Taking Care OF Your Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning Needs

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Taking Care OF Your Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning Needs

Taking Care OF Your Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning Needs

They are bound to get soiled and stained. Sofas, the most frequently used furniture sets in the household, handle lots of traffic on a daily basis. It’s where you sit to relax and unwind after a busy day, it’s the entertainment centre, where you host guests, the kids enjoy playing with the cushions, and it if you have a pet, no doubt that your furry friend has already picked out a spot on the sofa for its lengthy afternoon naps. When was the last sofa cleaning done on your set? With the meals enjoyed on the sofa- be it takeout or drinks over brunch, crumbs and spills end up occurring, creating a mess. The food particles getting in the spaces between the cushions in turn attract insects- and even rodents in extreme cases, which deposit their body waste during their feeding expeditions on the furniture. Routine sofa cleaning gets rid of this gunk. Then there are the colonies of dust mites that are calling your sofa their home. Why wouldn’t they- seeing that the conditions are optimal for their survival? Their food- the dead skin cells shed by the persons using the sofa, and the warmth in the upholstery, enables them to thrive. As the skin gets rubbed against the fabric or leather upholstery, substances like sweat and body oils, plus the lotions that one had applied get transferred onto it. This adds to the grime. What’s more, the oily residue traps dust particles floating around, and the sofa gets soiled faster. All this gunk takes away the elegance of your set. After spending so much to get to the sofa that makes your décor pop, you don’t want to watch your efforts go down the drain. Bring in the expert sofa cleaning company to restore the charm to your set.

Stain and Odour Removal

The furniture is given an in-depth clean, getting rid of those stubborn stains and the soiling that has been accumulating in the material. The sofa cleaning equipment that is used has a high efficacy. This, coupled with the skilled nature of our personnel, cuts down the amount of time taken for the task, without compromising on the expected quality of results. 

Our sofa cleaning team handles the different kinds of sets in both residential and commercial establishments. From those with sectional sets that allow you to customise the configuration of the sofa; the simple and classic Bridgewater sofa, which as a low profile and loose back cushions, allowing one to adjust the firmness as is seen fit; track arm sofas with the straight and square arms, and brings a contemporary feel to the space, and are particularly a favourite of those in apartments- the sofa cleaning caters to the diverse unites. Loveseats which are specifically designed for two people; settees which are like loveseats but can fit more than two people and usually come as complementary units to be attached to sectionals; the récaimer which traces its roots to Julie Adélaïde Bernard Récamier, the French hostess who was painted while rested on a backless sofa, now referred to as the récaimer; to those with Knole sofas that draw inspiration from the 17th century, where it was originally designed for Knole, the  historic English house as an upholstered settees- and nowadays is characterised but its deep seat and adjustable arms; plus divans, which are basically long seats without a back and are placed along a wall, where you can add cushions to lean on- and are usually decorated with pillows, you can rely on our sofa cleaning crew to take care of them. Even camelback sets with their distinctive arched backs ;and cabriole sofas whose popularity goes way back to the first half of the 1700s, turn to our sofa cleaning team to give your furniture a quality wash.

Catering to businesses and homes alike

For businesses, image is key to profitability. The customers walking through the front doors will form an opinion of your brand based on the environment they find you in, and the sofa cleaning enables you to portray your business in a positive light. After all, you don’t want your customers finding the waiting room, reception and lobby furniture being all soiled. Stains and dirt spots strewn all over the upholstery paint a picture of an enterprise that does not place detailed attention to its surrounding. How then will the customers be expected to trust the quality of its products and services? With routine sofa cleaning, you get to have an inviting décor that enables you customers to relax and feel refreshed.  Your employees’ comfort also comes into focus. Working in a dilapidated environment results in less concentration. From the soiling to the odours, it prevents them from effectively carrying out their tasks. What’s more, you don’t want to pull them away from their workstations to handle the sofa cleaning. Leave the task to the professionals, to ensure you get quality results in moments. From the office furniture to the couches in the employee-break room, we handle them all. We also understand that you want the sofa cleaning to be carried out in a timely and effective manner, to reduce the disruption to your activities. Businesses also have varying schedules, and you may want to book the sofa cleaning session after office hours. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process, allowing you to schedule a timing that will be convenient for your operations.

At home, you may not have hundreds of visitors using the sofa every month. However, it still takes a beating from the daily wear and tear. From game nights with your family, those dates snuggled up with your significant other on the couch watching movies, family pets that basically colonise spots on the cosy cushions that build high concentrations of dander, the spills form foods and drinks, dirt brought onto the furniture by kids from the games they were playing outdoors, all through to sofa sex- one of the favourite pleasures of couples. Restore its hygiene with deep sofa cleaning. Dirt spots, smears from sweat that gets rubbed onto the seat, body lotions, fur left behind by cats and dogs- they all contribute to the soiling that is building up. Our crew have the skills and experience needed to attend to your set, ensuring that a thorough sofa cleaning is carried out each time.

Taking Care OF Your Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning Needs

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