Those Spills On Your Sofa Can Be Messy- We'll Get Rid Of Them

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Those Spills On Your Sofa Can Be Messy- We'll Get Rid Of Them

Those Spills On Your Sofa Can Be Messy- We’ll Get Rid Of Them

Accidents are a part of life. Perhaps you had made your sofa into a temporary makeup counter, spreading your cosmetic products on the cushions as you prepared you head out for the day. All it takes is a drop of nail polish to make an unsightly spot on your favourite sofa. Perhaps you were cuddling up with your significant other on date night, and a glass of red wine got knocked over the sofa arm. It can have been during brunch, and while debating with your friends, one loosened their grip on a mug of coffee, sending the contents spilling all over the seat. Baby milk that winds up on the chair, tea spills on your favourite sofa, yoghurt and soda that accidentally wound up on the cushions as the children were snacking and playing- they can be frustrating to remove. Do you have pets? These are notorious for urine accidents. These range from puppies that are not yet trained, cats and dogs with behavioural issues like anxiety, to pets with health problems like incontinence. The resultant urine stain is not only an eyesore, but it also emits pungent fumes that reek up the room.  Sometimes the mess is intentional- like when your kid decorates the sofa with a pen within the first few weeks after you purchase the set. What of bloodstains? An injury- such as when one gets a cut, leaves behind spots when the blood drops on the surrounding surfaces. With the absorbent nature of the upholstery, it readily soaks up the blood, forming a patch. Even vomit incidences can occur. With the guys coming back from a wild night out, an individual not able to hold in the contents consumed may end up hurling out his guts all over the couch. Whichever the case, you want the stains to be got rid of. That’s why we’re here. 

Dealing with the professionals

Your sofa was no doubt a pricy investment. being a large furniture set, it clocks one of the highest price tags of the units in the household, hence should be protected. This involves routine care and maintenance. There is plenty of reason why the sofa manufacturers recommend that one gets professional cleaning services. Going the DIY route often ends up damaging the unit. For instance, one may innocently use water on a fabric that shouldn’t have it, resulting in shrinkage of the material. Cases of overwetting are also common, where the upholstery gets soaked in too much water, such that it ends up taking days to dry. Colour bleeding is another consequence that is usually reported, ruining the beauty of the furniture. When it comes to the cleaning chemicals, there are more risks involved. The different upholstery materials, from the natural and synthetic fabrics, to the leather-upholstered units, require to be cleaned with products that have been specially developed for the particular type of material. Products that have an incompatible pH can easily damage the fabric by corroding it. Harsh chemicals will ruin the protective treatments that had been applied on the upholstery which reduces the lifespan of your unit by exposing them to more damage. 

With DIY sofa cleaning, there is also the risk of residue remaining within the set. Here, it can be as a result of too much detergent being used, failure to rinse the upholstery properly, or the machinery that was rented for the task did not have sufficient power to extract the contents. Firstly, it will mean that the sofa is not truly clean. Secondly, the residue will trap more dirt from the environment- especially the dust that accumulates on it on a daily basis. This accelerates the resoiling, meaning that you will need to repeat the cleaning much sooner. This ends up costing you more time and resources. Speaking of rented equipment, there have been reports of DIYers getting machines that are not properly tuned. Faulty units are a threat to the sofa and the persons carrying out the cleaning. In other cases, it is an issue of the person who had previously rented the unit not cleaning out the machine before taking it back- and the store owner also overlooking it. The dirt ends up getting transferred to your sofa as you work on it. These are not issues that you want to deal with. It’s even more frustrating when you spend all that time and sweat equity, and the dirt spots or stubborn stains refuse to budge. Avoid the hassle, and get the desired quality results by turning to the sofa cleaning experts. What’s more, they will complete the process in just a fraction of the time that you would have spent taking it on as a DIY job. 

Machinery that is designed to deliver

This is our business, and we have invested heavily in making it a success. In order to meet the demands of both residential and commercial clients, we have a fully equipped team that has been trained and vetted to carry out the task to industry standards of professionalism. Different systems are used based on the particular sofa cleaning situation. The pre-treatment formulations that break down the soiling, hot water extraction units that flush out the grime, all through to aspects such as applying protectors on fabric sofas, to conditioning of the leather upholsteries after the cleaning are carried out. Our crew have the skillset needed to determine the appropriate method that should be used for your particular sofa, taking into account its particular material, how much soiling is in the upholstery, to the chemical makeup of the stains that are to be removed. That way, the sofa is given a deep clean without putting its structural integrity at risk.

Customer service is a core part of our operations as well. After all, you want to have a pleasant experience, from the moment you call us up to make a query, book an appointment, how the sofa cleaning itself is conducted, all through to the aftercare services. Our personnel are friendly, and will be glad to address any questions that you have about the process. 

Those Spills On Your Sofa Can Be Messy- We’ll Get Rid Of Them

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