The Sofa Cleaning Team You Can Trust

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The Sofa Cleaning Team You Can Trust

The Sofa Cleaning Team You Can Trust

The air quality of the house has a huge influence on the health and comfort of your family members. The concentrations of airborne pollutants that are indoors is dozens of times greater than the outdoors. Everyday dust, allergens like pollen being blown into the house through the open windows, faecal pellets from dust mites, pet fur and dander, pollutants like smoke particles for residences where there are household members who smoke cigarettes, aerosolised chemicals such as with the products sprayed into the interior space during routine house care and renovation projects- they gradually settle on the different furnishings and surfaces in the house, and the sofa is not spared. When resting on those cosy cushions, one is exposed to these contaminants and allergens. Effects range from the discomfort that comes with the incessant coughs and sneezing, cases of itching for sensitive persons, asthma attacks being triggered, all through to conditions like bronchitis being worsened. For the cases of smoke particles that have been absorbed by the upholstery, these contain carcinogens, increasing the risk. An in-depth sofa cleaning gets rid of these agents, that way you can comfortably kick back and relax on your favourite sofa without getting reactions to it. You will also be in a position to confidently host your guests without worrying about them getting respiratory issues that would have made them uncomfortable, or resulted in dire situations. 

The odours that are generated by the decaying organic matter on the upholstery make it difficult to enjoy it. They assault your senses the moment you take a seat, preventing you from focussing on anything else. You can barely read your novel, watch some TV, or engage in a meaningful conversation with your loved ones, when there are stenches pervading your nostrils. These smells range from dull nuisances with the gunk that has stayed for ages in the cushions, the sweat that is on the upholstery, to those cases of pungent smells like when there are urine stains to contend with. As such, odour neutralizing is a key part of the sofa cleaning, in order to restore the fresh look and feel to the interior space. 

What impression is your business making?

As you run your day-to-day business operations, the cleanliness of the workspace is probably not at the top of your priorities. There is so much to focus on, making those sales, hitting the revenue targets, cutting down on operations costs, and planning the future growth of your enterprise- you barely have much time to focus on aspects that are not making a direct impact on the balance sheet. This tends to be an oversight by many entrepreneurs and business owners. In fact, it’s quite common to find them only taking note of the need for a clean and healthy working environment when things have got out of hand. The sofa cleaning is part of this. Here is why you should invest in it:


  • First impressions


They count. Having a clean and tidy workplace will make the business appear more appealing, giving potential clients confidence in your enterprise right from the moment that they walk into the room. You want to have an environment that is welcoming- one that forges trust in your business, showing the clients that you efficiently run your operations, paying key attention to detail. On the other hand, having soiled furniture tells the clients of a lacklustre performance when offering your products and services, and how the employees are poorly taken care of. If you don’t put effort in providing a healthy workplace, what of the products and services that you’re marketing to your clients? They will get jittery about engaging you, causing you to lose out.


  • Elevating your brand


Customers take a tidy business premises to be a sign that you provide quality products. Whether you’re a consultancy firm, hotel or restaurant, or you’re selling furniture itself, the clients will be sure to judge your brand based on the look and feel of the office space. You don’t want to turn them off even before they have had the opportunity to check out what you have on offer. 


  • Improved working conditions


Your employees are the engine of your business. Keep them happy and well taken care of, and you will thrive. Frustrate them, and your business will be negatively impacted. For most employees, they view the workspace as their second home- besides, it’s where they spend most of the hours of their days  in. Putting in effort to ensure that it is clean and well maintained enables you to provide a conducive environment for your employees to be more productive and happy at their task. What’s more, nowadays employees are a core part of the marketing channel, talking to their friends and families about the products and services that a business offers, whether in person or through their social media platforms. When the employees are frustrated by their working conditions, or unhappy due to the soiled state of affairs, they are less likely to promote your business. In addition to the reduced productivity, your business ends up suffering. That is certainly not how you want things to play out. 


  • Allows your employees to focus


Leave the sofa cleaning to a dedicated company offering the task, instead of pulling your employees from their workstations to handle it. First, with a professional cleaning services, you get to ensure that a thorough job is done. When the results are satisfactory, you get to schedule routine sofa cleaning sessions that will keep your units in top condition. However, tasking your employees with the duty hampers their productivity in what they were actually hired to do, in addition to putting your furniture at risk when the wrong sofa cleaning approaches are used.

Give Us A Call

Our team is carefully selected. We have a rigorous vetting process, only hiring people who we could trust in our very own homes. As such, thorough background checks are core to our hiring process. That way, you will be comfortable with the crew sent to work on your property. We also invest heavily in the personal and professional development of our technicians. This is to keep them up to date with the latest advancements in the sofa cleaning industry, to apply the most effective approach when cleaning your unit.


The Sofa Cleaning Team You Can Trust

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