Spruce Up Your Sofa The Right Way

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Spruce Up Your Sofa The Right Way

Spruce Up Your Sofa The Right Way

If you’ve been putting off the sofa cleaning for years, it probably looks soiled and old. Due to the grime that continuously builds up on the upholstery, the charm of the sofa slowly gets eroded. It gradually becomes a pale shadow of its former self, bringing down the rest of the decor together with it. 

Having a routine sofa cleaning schedule comes with psychological and health benefits. When it’s all grimy and stained, you are unable to comfortably using it – with the odours coming from the cushions, and those spots from food and drink spills that clash with the colourations and patterns on the furniture. With all the time and effort that you spent setting up the décor of the space, it can get frustrating when you can no longer enjoy the aesthetic appeal that it used to have. What about the guests coming over? Certainly, they will have questions about the state of affairs, especially the friends and relatives who do not mince their words, right? The occasional neighbour dropping by may hold back their reservations, but they will not be able to “take a seat and feel at home” when they are worried about the stains and dirt that are on the sofa getting transferred onto their clothes. When it comes to your health and that of the rest of the household members, the allergens and pollutants that are on the furnishings put them at risk. A deep upholstery cleaning that gets rid of them is needed. You don’t have to take on this task yourself. Simply outsource it to the professionals, where you’ll get your sofa thoroughly cleaned at affordable rates. Here are the benefits you get when you hire pros for the job:


  • Deal with an experienced team


A couple of blog posts and video tutorials does not amount to the years of service delivery that the professionals come with. The intense training they are taken through, and due to working with a wide range of formulations and cleaning machinery over the years, puts them in a better position to employ the carpet cleaning method for your sofa. The different types of upholsteries, such as fabrics, microfibre and leather have their own requirements when it comes to the solutions, pressures and temperatures of the process that are used. You don’t want a case where the wrong product is used – perhaps a harsh chemical in a bid to tackle the stubborn stains, as is often seen with the DIY processes. Just because a particular product was effective in removing a drink stain on the floor does not mean that it can be safely used for the same type of stain on the sofa. The underlying material, its sensitivity to the pH of the solution used on it, those that actually shrink when cleaned with water – all these need to be considered Fortunately, with the professionals you won’t have to worry about your furniture getting damaged. 



The speed of getting the sofa cleaned depends on two main things: the skill level of the personnel carrying out the task, and the kind of machinery being used. DIYers are unlikely to have the equipment needed to carry out a deep clean on the sofa. On the other hand, the professionals have invested heavily in industrial-grade machinery that flushed out the grime from the padding, nooks and crevices of the furniture. This enables them to carry out the process in a fraction of the time that it would have taken a person going the DIY route. 

The drying time is also reduced. This is because of the extraction gear that is used, which suctions out the bulk of the moisture from the sofa. As such, even after processes like hot water extraction and other wet cleaning methods where the sofa may have been soaked in water, it still gets to dry within the same day it has been worked on. This reduces the inconvenience to your family members, and prevents problems like mould and mildew growth cropping up. 


  • Dealing with the tough stains


There are some stains that can be frustrating to handle. Red wine, spilled coffee, pet urine stains and the like call for more than just the usually hard scrubbing to get rid of them. High-performance products and equipment are needed, while still taking care not to damage the underlying upholstery. When you hire the professionals, there are some aspects that need to be factored in. Let’s get into that next.

Tips For Selecting A Sofa Cleaner Near You

In order to enjoy the benefits of a quality clean, you want to ensure that it is being done by the right person from the word go. This means avoiding rookies whose track record cannot be verified, or falling for bait-and-switch scams that are prevalent in the industry. To narrow down the cleaners and select the right one for your needs, there are some factor that you should consider. Firstly, check out the track record of the business, looking through the reviews and testimonials that are on the company’s social media pages and even business directory listings. The feedback left behind about their quality of services will give you a general idea of what you can expect from the company.

Is the company insured? Accidents can happen, and not even the businesses that have been established for decades are spared. Industry best practices require that the firm providing the upholstery cleaning services be insured, in order to protect the client from liabilities, and means through which the owners themselves can get compensated in case of things going off the rails while carrying out the task. While this is the case, there should also be proper safety measures that are put in place during the cleaning, in order to minimise the risks of accidents occurring. 

Next, while chatting with the company representatives, make queries about the kind of training that the cleaners go through, and the various options that they have for cleaning your sofa. You want to be sure about what you’re signing up for, and it’s actually recommended that you get a written quotation as well, indicating the services that you’re paying for. 

Spruce Up Your Sofa The Right Way

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