Sofa Cleaning Saggart

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Sofa Cleaning Saggart

Sofa Cleaning Saggart

Are you looking for sofa cleaning services in Saggart? Would you like to receive professional advice and free estimates? Book your next sofa clean with us and enjoy chemical free cleaning services! Sofa Cleaning Saggart

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€


Looking For Sofa Cleaning Experts?

Your sofa- it’s where you have those pleasurable bonding moments with family. You entertain guests on it, and get some rest after you come home from work. As you read your novels, watch the prime time news, or catch up on the weekend league games, you want to be able to be well relaxed on your set. In business premises, whether it’s the reception area, lounge or office space, you want a sofa that exudes elegance and provides comfort. Unfortunately, that won’t happen when its choke full of dirt and grime. Where does the soiling come from? The people using the sofa leave behind skin and hair particles, pets layer the cushions with fur and dander, and there’s always that dust that’s in the air that settles onto the sofa. Drink and food spills are common, leading to unsightly stains on the fabric or crumbs stuck between the cushions. In order for the sofa in your establishment to be comfortable to use, all this gunk needs to be eliminated. That’s where the sofa cleaning professionals come in. Sofa Cleaning Saggart


When you think of the gunk that’s lurking in your sofa, you won’t look forward to those leisure naps or lay your head on the cushions. There’s everything from bacteria feeding on the decaying matter, to the viruses like the flu that were coughed onto it, colonies of dust mites gorging themselves on the loads of skin flakes being shed on it, their faecal residue, body parts left behind by insects, and even microbes brought over by rodents like mice that come out at night to feed on the food crumbs. It doesn’t stop there. In case there was an excessive amount of moisture on your furniture, as a result of spills, or overwetting which normally occurs during DIY sofa cleaning, then fungi like mould could have got a foothold, and flourished. They release mould spores into the air, which irritate both the airways and skin in sensitive persons. There are also more allergens like pet dander, plus natural ones like pollen that are blown into the interior space. Capping it off is chemicals like the residue of aerosols and paint particulates, which could cause a wide range of body system damage. You don’t want to put the health of the persons in your establishment at risk. Call in the sofa cleaning professionals so that you can rest assured that it is in a hygienic condition. Sofa Cleaning Saggart


Value Of Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. State of the art equipment

In order to deliver professional results, we have made massive investments in modern sofa cleaning technology. It’s all about providing a deep clean that restores the elegance to your set. All the junk is removed, from the dried-in body sweat, coffee spills, spaghetti source, pet dander, hair and fur from people and pets respectively, and even those set-in stains, enabling you to enjoy your sofa. Even those allergens and pathogens that had made it their home are eradicated by the powerful cleaning solutions and high temperatures of the cleaning process. Sofa Cleaning Saggart


2. Leather and fabric sofa cleaning

Different materials require a different approach. The fabrics are highly absorbent and easily stain, while the leather is very sensitive to pH variations. You don’t want your investment getting ruined by the risks of DIY and rookie cleaning. Our professional team has the skills and experience required to address your particular type of furnishings, whether its linen, vinyl, wool, acrylic or acetate fabric, or suede, pigmented aniline and semi aniline leather. The sofa cleaning procedures used are safe, and processes like leather conditioning are also carried out to rejuvenate it and extend its life. Sofa Cleaning Saggart


3. Saves you time

You don’t want to keep inconveniencing your family members at home, or the persons in your business premises. There are also those times when you want emergency cleaning, like on the aftermath of a party, or there has been a plumbing or fire incident in your establishment. The sofa cleaning process employed are fast, from the scrubbing to the actual drying. For instance, the drying time is reduced to as little as 1 hour. Sofa Cleaning Saggart


4. The green clean

We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrowed it from children. Future generations are relying on us to pass down a planet that can sustain and nourish them- one where they can live in comfortably without worrying about their survival. This has seen numerous eco-friendly measure being put into place in the various aspects of our lives, from the kinds of energy we rely on, transport modes we take, all through to the sofa cleaning processes. Our team is keen on this, and utilise products and systems that are safe for Mother Nature. Sofa Cleaning Saggart

Sofa Cleaning Saggart


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