Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan

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Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan

Your sofa is not what it used to be. Years of use and abuse has stained and marked your sofa. The arm rest looks all glossy from all the friction and there are a number of stains on it. There also seems to be a constant bad odour. Looks like you need to get rid of it and buy a new sofa fast. Well, not so fast. Sofa Cleaning Dublin can deep clean, disinfect, deodorise and disinfect your sofa for a very modest price. Your old and stained sofa can be restored to a new like condition hassle free. Just contact us today and let us quote you for a nice sofa cleaning project.

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan – Prices

Some sofas can cost a lot of money and if maintained right should last for many years. Regular maintenance and at least one annual cleaning is highly recommended. Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan provides eco sofa cleaning services from only 50 euro. Not all sofas are the same and not all sofas require such a deep cleaning so not all sofa cleaning projects are quoted the same way. We usually charge from 20 euro per seat for a light sofa cleaning, deodorising & disinfection. Deeper sofa cleaning projects and jobs where more work is required could cost a bit more. Commercial sofa cleaning projects are usually priced more or less the same way like domestic sofa cleaning.

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan – Types of sofas

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan provides free no obligation estimates for commercial sofa cleaning services and domestic sofa cleaning services. Same prices apply for leather sofa cleaning services and fabric sofa cleaning services. Our leather sofa cleaning projects are deep cleaned with Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner while our fabric sofa cleaning projects are deep cleaned with hot water extraction sofa cleaning systems and 100% eco sofa cleaning shampoos from Craftex & Cleanfast.

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan – Technology

To achieve great sofa cleaning results and to ensure quick drying times, you need to use the latest sofa cleaning technology and the most innovative drying fans. Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan uses powerful hot water extraction sofa cleaning systems that can extract even the finest grain of dust from inside your sofa. We work with a number of sofa cleaning shampoos, traffic lane cleaners, stain removers, odour neutralisers & protectors. Read our blog and find out more information about our equipment.

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan – Drying times

Most professional sofa cleaning contractors will give you an estimate of 1 to 5 hours for a full drying process but the truth is that there are a number of factors that can increase and decrease the drying periods. A standard fabric sofa deep cleaned in a well ventilated & heated room is likely to fully dry within 1-3 hours. But a fabric sofa that requires a number of treatments & is cleaned in a wet and cold room without ventilation, it could take much longer to dry. You, as a customer, can help a lot with the drying process. Open all the windows and ventilate the room well.

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan – Antibacterial

All our sofa cleaning shampoos are 100% eco friendly and safe to use around pets, kids, older people, asthmatics and pregnant women. A deep sofa cleaning treatment will remove all the dust residue, it will extract all food & drink spillages, all the hair & skin flakes and it will also disinfect the fabric to sanitize the sofa. After a deep clean, your sofa will be bad bacteria free, fully deodorised and it will feel very soft.

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan – How to book

We are a very customer orientated sofa cleaning company and we did all we could to provide our customers with a website that will enable them to book any service in a matter of minutes. Our online booking form can be used by people with little internet experience. You just need to fill in your name, address, mobile phone number & email address. Select your date and the type of service required and press enter. You are good to go. You can also pay your invoice online.

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan – Well established

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan is not just another sofa cleaning company. We are a highly regarded eco sofa cleaning company with great references, great experience and great staff. Our attention to detail and our unique sofa cleaning technology has enabled us to work faster, better and cheaper. We are happy to quote you for free and we are happy to work with any budget. You can also book 5+ items and save over 30%.

Sofa Cleaning Stillorgan

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