The Impact That Your Sofa Has In The Home

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The Impact That Your Sofa Has In The Home

The Impact That Your Sofa Has In The Home

It’s one of the largest items in the house, and it gets used more often than almost any other furnishing. Its state includes the decor of the room, and you can use it to direct the tone of the interior space. When getting the choice of sofa for your home, different factors are usually considered, including:


  • Size and construction


Where the sofa is set up is key in determining the size to get. From loveseats to the sectional sofas, they come in different sizes. Some are even multipurpose, such as the sleeper sofas that function as seats during the day, and at night they are used as beds. The positioning of the sofa, whether you want it to be in the middle of the room dominating the space, set up against the stairwell, or tucked into the comfy corner- it has a bearing on the selection made. Sofas that are large enough for multiple people to lounge on, those that provide just enough room to snuggle, to the chaise lounges that are designed for one person to stretch out and relax- the needs vary from one situation to another. 


  • Upholstery choice


The material of the sofa also factors in. These range from the natural fabrics like wool and cotton, to the synthetic polyester and olefin sofas. Some of the synthetic materials are developed to mimic the natural ones, such as acrylic that imitates wool. The material selection is largely based on the level of traffic that the sofa is going to handle. For instance, delicate materials like silk and velvet are ideal for the adult rooms and formal areas where you won’t have to worry about kids and pets making a mess. Microfibre sofas, on the other hand, are popular with families that have the little ones rummaging about. 


  • Colour


What’s your style? There are so many aesthetic choices that cone can go with, from calm and relaxing tones, to vibrant colours that make an impression the moment one enters the room. The soft beige and brown tend to be flexible in their ability to blend with different room designs, while the bolder and brighter patterns are trendy options that are geared towards bringing a “Wow!” effect. 

The sofa selection process is long, and will no doubt cost a pretty penny. It’s worth it, to bring home the unit that appeals to you, and makes the house feel like a home. Things are all great at the onset, up until that first spill. It can be anything from a simple coffee stain, or there is a blotch from red wine spilling over the cushions. Inkblots, pet urine stains, nail polish, blood spots- they form patches that clash with the colours of the sofa, ruining its appeal. Then there is the dirt and grime, which gradually accumulates on the couch. Dust that settles on the material from the airspace, the soiling that your pet tracks in from the outdoors under its paws and hops onto the sofa, food crumbs that get deposited onto the upholstery as you snack while watching some TV,  the body waste of the insects and pests that come to feed on the crumbs, mounds of skin flakes that are produced by the persons using the sofa, the hordes of dust mites that they sustain- gradually the furniture’s appeal deteriorates, dragging down the rest of the ambience with it. This makes the sofa cleaning profess vital.

Call In The Specialists To Clean Your Sofa

Our goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime that is on the furniture without altering the colour, finish, or texture of the upholstery. Before the sofa cleaning is carried out, our team assesses its condition, from the level of soiling, the type of stains that are involved, all through to the material and the products that can be safely used on it. They then develop a customized approach, that will be effective in giving your set a deep clean, breathing new life into your unit. Those water-based and oil-based stains that have adhered to the cushions, the odour emanating from it, all through to the gunk that is ingrained in the material- they are all extracted from the sofa, leaving it all freshened up. That way you get to enhance the ambience of your interior space, setting a relaxing and inviting ambience, where you can spend those quality moments with your family members, and proudly host guests in. 

Having a routine sofa cleaning program is key in prolonging the life of your unit. The dirt that is building up within the material is a threat to its structural integrity. This ranges from factors like the mechanical action of abrasion when the gritty particles are ground against the upholstery, all through to cases where there are food crumbs hidden in the nooks and crannies of the sofa that attract insects and rodents. The process is done using processes that are compatible to your particular type of sofa. By using professional services, you get to avoid common DIY blunders such as overwetting the upholstery, or using low capacity machinery that leaves behind residue within the sofa. The overwetting opens a can of worms, from increasing the drying time such that mould and mildew get a chance to develop on the upholstery, to causing issues like fabric shrinkage. What’s more, there have been numerous cases of DIY enthusiasts applying the wrong cleaning chemicals, like going for harsh agents that were used on hard surfaces in an attempt to remove the stubborn dirt that is in the upholstery. Issues like bleaching out of the dyes that had been used to treat the upholstery, breaking down of the bonds that are in the oils making up the protective finishes, all through to corrosion of the fibres themselves, make the material weaker.  Then there is the frustration that comes when one spends hours labouring on the task, only to wind up with results that barely meet their expectations. The same is also witnessed when one hires a rookie sofa cleaning company for the job, that doesn’t invest in trained personnel or efficient machinery for the task. Avoid the hassle and headaches involved, by simply dialling up the sofa cleaning professionals.

The Impact That Your Sofa Has In The Home

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  1. Your guests will have to sit on your sofa. The last thing you want is a baddly stained sofa. Have your sofa deep cleaned with professional eco sofa cleaning detergents

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