your furniture. Pet fur and dander on the cushions are exasperating. First, it ruins the decor of the house. Secondly, the soiling is a constant reminder of pending work, preventing you from enjoying the comfort of your home, or spending quality time with family. In business premises, you also want to have an environment that will be conducive for your employees to work in, and one where you can impress customers walking into the enterprise. Dirtied furniture will turn them away, as they will view it as a sign of what to expect from your service delivery. Your employees should focus on their tasks of growing your business and raking in more profit, not struggling with stained sofas in the offices, reception area or even employee lounge. Get the grandiose look and feel you desire in your workplace by hiring professional sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Milltown

Health is also key. The dirt and grime in the sofa can land you in hospital. There are allergens such as dust, pollen, insect body fragments, plus faecal residue and cast skin from dust mites, which get inhaled and irritate the air ways. They cause incessant coughs, sneezes, nasal stuffiness, and can lead to asthma attacks and worsen other respiratory conditions. There are also pests like cockroaches and rodents that are attracted by the food crumbs in the cushions. They bring with them microbes like Lymphocytic Choreomeningitis and the Hantavirus, which lead to more discomfort and medical costs. Cigarette smoke particles that get absorbed by the sofa material are toxic, containing hundreds of chemicals, including carcinogens. Enhance the health and hygiene of the furniture by calling in the sofa cleaning experts. Sofa Cleaning Milltown

Benefits Of Turning To The Sofa cleaning Experts

1. Detailed sofa cleaning

You want to get a clean sofa in the shortest time possible. We have efficient and quality equipment to make that a reality. The cleaning systems used by our personnel reach deep into the sofa, eliminating all the dirt and gunk that’s embedded in the cushions, and hidden in the crevices of the furniture. The superior cleaning solutions break down the soiling, strip away the greasy residue from body sweat and food spills, and dissolve even the toughest stains. Powerful vacuum suction is then used to remove most of the moisture content from the sofa allowing it to dry in an hour. Sofa Cleaning Milltown

2. Diverse sofa cleaning processes

Our fabric sofa cleaning personnel caters to a diverse range of material, from natural fabrics like wool, cotton, linen and vinyl, to the synthetic furnishings such as polyester, olefin and nylon. The team comes with products that have been specially formulated to work on your particular kind of sofa, thus removing the dirt spots and stains without posing any danger to the underlying fibres. Sofa Cleaning Milltown

Leather sofa cleaning is done delicately. The sofa needs to be treated it great care, as the material can easily get damaged when the wrong cleaning agents are used. The leather is basically animal skin that has been preserved, and as such is very sensitive to the pH variations in the solutions that will be applied. Our team comes with the suitable equipment and materials needed for your set, to do a thorough job while protecting the material itself. We handle different types leather, from pigmented, and nubuck, to aniline and semi-aniline. The sofa will also be conditioned, leaving it with that soft feel you fell in love with when you first purchased it, and enhance both its look and durability. Sofa Cleaning Milltown

3. Going green with the sofa cleaning

The world of tomorrow is affected by our actions today. Future generations are depending on us to make the right choices, for them to inherit a planet that they can live, work and play in. This is the motivation behind global efforts geared at protecting the environment, and cutting back on pollution. As such we have invested in environmentally-conscious sofa cleaning products and processes to get rid of the grime on your furniture. They are safe to use around children and pets. The indoor air quality is preserved, and you won’t have to worry about your family members or the people in your business premises inhaling toxic fumes. Sofa Cleaning Milltown

4. Budget friendly sofa cleaning services

You get to have a clean sofa and save money at the same time. Our services are affordable, and have been designed to address your particular sofa cleaning needs, such as the size of the set, and the material of the furniture. Sofa Cleaning Milltown

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Sofa Cleaning Milltown

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