Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

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Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

Dublin Sofa Cleaning is a professional eco friendly sofa cleaning company based in Dublin. We are experts in eco friendly sofa cleaning services of all kind. We are fully insured and highly recommended. Our main speciality is leather sofa cleaning and fabric sofa cleaning. We are happy to contract commercial sofa cleaning jobs and domestic sofa cleaning projects. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Our minimum order is 50€ per job. All our sofa cleaning estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

Expert Sofa Cleaning Services For You

When you invite your dashing date over for dinner, you want to make a great first impression. Whether it’s your relatives or neighbours coming for a visit, you don’t want them to be greeted by dirty furniture. You yourself deserve to live in an elegant home. It is ruined by soiled and stained furniture. The sofa is the focal point of the room, and impacts everything else. You don’t want to come from work to the sight of spills and smudges on the cushions. They will irk and frustrate you. There is also the aspect of constant distractions. You won’t be able to watch TV peacefully and curl up with a book, if there is a coffee stain glaring at you from the sofa, or if there are odours emanating from it. Restore the comfort to your home by getting professional sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

Do you keep scratching yourself when you’re rested on the sofa? Do you start coughing or sneezing the moment you sit on it? That’s because the sofa carries plenty of allergens. They trigger reactions in people, exacerbating conditions like asthma and bronchitis. These substances range from the everyday dust and pollen, to contaminants such as cigarette smoke particles. There’s even organic matter like insect body fragments, faecal residue and cast skin from dust mites. The particles can get inhaled, leading to the allergy symptoms. Some also cause skin irritation. You want to provide a healthy environment for your family members at home. No one wants customers in their business premises to complain of discomfort, or contract an ailment. Protect the persons in your establishment by getting professional commercial and domestic sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

Reasons To Turn To The Sofa Cleaning Professionals

1. Power tools for a quality clean

We come with efficient sofa cleaning systems and products. We have invested in modern state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide professional results. They remove the soiling that’s buried deep within the cushions of the sofa, and hidden away in the nooks and crannies- from the food crumbs, piles of skin flakes, to the hair and body oil treatments that get rubbed onto the furniture, insect body fragments, and those dust mites and other microbes crawling along its surface. Stubborn stains from wine, coffee, tea, or food spills, ink blots or even the urine stains from your pet are all eliminated. The bulk of the moisture content is removed using powerful suction, enabling your sofa to dry in just 1 hour. Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

2. Specialised treatment solutions for your particular type of sofa

Your furniture requires specialised fabric sofa cleaning services. That’s what we provide. Our personnel comes with the solutions required for the diverse range of material, from linen, wool, vinyl, cotton and silk sofas, to polyester, acetate, acrylic, olefin and nylon sofas. The soiling is eliminated without posing any risk to the material of your set. Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

You want your leather sofa to be safely cleaned. There are various kinds of material, such as pigmented, aniline, nubuck and suede, and they all have different leather sofa cleaning needs. We handle them all. In addition, the pores of the sofa are opened up, allowing for efficient absorption of the moisturiser. The conditioning of the furniture replaces the natural lubricants that had been lost over time, or degraded by the dirt and soiling. This increases its durability and enhances its resistance to water damage. Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

3. Clean and green lifestyle

Governments and regulatory bodies around the world have put in place numerous measures, all geared at conserving natural resources and reducing the amount of contaminants and pollutants being released into the environment. We play our part too. Our sofa cleaning personnel comes with the latest products and tough acting solutions, which eliminate the soiling on your furniture while simultaneously sustaining the environment. We are active in our contribution to the global concerted efforts aimed at protecting the planet, our home. Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

4. Expected quality, unexpected prices

You don’t want to break the bank to get your sofa cleaned. We hear you. That’s why our exceptional sofa cleaning services come at affordable costs. The pricing has been suitably structured to enable you to cut down on your cleaning budget, without compromising on quality. The cost takes into account your specific needs, such as the size of the sofa set, and the material it’s made of. Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Rathfarnham? Are you looking for leather sofa cleaning or fabric sofa cleaning services?

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Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

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