When Your Sofa Is Due For A Clean, What Do You Do?

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When Your Sofa Is Due For A Clean, What Do You Do?

When Your Sofa Is Due For A Clean, What Do You Do?

Do you look back, reminiscing on the sofa’s good old days – when first brought back home from the store, with its crisp new look and feel? How the colours and patterns complemented the space, and the way you could lie on the cosy cushions for a while day? Guests coming over would compliment the furniture, and you would beam in pride. You looked forward to coming home for a busy day at work, kick your feet up and lounge back on your favourite sofa, as you enjoyed a hot beverage and catch up on the day’s events on Prime-Time news. Perhaps you and your significant other occasionally decided that the bedroom was not enough, where you would then have some fun on the luxurious sofas. Do you have pets? Then they no doubt picked out a spot to have their naps, such as the sofa arm which ends up accumulating so much dander. Over time, the classy and elegant sofa gradually deteriorates, becomes a pale shadow of what it formerly was. The dirt and grime that accumulate in the upholstery and padding, stains from food and drink spills that form unsightly patches that clash with the furniture’s patterns, to the odours that emanate from the cushions – they all take away the appeal of the sofa. It needs deep cleaning in order to bring back its comfort and appeal. How you go about this matters. 

Deciding to take the DIY route when working on your sofa can end up doing more harm than good. There are plenty of stories on the internet of DIY tasks gone wrong. Let’s delve more into that. 

Problems That Come With DIY Sofa Cleaning

With the wide room for error, DIY jobs often end up with the individual stopping midway and cleaning in the professionals to come in and salvage the situation. It can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience, with costly errors. Here are different ways that things tend to go wrong:


  • Soaking the sofa in cleaning solution


Pumping more and more water into the sofa in an attempt to flush out the grime can be counterproductive. Depending on the sofa material, different issues can result. For instance, the dyes and treatment that had been applied to the unit to protect the material can get washed off. There are delicate fabrics that can shrink, and, with the case of leather sofas, the soiling ends up being pushed deeper into the upholstery. What’s more, since the extraction machinery that is rented from stores usually has a low capacity, the sofa’s padding is left with copious amounts of water, that takes long to dry. This is not only inconveniencing – since it means that you will not use the sofa for days, but it also encourages mould and mildew to grow. The fungi infestations in the upholstery lead to an increased concentration of spores in the indoor air space, reducing its quality, and they also cause staining. Removing mould from the affected furniture will also be a costly endeavour – yet the DIY project had been initiated with the aim to save on money.


  • Residue remaining in the furniture


When too much shampoo is used, or if the rinsing process is not thorough enough, there will be a mixture of detergent and soiling remaining in the sofa. This is particularly problematic because it accelerates the resoiling, making a mockery of your cleaning efforts. The ends up requiring the cleaning to be repeated much sooner than had been anticipated.


  • Working with the wrong chemicals


This is one of the most common risks – and the reason behind the sofa manufacturers telling the buyers of their products to leave the cleaning to the professionals. The wrong chemical can easily ruin that elegant sofa. They have different materials, from the natural fabric upholsteries like wool and silk, synthetic upholsteries like acrylic and pol9iesye, to leather units, where there are also variations ranging from aniline and semi aniline, to nubuck sofas. Each of the different types has its required mode of cleaning, and working with harsh chemicals can easily corrode the fibres of the material, reducing the lifespan of your unit. Which is certainly not what you want for your elegant sofa, not with all the time and money that went into purchasing the right sofa for your residence. 



This boils down to the experience of the DIYer, and the capacity of the machinery used. It can be exasperating when you spend hours of your day on the cleaning task, only to wind up with unsatisfactory results. Labouring through your afternoon scrubbing those stubborn dirt spots, only for them to refuse to budge, can get on your nerves. 

Professional Sofa Cleaners Near You

You don’t have to put yourself through the hassles of the cleaning process. Simply dial up our personnel and get your needs addressed to high quality standards. Our crew have been fully equipped with state-of-the-art sofa cleaning equipment, ensuring that your unit receives a deep clean on each visit. Different methods are employed based on the particular situation, and our crew have been in the industry for years, thus know the appropriate method to use when combating the dirt and stains riddling your unit. 

We hare heavily invested in our clients’ satisfaction. After all, we want to win your loyalty, which is why we put our best foot forward each time. From the engagement with our customer service crew, the technicians sent on-ground to assess and work on your upholstery, all through to ensuring that you get the required quality of results – it all factors into the process. Our personnel are also a friendly lot, and will be respectful of your property all through the service delivery. Any queries you have about the processes being undertaken will be addressed, and pointers provided to enable you take care of your sofa for longer. 

We’re duly licensed and also insured, for your protection. Acquiring the insurance coverage is an industry best practice, since accidents can happen at any time, and, as a client, you should be protected from the liabilities that would ensue. We also put in place the required safety measures to minimise the risks of the accidents happening in the first place. 

When Your Sofa Is Due For A Clean, What Do You Do?

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