Taking Care Of The Different Types Of Leather Sofas

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Taking Care Of The Different Types Of Leather Sofas

Taking Care Of The Different Types Of Leather Sofas

These luxurious sets have become one of the most highly sought after types of furniture, and are a staple in homes and businesses alike. They have a grandiose look and feel, making a statement in the spaces in which they are set up. While they are the focal point of the room, they require extra care when it comes to the maintenance, even more than some types of fabric sofas. Granted, leather is a durable material, capable of providing years of service. However, just like the skin, it is highly sensitive to the pH of chemical products used on it. Acidic and other harsh clears will corrode the material. You want products that will be safe for the sofa being used, given that it would be frustrating to watch all that money spent on getting the optimal furniture set for your establishment going down the drain. Before we delve into the intricacies of the sofa cleaning process, here is a look at the common types of leather units around today:

  • Aniline leather

This trop-gain and natural leather has been softened with oil, which gives it a buttery feel. The result gives it enhanced comfort and luxury to the user, but it also leads to units with this upholstery coming with a high price tag. Note that since the upholstery has not been treated with protective coatings, it is highly susceptible to damage. it can easily scar and fade if not properly taken care of. Spills on these sofas can be disastrous, which is why they are not usually placed in rooms with kids. Also, using just any random cleaning chemical can wreak havoc on the upholstery, hence it is highly recommended that you get the cleaning done by a professional. 

  • Semi-aniline leather

It comes with a thin protective pigment coating, in order to provide a look close to the aniline leather, but with an additional level of protection. While it has more durability compared to the aniline units, it is still prone to issues like staining and drying out as the protective treatments wear off, and it’s recommended that you apply the leather conditioner regularly. 

This one has its roots in hides that originally came with imperfections like scars and bite marks. Imitation leather grain gets embossed onto the leather in order to correct the imperfections, and this is followed with a thick protective coating pigment. This adds to the durability of the material. Sofas that have been upholstered with corrected-grain leather can be set up in the high traffic rooms – including those with kids and pets, as they will be able to withstand more abuse. 

What Happens During The Sofa Cleaning Process?

When you ring up the pros to carry out the task, you get the peace of mind that it will be carried out appropriately, without putting your sofa at risk. After all, the last thing you want is your expensive leather sofa getting ruined because of the incorrect formulations being used on it. 

During the pre-visit, the condition of the sofa will be assessed by the representative of the sofa cleaning company. This includes determining the type of leather and the kind of stains that are on it, plus the level of soiling, as this will direct the type of cleaning products and processes that will be used. Here, specialised leather cleaning formulations are required, in order to get rid of the dirt and grime without putting the underlying unit at risk. Here, you’re engaging with a cleaning company whose personnel have years of experience in the field, providing services to both residential and commercial establishments. They have also been taken through rigorous training, and keep up to date with the developments in the sofa cleaning industry, that way you can rest assured that you are getting the appropriate measures done each time. 

On the actual day of the cleaning, the crew will arrive at your premises with the equipment needed for the task. This includes truck-mounted machinery that provides the power needed for the various processes, that way you won’t have to worry about your electricity bill skyrocketing. Spot treatments can be applied for those troublesome sections – such as twitch the stains that have set into the upholstery, and those heavy dirt build-ups. This is to chemically break down the grime, meaning the scrubbing and removal that will follow easier. 

The crew will be very particular about the amounts of water being used, and in some cases avoid it totally – especially since water is not your leather sofa’s friend. In fact, this is a common issue that crops up during the DIY cleaning projects, where one uses water on the leather sofa, which causes the stains and dirt to be absorbed deeper into the material. The scrubbing tools used will dislodge the dirt, while being gentle on the underlying material. 

A thorough retraction and rinsing will follow, ensuring that there is no chemical residue left behind in the sofa. Speaking of which, our personnel use eco-friendly sofa cleaning solutions, in order to get rid of the grime without putting the surrounding biodiversity at risk. Here, you won’t have to worry about issues like toxic fumes being produced, or run off that will pollute surrounding water sources. The entire process, from the cleaning to the waste disposal, is carried out through eco-conscious systems and processes. we’re big on the environment, since we all have a responsibility to ensure that we adopt sustainable processes in the different facets of our lives. 

It is recommended that you have the leather sofa conditioned as part of the cleaning process. The protective treatments that have been applied on the upholstery gradually get depleted over time, causing the leather to harden and become uncomfortable. The conditioning comes in to infuse the leather with the lost oils, thus “nourishing” it. This brings back the soft and supple nature of the leather that it is known for, enhancing the comfort of those using it. When done regularly, the leather sofa cleaning and conditioning prolong the life of your unit, and you get to enjoy it all through. 

Taking Care Of The Different Types Of Leather Sofas

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