Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

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Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

Finally, the recession is gone and you can afford to spend a bit of money on your sofas. If your sofa is not ripped or broken, we can guarantee you outstanding results. We will deep clean the sofa with natural sofa cleaning shampoos and we will restore its original looks. We specialize in leather sofa cleaning and fabric sofa cleaning services. We are happy to deal with commercial sofa cleaning customers and domestic sofa cleaning customers. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Our minimum order is 50€. We can only clean your sofa if the safe is dirty. Badly damaged sofas cannot be restored with a deep clean. If is dirt, we will remove it. Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Dirt spots and food stains on the sofa are frustrating. They ruin the ambience of the interior space, and dampen your mood the minute you get into the house. That’s not the environment that you want to welcome you home after a long day at work. It’s also not what you want greeting your friends and family when they come over for a visit. Dirty furniture makes the rest of the place appear unkempt, and your visitors will begin questioning the state of your home and other aspects of your life. A similar scenario is witnessed in business environments. Soiled furnishings are a turn-off to customers. They give them a negative impression about the level of service delivery to expect from you. This slows business growth, and affects your profit margins. Get regular sofa cleaning services to maintain the elegance of your residential or commercial establishment. Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

You also don’t want to fall sick because of the sofa. The dirt and grime it holds can land you or your family members in hospital. First, there’s the ordinary soiling like dust that forms layers on the furniture, which is responsible for the occasional coughs and sneezes. Then there are allergens like pollen, insect body fragments, and body water from organisms like dust mites thriving in the sofa in millions, that can cause anything from mild reactions to full blown asthma attacks. Cigarette smoke particles in the furniture are carcinogens, which exponentially rack up future medical costs. Prevent all this from happening by getting professional sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

What To Expect From Our Sofa Cleaning Experts

1. Thorough sofa cleaning

Our sofa cleaning personnel employs thorough cleaning systems that remove even the deeply ingrained soiling and set-in stains. They break down the dirt and grime, cut through the grease, and dissolve those stubborn juice, wine, coffee, tea and even urine stains. The sofa will dry fast, in just an hour, allowing things to go back to normal in your residential and commercial premises as fast as possible. Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

2. Our services cover diverse kinds of sofas

The fabric sofa cleaning team is well versed with both the natural and synthetic furnishings, from wool, linen and silk, all through to polyester, acrylic and nylon sofas. The personnel have the requisite training and experience necessary to determine the products that have specially been developed for your particular type of furniture material. They will eliminate the dirt and stains, from grease spots caused by foods like chips and sauces, or even fat from body sweat, wine and coffee spills, ink blots from faulty pens, without harming the structural integrity of the fibres of the material. Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

Leather sofas are pricy, and with good reason. They bring an aura of sophistication and elegance to any room. However, due to dirt and grime, that quickly changes. Your leather sofa needs regular cleaning and treatment to prolong its life and maintain its beauty. Just like your skin, without proper care, it gets dry, and begins to crack. You don’t want the leather sofa you invested heavily in to get brittle, or begin sagging when people sit on it. Protect it by hiring our leather sofa cleaning professionals. They come with the tools and solutions needed to clean the different kinds of material, from suede to pigmented and aniline sofas. They know the appropriate treatment procedures to use, and the exact amount of product to apply to get rid of the different kinds of soiling. Your furniture will be given a thorough clean, and its pores will be opened up to allow it to absorb the moisturiser that will be applied, leaving it with that soft and elegant look you desire. Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

3. Sofa cleaning on the green side

To make the world a better place tomorrow, we should all adopt a green lifestyle today. This spans across all sectors of our activities, from our shopping tendencies, jobs, all through to cleaning up the furniture. It is with this rationale that our sofa cleaning personnel employs eco-friendly products and systems when restoring the glam to your set. The domestic and commercial sofa cleaning practices are sustainable, and the products used have passed the required EU regulations. The indoor air quality is also preserved, which protects your family members and persons in your commercial property from developing respiratory conditions. Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

4. Tailored pricing for all your sofa cleaning needs

Everyone has different needs, and your situation is unique. As such, we price our leather and fabric sofa cleaning services based on your particular requirements- like the material itself, and the size of the set in your establishment. Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

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Sofa Cleaning Portmarnock

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