Taking Care Of Your Leather Sofa Cleaning Needs

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Taking Care Of Your Leather Sofa Cleaning Needs

Taking Care Of Your Leather Sofa Cleaning Needs

They are known for the elegance that they bring to the interior space. Leather sofas exude glamour and luxury, and are highly sought after. They are of different types. For instance, with semi-aniline leather, you have upholstery that has been treated with both aniline dye and pigment protection to make the material tougher and more resistant to staining. Then there is aniline leather, which doesn’t have the additional pigment layer, but feels much softer, which also allows the natural grain to be more prominent.  The expensive price tag of the leather-upholstered sofas is testament to the value that buyers place in the units. Putting in place a routine sofa cleaning program is key to protect your investment. 

Dangers Of DIY Leather Sofa Cleaning

While leather is a durable material, mistakes made during the DIY cleaning process can ruin your unit. These include:


  • Working with household cleaning products


The upholstery is sensitive to the products that are used on it. Formulations that are used on other sections around the household can wreak havoc on the material. For instance, one may decide that since wood furniture polish does a good job of making it shine, it can also work for leather. However, the product will end up being absorbed by the upholstery, and cause staining. 


  • Wrong water usage


The oversight is understandable. After all, water is used for nearly all cleaning operations, and so one may assume that it is suitable for leather. While one can get away with using a damp and soft cloth to wipe some dust off the surface, it doesn’t mean that water can be safely used for the rest of the cleaning. In fact, trying to get rid of stains or dirt on leather using water can force them deeper into the material. What’s more, excess water damages the leather, especially by breaking down the bonds between the oils that are used in the protective treatments that had been applied onto the unit. In addition, the water itself can cause staining, which is a common problem with leather upholsteries. 


  • Working with the wrong leather cleaning product 


Just because it says “Leather Upholstery Cleaner” on the product label, doesn’t mean that it is suitable for your particular kind of unit. Each furniture comes in different forms, with the various types of leather being coloured with different types of dyes, and have additional treatments and finishes applied onto the unit. This means that there isn’t a cleaning product that works across the board for all types of leather furniture. In fact, this is why the manufacturers of the cleaning products insist on one carrying out a spot test on an inconspicuous area before using the formulation on the rest of the sofa. 


  • Applying direct heat to dry the furniture


Since leaving the leather sofa wet for too long can damage the upholstery, one can decide to choose to speed up the drying by pointing a hairdryer to it. This is a big mistake. While on one hand the liquids will ruin the material, on the other hand this type of heat application will dry out the leather too fast, causing it to crack. 

It’s a juggling act. You want to get rid of the dirt and grime, but any slight mishap, and you could permanently damage that elegant leather sofa. Going the DIY route isn’t recommended for this task. Enlist the help of the professional leather sofa cleaning team to take care of the job. That way you get the quality results that you desire, without putting your set at risk. 

Value Of Professional Sofa Cleaning Services


  • Quality services at budget-friendly prices


Your priority is restoring the beauty and appeal to your sofa, and have a healthy living and working environment. However, you don’t want to strain your budget doing it. We hear you. As such, we have invested in high-capacity machinery, that delivers a thorough clean while optimising on operational efficiency. We also have a qualified team that handles the task, thus ensuring that the proper methods are used, delivering the expected results and minimising on wastage. Our industrial-grade systems and experienced crew enable us to cut down on the amount of time spent on the task, which also minimises the costs of operation. We are able to pass on these benefits to you, our client, through an affordable pricing structure. 


  • Improve your mood


Your peace of mind is also on the line. How well your home is taken care of has an impact on your mood. When it’s all clean and freshened up, it enhances your quality of life. Investing in the professional sofa cleaning services is part and parcel of this, allowing you to relax comfortably in your home, and improve your quality of life.


Additional Mistakes To Avoid When Caring For Your Leather Sofa

The risks to your furniture are not just limited to the cleaning process. Other blunders include:

  • Positioning the sofa in the wrong spot. 

Where have you placed the sofa? Not every spot is ideal. For instance, placing it in direct sunlight increases the chances of fading. It will also accelerate the drying out of the leather, causing it to lose that supple feel and start cracking. The same applies when you place it near a heat source, such as the fireplace, radiators and heating vents. Always ensure that there is enough space between the sofa and the heat sources.

  • Placing imprinted materials on the upholstery

Ink from newspapers and magazines can get transferred onto the leather. Leaving them lying around on the sofa could result in unsightly marks on your unit. After you’re done reading that paper, magazine, and even book while resting on the cosy sofa, don’t forget it on the cushions. 


Hire Expert Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Leather furnishings are a superb addition to the interior decor. With that soft and supple feel, characteristic charm, and the warmth that they bring to the room, you want to be able to enjoy our unit throughout its life in your home. Our leather sofa cleaning team will give your unit special care, enabling it to remain in its optimal, vibrant state.

Taking Care Of Your Leather Sofa Cleaning Needs

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  1. Leather sofas can be easily burned down. Harsh chemicals can create permanent staining on the leather glazing. Call your local leather sofa cleaniung company

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