Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

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Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

Are you looking for sofa cleaning services in Sandyford? Are you looking for leather sofa cleaning services or fabric sofa cleaning? Would you like to have your sofa cleaned with eco friendly or natural sofa cleaning shampoos? Call us now! Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Turn To The Professionals To Clean Your Sofa

Your sofa is one of the most comfortable spots in the room. Whether you’re watching TV, entertaining guests or curling up with a novel from your favourite author, you no doubt would enjoy doing it on the sofa. In some cases, based on the design or size of the set, it can even double up as a second bed. With that kind of traffic, is no wonder that it builds up dirt fast. As people sit on it, they shed skin cells, plus rub on sweat, and even dyes from their clothes on its material. Snacks while enjoying the latest episode on the TV show you’ve been ardently following leads to crumbs ending up between the cushions. As you hosts guests or invite your date over for some dinner and wine, there could be beverage spills that wind up staining the sofa, causing unsightly spots. You want to be able to restore the elegance to your set, in your residential or commercial premises. In business establishments the consequences of soiled furniture are more dire, seeing that it turns off customers, which costs you market share. You can avoid this from happening by letting the sofa cleaning specialists bring back the look and feel you desire to your set. Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

It’s not just big- it’s a cocktail of harmful substances putting your health at risk every moment you sit back to enjoy some TV or hang out with your friends. The sofa contains allergens, pathogens, and chemicals that could cause severe bodily harm. The chemicals can come from the outdoors, as people walking through parks and busy streets get pesticides, exhaust fumes and other substances stuck to their clothes and hand bags, which get rubbed onto the furniture. Some come from aerosols from care programs like cleaning and spray painting, where the particulates get suspended in the air, and end up getting deposited on the sofa. On the other hand, the infections are caused by the colonies of microbes thriving in the fibres of the sofa, thanks to the availability of organic matter to nourish them, and warmth to give them a conducive environment. Bacteria from the remote that’s touched by virtually everyone and constantly gets lost in the cushions of the sofa, the handbag that you carried with you to the restroom at your workplace or club last night to refresh yourself, the feet spruced up onto the sofa to help you rest, or even picked up from the yard and deposited onto the sofa by your pet, can get into your system and contaminate you. There are always those viruses deposited on the sofa by coughing, and fungal growth results in infections to the respiratory system once you inhale their spores and mycotoxins. Scary, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be this way. Protect your loved ones at home plus the employees and customers at your workplace by bringing in the sofa cleaning professionals to enhance your set’s hygiene standards. Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

Reasons To Turn To The Sofa Cleaning Professionals

1. Top of the range equipment

We come with power tools for a thorough sofa cleaning job. The systems and products employed to tackle the dirt and stain problems on your set are highly effective, delivering superb results. They get to the soiling that is buried deep in the sofa’s material, and those crumbs and insect droppings hidden in the nooks and crannies of the set. The sofa cleaning personnel get rid of the mounds of skin flakes, food and sauce smudges, urine stains, all through to those pesky pathogens laying around on the furniture waiting for a moment to strike. The process revitalises your set, enhancing the décor of your establishment. Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

2. Proficient leather and fabric sofa cleaning

The sofa cleaning team will undertake a thorough inspection on the types of soiling and sofa material involved, in order to determine how best the grime and stains can be removed while simultaneously protecting the underlying material. They are well versed with the different kinds of sofas, ranging from fabrics like acetate, nylon, wool, and polyester, to leathers like aniline and suede. The cleaning and treatment modes used are tough on the soiling, but gentle on the sofa material. Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

3. Take the load off your back

Sofa cleaning is an arduous task without the expertise and right equipment required. There’s also the risk of applying the incorrect treatments, which can ruin your investment. Avoid the hustle and turn to our sofa cleaning services. The process is carried out in a timely fashion, and even the drying of the sofa has been reduced to 1 hour. This also means that fungi such as mould won’t be able to row, further protecting your investment and the health of the persons in the premises. Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

Sofa Cleaning Sandyford

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