Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

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Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

Are you looking for sofa cleaning services in Templeogue? Are you looking for a professional sofa cleaning company with over 12 years experience? Call us now or book your next sofa cleaning job online. We are open 24/7!

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Turn To Us For Your Sofa Cleaning Needs

“Is it safe to sit on?” Such a question about your sofa from guests you have welcomed into your home is embarrassing. The thought of mumbling through awkward answers to your relatives and neighbours about the sorry state of the furniture is mortifying. In business premises, the effects reach further to your finances. Customers finding a soiled sofa set in your reception area will walk right out of your business premises, as they take the condition to be a representation of the level of services to expect. Your staff will not be excited about using dirty furniture at the employee lounge, which affects their morale and productivity. You won’t be comfortable conversing with a client in your office if the sofa is covered in stains and odours. The dirt on the cushions and fabrics comes from the everyday use of the furniture, which causes it to accumulate everything from dust, sweat, dead skin cells, and even pet fur and dander. This affects the ambience of the interior space. You can reverse the situation by calling in the sofa cleaning professionals. Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

Did you know that there are sections of your sofa so concentrated in pet fur and dander, that you would have a more severe reaction to them than if you buried your face in the animal’s fur? The gunk left behind by your furry friend is just a fraction of the stuff in your sofa that can cause reactions like asthma when inhaled, exacerbating conditions such as bronchitis, and causing skin irritation. You don’t want your guests at home or customers your workplace to start scratching themselves the moment that sit on the sofa. There are also substances like body fragments from insects and mouse droppings from the rodents that come scavenging for those food crumbs in the crevices of the furniture. These are full of pathogens, which end up causing anything from mild irritation to organ damage after prolonged exposure. Your kids are at a higher risk since they spend a lot of time on the sofa playing with their toys or the cushions themselves. They also have a tendency to keep touching their face and mouth, which gets the contamination into their system. You won’t want to incur huge medical bills, or watch your family members stay in discomfort. As a business owner, your customer falling ill from using facilities in your premises will be a dark mark on your brand. Hiring sofa cleaning specialists will enable you to avoid these situations. Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

Why You Should Turn To Our Sofa Cleaning Experts

1. Equipment that you can count on

Our sofa cleaning personnel come with high powered tools that deliver powerful cleaning solutions to the sofa, getting to the deeply ingrained soiling. The dirt and grime is broken down with ease, and you’ll no longer have to worry about those unsightly stains. Pet fur and dander, juice and soda spills from last night’s party, all through to those nasty microbes crawling all over your furniture are removed. The thorough sofa cleaning ensures that it restored to the state you love and enjoy. Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

2. Commercial and domestic sofa cleaning

We handle diverse sofa cleaning needs, from homes and hotels to office suites and entertainment venues. In addition, our team is well versed on the different kinds of sofa material out there, and apply the necessary processes to clean your fabric and leather sofas. The experienced sofa cleaning is necessary to protect your set from getting corroded or permanently stained, and measures like conditioning the leather are done to restore the lost protection against the elements. Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

3. Timely convenience

You don’t to remain standing for long, or force your household members or persons in your business premises to rely on stools for an entire day. The sofa cleaning team ensures that you won’t. The processes employees are fast, right from the application of the cleaning solutions and scrubbing, all through to the extraction. In fact, so much of the moisture from the sofa cleaning is removed that it will dry in 1 hour. Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

4. Nurturing nature for a better future

This world is a fin place, and definitely worth fighting for. You children and their children after them are depending on you to do it. It’s not like we have a planet B to relocate to. Preserving the environment round us is critical is protecting Mother Nature. This has led to the push for environmentally sustainable practices, and this includes our sofa cleaning products and processes. They are safe for the biodiversity around you, enabling you to reduce your green footprint. Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

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