Sofa Cleaning Monkstown

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Sofa Cleaning Monkstown

Sofa Cleaning Monkstown

Welcome to the home of eco friendly sofa cleaning services. Dublin Sofa Cleaning is a well established sofa cleaning company that cleans all types of sofas with natural or eco friendly sofa cleaning products. We are highly efficient and very professional. We are experts in leather sofa cleaning and fabric sofa cleaning. Here is our price list for your attention:

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€

Same prices apply for commercial sofa cleaning services and domestic sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Monkstown


Expert Sofa Cleaners You Can Count On

“What’s that spot on your sofa?” “Is it safe to sit on?” These are not things you want guests in your home or customers in your office building to be asking you. First, it’s embarrassing. It damages your reputation, and reflects poorly on your business. The visitors are concerned about stains on the sofa getting transferred to their clothes. Even at a personal level, it’s frustrating. You may be preparing to head out to work, only to find that you have some pet fur on your suit. Dirt and grime on the sofa makes it unappealing, and ruins the rest of the decor. Charm your way into the hearts of your customers or in-laws coming over by getting professional sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Monkstown


Beauty is key, but it’s not the only issue. The dirty sofa harbours a plethora of pathogens that can make you sick. There are allergens like dust and pollen that settle onto the cushions from the atmosphere. They can cause anything from sneezing and coughing, to a full blown asthma attack. There are also millions of dust mites in the cushions. They are sustained by the shower of skin flakes that falls off the people using the sofa. The mites leave organic waste like faecal material and cast skin behind. These particles can get inhaled, and trigger allergic reactions. They also cause skin irritation, which is a likely reason why you keep scratching yourself while on the sofa. Restore the health to your furnishings by getting professional sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Monkstown


Why You Should Hire Professional Sofa cleaning Services

1. Exceptional equipment

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to enable our personnel to deliver a thorough job. All the dirt and grime is eliminated from your sofa, from the dust layers on the surface to the deeply ingrained soiling. All this is done fast, and the drying time is also reduced to one hour, enabling you to resume using the sofa as soon as possible. This has the welcome bonus of preventing mould and mildew from growing. Sofa Cleaning Monkstown


2. All round leather and fabric sofa cleaning services

Fabric sofas are as popular as they are diverse. You’ll find different kinds of material from one establishment to the next, ranging from natural ones like linen, cotton and silk, to the artificial ones such as acrylic, chenille, polyester, nylon and rayon. You want to ensure that they get clean, while maintaining the strength and durability of the fibres. This is why specialised products have to be used for the specific set being cleaned. That’s exactly what our fabric sofa cleaning team does. Sofa Cleaning Monkstown


Leather sofas are renowned for the comfort they bring, and the sense of prestige that they exude. You want to keep your set looking and feeling great. They are highly durable, and meant to last a lifetime- but that’s only possible with the appropriate leather sofa cleaning procedures. There are various types of material, like suede, nubuck, aniline and semi-aniline. Each comes with its own treatment requirements. The soiling degrades the protective coating, and the leather also loses its moisture over time. These need to be reversed, through conditioning. Our personnel handles all that- from the cleaning, all through to nourishing and moisturising your leather sofa. This will keep it in optimal condition, and the rejuvenation will revitalise and breathe new life into your furniture. Sofa Cleaning Monkstown


3. Going green with our processes to make the globe clean

The power to save the planet rests on each of our shoulders. All of us have a role to play to conserve the environment, all for the benefit of the future generations. This is part of our mantra, which is why we employ eco-friendly products during the domestic and commercial sofa cleaning processes. This way, you get to have a sparkling sofa and simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint. Sofa Cleaning Monkstown


4. Cost effective

We offer professional sofa cleaning services at affordable costs. The pricing factors in individual aspects, such as the type of material and the size of the set being cleaned. There’s also the added benefit of reducing the cost of maintenance, since the gritty soiling will be removed, thus cutting down on the need for repair and replacement. You also get more money out of your investment, in case you decide to sell sofa set later on in life. Sofa Cleaning Monkstown


Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Monkstown?


Sofa Cleaning Monkstown

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