The Sofa Cleaning Specialists You Can Count On

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The Sofa Cleaning Specialists You Can Count On

The Sofa Cleaning Specialists You Can Count On

When did you last have your sofa cleaned? For some, it’s months. Others can have clocked years without giving the furniture a thorough wash, only wiping up spills that form on it, and carrying out the occasional vacuuming. In fact, some have confessed to not have had professional sofa cleaning since it was brought home from the store. The longer that it remains unattended to, the more the grime that accumulates in it. Over time, the colour changes, the stains become more difficult to remove, and odours begin developing. It’s not just the aesthetics that are on the line- granted that they are a huge factor, since the dull and forlorn sofa will drag down the ambience of the room in which it has been placed. The soiling is gritty, and the abrasion as the particles get ground against the upholstery can result in wearing down of the material. Fraying and thinning are common problems, which reduce the life of your unit. The professional sofa cleaning prevents things from going down this road.

Then there is your own personal comfort. The sofa is the go-to set, where one relaxes after those busy days at work, takes the occasional nap, hangs out with the significant other, and also hosts guests on in it. Kids enjoy hopping up and down the cushions, and the pets have probably picked the sofa arm as their favourite napping spot. This heavy usage results in it building up loads of gunk, from food crumbs that get into the nooks and crannies of the seat, spills that are absorbed by the upholstery and cushions, all through to the pet fur and dander, accumulating on the seat and throw pillows. Get rid of the gunk with sofa cleaning. Humans shed skin flakes all through the day, and these sustain hordes of dust mites calling the sofa their home. The food particles also attract insects to the seat. The dirty furniture ends up being a whole ecosystem on its own- and you don’t want to be surrounded by these microscopic creates each time you have a seat, or be assaulted by the odours emanating from the furniture. Our sofa cleaning services are here to restore the beauty and comfort of your set. 

Experienced crew

There are numerous types of sofa. These range from the type of upholstery, such as those with natural or synthetic fabrics, and the leather sofa alternatives, and also the design of the construction itself. These require different aspects of sofa cleaning and maintenance, especially with the kinds of products and systems that are used. Common mistakes witnessed during the DIY sofa cleaning, such as using the wrong products, or overwetting the furniture, can result in costly ramifications. The materials are sensitive to the chemicals used, and issues like the wrong pH can result in reactions which cause discolouration or corrosion of the material. Your goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime, not wind up with patches of discoloured areas or ruined fibres. Overwetting, on the other hand, increases the drying time. Here, there is the inconvenience that is caused, since the sofa will be out of commission during that entire time in which it will be wet. In addition, the longer that the furniture takes to dry, the higher the likelihood that fungi will develop in the material. This comes with health risks from the spores and mycotoxins that are produced by the sofa, and also issues like additional staining, with mould of all sorts of colours. Avoid the risks of the DIY sofa cleaning by leaving the job to the experts.

Our crew have been well-trained, and we invest in both their personal and professional development. Having been providing the sofa cleaning services to both residential and commercial establishments for years, they have the skills and experience needed to take on the hob. They will apply the most efficient approach for the sofa cleaning, using products and systems that are safe for your particular type of furniture. 

Quick results

Our sofa cleaning crew utilize industrial-grade machinery for the process, and which come with loads of power to ensure a deep and thorough clean is delivered each time. In addition, tough acting formulations are used for the pre-treatment and cleaning itself, to break down the stubborn dirt spots and stains, further speeding up the process. The sofa cleaning is down in a timely manner, from the punctual arrival, the scrubbing, all through to the rinsing and extraction. What’s more, the suction used with the high-powered units at the end of the process cuts down the drying time, and you will be able to resume using the sofa in a couple of hours. This reduces the disruption to your day-to-day life.

You can rely on our sofa cleaning services to remove the spilled coffee stains, wine, ketchup, and even pet urine spots that have been formed on the sofa. These kinds of stains need more than just the regular scrubbing, and our personnel will incorporate formulations that have been specially developed for the task. The sofa cleaning products themselves are safe for the environment. Adhering to EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability, and even coming with certifications on their eco-friendly nature, you get to have your sofa cleaned and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. There won’t be residue left behind in the material, hence avoiding rapid resoiling.

Affordable rates

With us, you get a quality sofa cleaning without wrecking your budget. Our costs are pocket-friendly and have been structured to account for your particular needs. You will receive a full quotation beforehand, and it will be tailored to aspects such as the size and number of sofas you want cleaned. Factors like the level of soiling that is involved, the kinds of stains being dealt with, all through to the frequency of the sofa cleaning sessions are also taken into account when coming up with the final price.. In addition, there aren’t any hidden costs that will crop up. We are also insured, in order to protect you from liabilities in case of any unfortunate incidence. Our sofa cleaning personnel put in place the required safety measures to ensure that such incidences don’t occur in the first place. This goes to show the level of professionalism with which we offer our services.

The Sofa Cleaning Specialists You Can Count On

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