Time To Clean Your Sofa?

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Time To Clean Your Sofa?

Time To Clean Your Sofa?

Coming home to a comfy sofa at the end of a hard day at work is relaxing. However, did you know that the sofa could be making you sick too in the process? Without regular cleaning, the dirt and grime that build up in it poses a wide range of health risks. It’s one of the most used sets of furniture in the household. People rest on it when they have been ill, and others eat their meals and enjoy their drinks while on it. Add to this those who cut their fingernails and toenails while on the sofas, and the dozens of dirty clothes and other items that are tossed onto it. The upholstery ends up hosting colonies of pathogens that jeopardize the health of those using the furniture. For instance, Staphylococcus aureus is a common bacterium found in households, from the remote controls to the door handles. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the pathogens shows up in the soft furnishings of the sofa, spread onto it via contact, plus those occasions when the remote controller gets lost within the cushions. A similar case applies for the highly infectious Norovirus, which lives out on the material for over a month, and causes infection when someone comes into contact with it. Moreover, in many households sofas aren’t exactly brand new, with the 25% being aged between 5 to 10 years, and close to 12% clocking over 10 years old. In most cases, people focus on just cleaning up the spills when they occur, and may only do this when guests are due to show up. Consequently, the warm cosy sofa becomes a breeding ground for the pathogens. Restore the health standards of your set by scheduling regular sofa cleaning services.

Versatile services

We work on the different types of sets. From the multi-piece sectional sofa that is usually comes in 3 or 5 pieces in different configurations; the quilted chesterfield that has its origins way back in the 18th century, Lawson sofas with their signature back where the pillows are separated from the frame; the minimalist mid-century modern sofa that was the most sought out between the 30s and the 70s, and has only recently began gaining traction again amongst the masses; the English-rolled arm sofa with its low arms and high back; the casual Bridgewater sofa where the arms have slight been rolled to the side; camelback sofas with their iconic two arches on their back; cabriole sofas where the back and arms have an equal height; chaise lounges popular for the master bedroom; the sleeper sofa that can transform into a bed, ideal for offering extra sleeping space for your guests; and the convertible sofa which has a similar function but in this case the cushions act as the mattress too; to futons, daybeds and bunk-bed sleepers where it’s all about increasing the amount of sleeping space available; the cosy loveseats that made a name for themselves due to their intimacy; divans that don’t even have a back, are thus set up along the wall; settee sofas what resemble loveseats but are more of a wider dining room chair; recliner sofas where you spend most of your time watching TV; tuxedo sofas with their stylish high arms and the back cutting straight across, plus the  low-seated sofas in family rooms that are typically under 17″ high, you can rest assured that our crew will apply the appropriate method for your set.

Enhanced aesthetic appeal

There are times that sofas stay for so long without being attended to that their owners even forget the original appearance. That beauty that made you go for it the first day you brought home the set from the store. The build-up of dirt and grime over the years takes away the elegance of the furniture, causing it to dull and look drabby. Then there are those situations with spills, which form unsightly stains right away. These are a stark contrast with the rest of the sofa, and seem to scream out of the material, admonishing you for the state of things. You don’t want to feel guilty each time you take a look at your sofa, or feel a tingling apprehension each time guests tell you they want to come over, and you’re worried how the sight of the furniture will reflect on your personality. In business premises, the image of the sofa will have a direct impact on how customers perceive your brand. You don’t want them to distrust the quality of products and services you offer simply because of the soiled and stained sofa in the lounge. Will your hotel visitors make another booking if they find the upholstery in a dilapidated state? Some may even ask for a refund immediately after they have checked in. Office buildings, consultancy rooms to entertainment venues like clubs and bars where the luxurious sofas get soiled fast as the revellers spill the occasional drink- they all need to be attended to. Our crew are here to give your set a deep clean, removing the spots and stains, and restoring the brightness and glam to your sofa. When this is done regularly, you get to keep your furniture looking elegant throughout its life in your establishment.

Odour removal

Sofas absorb odours. There are no two ways about it. The soft fabrics will take in the odours from pets, feet and anything else that is placed on the furniture. Others like cigarette smoke are absorbed right out of the atmosphere. In the case of pet urine stains, the resultant smell is so pungent it renders the sofa unusable. If you detect musky smells coming from the upholstery, then there could be mould growths within the material. As the organic matter in the sofa decomposes- from the food crumbs to the droppings of the insects, geckos and rodents that were feeding on them, the odour builds up. With professional sofa cleaning, odour neutralisation is part of the process. Here, the foul smells are rendered inert at a molecular level. As such, in addition to removing the source of the smell, you get to have a vibrant clean set in your residential or commercial premises. In fact, there are products that come with fragrances, and these too can be used if desired, leaving a pleasant scent in their wake.

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