Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

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Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

Hiring a professional sofa cleaning company was never easier. Just visit Dublin Sofa Cleaning website and pick one of our sofa cleaning packages. We are experts in leather sofa cleaning and fabric sofa cleaning. All our sofa cleaning services are fully insured and highly recommended. Book 5+ items and enjoy great deals and discounts. We are happy to contract commercial sofa cleaning jobs and domestic sofa cleaning projects. Our minimum order is 50€. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Book our services online or over the phone. We are open 24/7. Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

Turn To Specialists To Clean Your Sofa

Do you recall how beautiful and elegant the sofa was back in the showroom before you first bought it? It had a sophisticated look and feel that made you fall in love with it and bring it into your home. It’s frustrating when all that elegance is worn down over time due to the build-up of dirt and grime. They make the furniture to look drabby and forlorn. The dirt spots and stains prevent your from enjoying the furniture, and embarrass you in front of your guests. The last thing you want is your in-laws coming over and judging you because of a couple of stains on the cushions on your furniture. You don’t want your date to cancel on you after walking into the house, due to the dirt spots and odours on the sofa. Even in commercial establishments, the state of the furnishings creates an impression in the minds of the people on the premises. You don’t want your customers deciding against purchasing your goods or services because they found the sofa in the reception area in a dilapidated state. Prevent this from happening by getting regular sofa cleaning services. Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

You want your sofa to be safe to use. This means getting rid of the pathogens that get coughed or sneezed onto its fibres by persons using the sofa, plus the allergens like dust that settle onto its surface from the environment. There are also contaminants such as aerosols and cigarette smoke particles that can get absorbed into the sofa material, that cause a wide range of health complications, including increasing chances of developing cancer. You also want to prevent mould and mildew from growing on the furniture. They are caused by over-wetting, and release spores and mycotoxins into the air that pose a health risk to persons in the residential or commercial residence. Get the sofa cleaning done right by calling in the professionals, which will enable you to enhance the health of the premises. Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

What You Can Expect From Our Sofa Cleaning Specialists

1. Versatile services

Our fabric sofa cleaning team caters to all types of material, from the delicate silk sets, to those made of the resilient nylon. Your warm and cosy fabric sofa is a magnet for dirt and grime. The particles, spills and even odours get absorbed by the fibres. You want to remove them safely. The wrong product can cause irrevocable damage. Let our experts care of the job for you. They apply the appropriate procedures and products, to restore the beauty of your set. Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

Leather is originally animal skin. It has just undergone a couple of processes to make it usable for furniture. However, the underlying structure is the same. It reacts just like any skin would, when it comes to losing moisture. Without the appropriate care, it gradually loses its soft feel, and then starts cracking. Leather sofa cleaning is also a delicate procedure, due to its high sensitivity to pH variations. You don’t want to use the wrong cleaning agents and ruin your elegant furniture. Our personnel use specialised leather sofa cleaning systems to restore the grandiose look and feel to your set, whether its aniline, pigmented, nubuck or even suede. They also condition it, and can provide an additional protector for the leather. After the cleaning is done, the pores of the leather sofa are opened up to enable efficient absorption, leaving your set feeling soft and supple. Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

2. Save nature for the teenager

Future generations are relying on us today to make the right decisions to conserve the environment. All of us want our children and their children to live in a comfortable and sustaining planet. As such, governing bodies and regulatory institutions have come together to reverse the degradation that has been caused by our predecessors, and the current generation. This covers all aspects of our lives, from the fuel we use, shopping choices we make, to the cleaning procedures used on our property. Our cleaning team enables you to join the global efforts aimed at saving the earth. They use eco-friendly products that have passed EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. In addition, since there are no toxic fumes, you get to avoid unnecessary medical bills. Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

3. Time and money convenience

When coming to the final cost, issues such as the particular type of sofa in your establishment, and the seater number of the set, are taken into account. This, in addition to the affordable structure, enables you to make savings in your cleaning expenditure. Our personnel will arrive on site in time, the sofa will be cleaned up in moments, and it will dry completely in just an hour. Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Rathmines? Commercial sofa cleaning or domestic sofa cleaning services? No problem!

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Sofa Cleaning Rathmines

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