The Asset That Is Your Sofa

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The Asset That Is Your Sofa

The Asset That Is Your Sofa

Sofas are large investments, and it comes as no surprise given the huge impact that they have on the interior decor. The sheer size of the set, its positioning in the living room, office or even out on the lounge for the commercial establishments, make it dictate the tone of the space. Lots of time and energy goes into the selection process, picking out the set that meets the homeowner’s or business owner’s needs. The different units vary from the style of the construction, the upholstery that has been used on them, to the size of the unit. 

What kind of sofa have you purchased for your home or business premises? The classic Chesterfield is a popular choice. This unit is famous for its high rolled arms and the deep button tufting. With the arms reaching the same height as the back seat, it sets a domineering silhouette, and it works for formal rooms. It’s usually set up in libraries, offices and the home study. The wide range of colours of the upholstery enables one to have the set that brings out their personality, or gives their business a professional image. When it comes to the English roll arm sofa, this unit has a high back but low arms. The arms are rounded and the cushions of the sofa are loose. This unit is intended for the casual spaces, with its relaxed look and feel- plus the fact that it never really goes out of style. The core design of Lawson sofas has been around for centuries. This set is focused on comfort during everyday use, and is an ideal choice for the casual spaces. It resembles the English roll arm sofa, but the back cushions are loose, and it has higher arms, which are convenient for napping. 

When it comes to units like the tuxedo sofa, you have high and sheltering arms, which have a square shape. The back of this unit is usually button-tufted, and the clean and sleek lines of its construction make it a favourite for homeowners looking to bring a modern feel to the space.  Sets like the track arm sofa go almost anywhere, from the mid-century modern decors, to modern and contemporary spaces. Just like the loveseat, this unit is versatile, even when it comes to the upholstery, since you can find it in linen, microfiber, all through to leather. 

Camelback sofas are known for their distinct hump, and there are sets that can have two or three humps. They are suited for the formal spaces or those looking to bring a traditional look to the room. You can choose to pair it with a chaise lounge, amping up the decor. Sectional sofas are amongst the most widely used today, which is mainly attributed to their functionality. These units have a modular design and can be set up to go with the shape of the room. The two main variations are the U-shaped and L-shaped sets, and you can have them as RAF (right-arm facing) and LAF sofas (left-arm facing), which looks at how the arm has been positioned when one is facing the seat.  The sectional sofas have a contemporary or casual vibe and are highly in demand for large families. Reclining sofas have a wide range of design styles, and here the emphasis is to enable one to lounge back in complete comfort- making them ideal for the informal and casual spaces. Then there are those multipurpose units, such as the sleeper sofas. These are used for lounging over the day, and at night are transformed into beds, which is beneficial when you have guests over or have limited sleeping space. 

When you first purchased the sofa, you took care to ensure that you got the right set for your space. You wouldn’t want to watch your efforts going down the drain, right? As such, proper maintenance is vital. There are loads of threats to the unit, from the everyday dirt and grime that builds up on the sofa, the spills that seep into the structure and damage the material, all through to issues like food crumbs attracting insects and rodents, which accelerate the rate of damage. Routine sofa cleaning comes in to get rid of these substances, thus prolonging the life of your set. Measures like applying strain-proofing treatments also come in handy to protect the set.

Fabric And Leather Upholstered Units

The material used for the upholstery varies. For instance, with leather, it is prized for its comfort and elegance. The material is durable, exudes grandeur, and develops character with time, becoming more appealing as the years go by- only if it is well taken care of though. For those looking to score the look of leather, but at a lower price, they tend to opt for the faux leather upholsteries. There are also natural fabric materials like cotton, which is resistant to fading, but can wrinkle and is prone to soiling. Getting a cotton set with a tighter weave gives you more usage for the unit, since it will be stronger. Linen, on the other hand, is a delicate fabric, and is recommended for the spaces where it won’t be threatened by kids and pets, who can make a mess and ruin the fabric. What’s, more, it is prone to shrinking easily when the wrong sofa cleaning measures are applied, hence the insistence on relying on professionals for the task. 

Microfiber upholstered are developed to withstand the abuse that comes when there are pets and kids around. It is a soft and durable material and the maintenance is also easy since substances like lint and pet fur don’t stick to the material. Another common synthetic material that is used is polyester, which comes with a wide range of positive attributes such as enhanced durability, and resistance to wrinkling. It is one of the top choices for the families with kids, and the diverse assortment of styles and patterns give you more room to set up the decor that matches your taste. Chenille sofas, while soft by nature, are also durable. They are known for their texture, but are also high maintenance sets. Frequent vacuuming and sofa cleaning is needed to protect the unit. We handle them all. 

The Asset That Is Your Sofa

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