Sofa Cleaning Walkinstown

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Sofa Cleaning Walkinstown

Sofa Cleaning Walkinstown

Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Walkinstown? Why not ask Dublin Sofa Cleaning for a free no obligation estimate? We are happy to deal with commercial and domestic sofa cleaning projects!

1 seat sofa cleaning 30 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 120 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 150 euro

6 seat sofa cleaning 180 euro

Expert Sofa Cleaning For You

Your sofa is basically the elephant of the room. It’s the largest piece sticking out of the floor. No doubt that it’s going to be the centre of attraction in your interior space. You don’t want it being in a deplorable condition. That will reflect poorly on the rest of the premises. It is also the heaviest used set in the room- from singles who use it mainly to entertain guests, to those with families, whose kids literally grow on the sofa. As you host your friends and relatives who have come to catch up in your home, or your clients and investors in your office, the sofa gradually picks up soiling: Shed hair and skin particles from the body, spills from beverages, crumbs from those snacks being enjoyed by your employees in the lounge or customers out on the reception area, pet fur and dander from your furry friends, all through to the dust that’s in the atmosphere which settles on the surface of the furniture. The resultant dirt spots and stains are exasperating. They make the sofa uncomfortable, embarrass you in front of your guests, affect the productivity of your staff, and give your brand a negative image. You don’t have to live or work in such conditions. Call in the sofa cleaning experts to keep your set well groomed. Sofa Cleaning Walkinstown

That pet fur and dander can give you an allergic reaction. In fact, it can be more severe than when you bury your face in your furry friend’s back. And those are not the only substances you have to worry about. The dust mites in the sofa feeding on the skin flakes leave behind droppings, which have protein compounds that trigger reactions when inhaled on when they get onto the skin. This causes coughing, sneezing, nasal stuffiness, triggers asthma attacks and worsens respiratory conditions. On the skin, the irritation can cause itchiness, and inflame eczema. Then there’s the everyday dust that prevents you from enjoying your TV shows since you keep sneezing through them. Fungi from excess moisture grows, producing spores that can lead to the allergy symptoms. Some of the species of mould and mildew release mycotoxins, which are cancer causing agents, and can lead to organ damage like of the liver. In addition to this, building maintenance programs from cleaning to spray painting, causes particulates to be spread in the atmosphere, and some of these chemicals can end upon the cushions that you enjoy resting on, exposing you to a plethora of ailments. Call in the sofa cleaning professionals to ensure the health and hygiene of your set. Sofa Cleaning Walkinstown

What The Sofa Cleaning Professionals Deliver

1. Equipment you can trust

Our personnel is well equipped with the latest in sofa cleaning machinery to extract the soiling, break down the stains, and leave your set looking and feeling glamorous. Everything from the common tea, coffee and wine stains, to the pesky urine stains left behind by accidents from your furry friend, the dirt spots from everyday living, including sweat, pet dander, and body oil treatments, the occasional ink blot as you were handling some work on the sofa, are removed to spruce up the furniture, and ultimately enhance the ambience of the premises. Sofa Cleaning Walkinstown

2. Safe fabric and leather sofa cleaning

The last thing you want is your leather or fabric sofa getting damaged by the cleaning process. However, that’s a common occurrence made during DIY sofa cleaning. The different material that the furniture is made with reacts differently to cleaning products. The natural fabrics like linen and silk are cosy but more sensitive, compared to the synthetic ones like polyester and rayon. Leather itself comes in different forms depending on the level of treatment, and the products each have their method of cleaning and conditioning, be it suede, pigmented, aniline or semi aniline. You want experience when handling your furniture, so that you can be rest assured of the safety of the systems and products used. You can get that from our specialist sofa cleaning team. Sofa Cleaning Walkinstown

3. Saves your furniture and your time

The fast sofa cleaning processes used enables life at your home or workplace to go back to normal quickly. Even the drying time of the cleaned set has been reduced to 1 hour, thanks to the powerful suction that removes the bulk of the moisture from the cleaning process. Sofa Cleaning Walkinstown

Sofa Cleaning Walkinstown

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